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Thinking about adopting another mouth to feed was hard.

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My parents knew that at least they have food they can provide. They went ahead and adopted him. His mom gave him to one of her best friends to take care of her three kids. Actually, he has two other siblings. My parents had to go through this process of asking permission from his spirit mom who has passed away to see if they can adopt him and somehow that happened. Growing up, I knew him as my brother. I remember him mentioning as a teenager that he was bullied and picked on at school.

There was this song that was saying like mixed people have ten ears or eyes or something like an alien. That was in Vietnam.

How Can You Tell If You Have Crushing Technical Debt?

He would go to school but then would skip school as a result. You came here with four other siblings. How were your siblings doing in school when they came here? When we came here, we had to learn English from scratch. We went two or three years in ESL, English as a second language, and got acclimated to the culture and learn the foundation of the language like the alphabet.

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  4. I did well in school when I came to America. I remember sitting on a plane and coming to America. I had no clue where America was. My parents just took a leap of faith at that time. We heard some stories like there were so many things in America. No one has to know your past. No one has to know that you were dumb and you were poor in school. I even made 4. In addition to that, I attended extracurricular activities like sports, soccer, volleyball, and other sports while taking advanced placement courses and making above 4.

    I did well in school because of my determination. Financial Abundance: I thought there was something wrong with me. I really did well in school. I was the first person in my entire family to get a college degree. It was hard for him to learn a lot. My older brother went to college and got his four years in engineering. He has a great engineering job right now. My other brother also got a college degree and my youngest brother got a pharmacy degree. All of us went to college, but I was the first one because my older brother took a while to go to school.

    He took his time in community college. He took longer to go to school. All of us, thankfully, was able to have at least a bachelor degree. That was my nature, it was like who I am. I remember this incident when I was still living in Vietnam, I must have been around eight years old. We normally walked to school and one day, they were planting sweet potatoes in the schoolyard and they were harvesting it.

    How To Get Out Of Debt - Spending, Consolidation, Advice & Bankruptcy

    We noticed that there were some leftovers. Somehow, we came over to school after everybody was gone. We tried to dig up the sweet potatoes ourselves. We wanted some sweet potatoes, we must be hungry or whatever. My oldest brother, at that time, had an accident, axing my younger brother. There was a lot of blood squirting out everywhere and he must have hit a big artery.

    I ran over there and there happened to be a nurse on duty. If it went on any further, he could have lost a lot of blood and died that day. I wanted to help people because of that. With my personality of being caring and compassionate, it was natural for me to be a nurse. At that time, I considered being a doctor and being a lawyer.

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    I went to a pretty smart college. You worked as a nurse for more than ten years. What was the incident that made you change your career from a nurse to becoming an intuitive healer? That was a combined total of twelve years. I had this high-paying and rewarding career as a nurse midwife or nurse practitioner. Basically, we can write prescriptions and help diagnose. Even I had helped diagnosed several cases of cancer and I also had the joy of delivering a few hundred babies in the hospital. There was this growing sense of unfulfillment and unease that led me to dive into personal and spiritual growth in my mid-twenties.

    The more I became spiritual, I felt that there was something missing in my life. I felt unfulfilled in my professional career. I no longer felt that was making a real difference.

    Why do I struggle with this feeling of confusion and being unclear about what my next step is? At the same time, there was this knowing that there was something big or great on the horizon for me. I was so blocked at that time and lo behold, one or two weeks later, I was unexpectedly let go from my job. At that time, I was about eight months pregnant with my second child and I was the main breadwinner for the family.

    In my eighth month of pregnancy, I was seriously considering finding another job like this or if I should start doing what I feel like I need to do to be happier. After serious soul searching and a lot of healing, for the first time in my entire life, I knew for certain that my true calling was to become a healer and to support other people heal in this deep way. Since that epiphany day, I no longer felt empty, unfulfilled, lost or confused. For us to have the courage to live our life on purpose and our dreams.

    How long did it take you to realize that from being a very logical and practical person with the nursing career to becoming an intuitive healer? It was a few years before this. I thought I was going crazy, but there was a big part of me that knew. Then it was much quicker, from the time I felt unfulfilled, not knowing what my true purpose was. It was over an accumulation of years, but it quickened when I aligned to it. You have the courage to do what you are here to do.

    Anyone can learn to become an intuitive healer. Some of us are more blocked than others, so we need some more guidance, extra support, clearing and healing for us to even be able to receive it. All of us have this capacity to learn.

    Healing The Asian’s Shame: From Bankruptcy To Financial Abundance with Jenny Thao Ngo

    However, every one of us is different. Some of us have more aptitude. I feel that the better healer you are is how good your ability is to get out of the way. The universe support can guide, conduct and facilitate the healing instead of me trying to do it. You had experienced financial difficulty living in America. Would you mind sharing that?

    I took the path which most Asian people or most people would do. In college, as I was going from undergraduate, I started looking into business because I wanted to have the shot at the American dream. It was having the opportunity to travel, doing the things that I like, and buying things that I like. Most importantly, it was to have financial resources to also help support my parents.

    Did you get it?

    With the loss of income or the loss of investment in starting up these businesses, I got into a lot of debt. The legal framework governing Bankruptcy in Kosovo Law No. Bankruptcy remains untested in Kosovo, with neither creditors nor debtors considering it a suitable remedy in times of financial difficulties, and with courts therefore unable to develop practices to enhance legal security for parties entering into bankruptcy.

    In addition, the lack of reliable financial reporting and underdeveloped corporate governance structures in Kosovo further enforced these patterns. The threshold for initiating bankruptcy proceedings is very low in Kosovo, which fails to take into account short term liquidity problems and materialization of normal business risks which do not justify bankruptcy. A creditor or group of creditors may initiate bankruptcy proceedings by filing a petition with the competent court if: 1 the overdue debt exceeds EUR 2, and is at least 60 days overdue; 2 it is not disputed; and 3 the debtor generally is not paying debts as they become due.

    In addition, a debtor may initiate voluntary bankruptcy by filing a petition with the competent court if: 1 overdue debt exceeds EUR 5, and is at least 60 days overdue; and 2 the debtor generally is not paying debts as they become due. In terms of efficiency, transparency, and procedural timelines, the Bankruptcy Law is in line with best practices.

    In addition, there are mechanisms which ensure transparency of the whole bankruptcy process. RFF contended that the debtor defrauded it. The debtor denied that RFF perfected a security interest in his player contract. Before the arbitration could proceed further, the debtor filed his bankruptcy petition.

    The player contract provided a multimillion-dollar salary to the debtor spread out into the future. The Kings assigned the player contract to the Columbus Blue Jackets. RFF filed a demand for arbitration before the petition date. The debtor filed a response to the demand prior to the petition date. The parties had not selected an arbitrator by the time the debtor filed his bankruptcy petition. After the petition date, RFF filed a proof of claim with the clerk of the court. RFF, through legal counsel, advised the arbitrator that only the debtor filed for bankruptcy and the other nondebtor parties had not filed a bankruptcy case.