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Being seen. Kindred, kindness: The words are related. Folks get it.

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At least the ones for you, your team. We are infused with the same longings. We all carry a secret, us high performers seeking impact.

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Driven to find something. But we cannot ever find enough of what we don't really need. Because we need recognition, respect, the heart's safety first.

Kindred Spirits

Scary soft stuff for hard-core business. I know.

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But in the long run? Magic happens when we show up, boundless, vast, and finally Nothing at stake.

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  • Sparkle eventually ignites. Brahms conceived it as a memorial to the painter Anselm Feuerbach — , with whom he had had a troubled acquaintanceship. The artist was too high-maintenance for the composer to succeed in his attempts at becoming his friend.

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    However frustrating Feuerbach was on a personal level, Brahms deeply admired his artistic values, sensing they were aiming for similar goals in their respective disciplines. So why have they managed to slip through the cracks? Its title alludes to a classical song of grieving unfamiliar to modern listeners.

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    Brahms composed his stand-alone choral—orchestral pieces during an era when secular choral music flourished among the public at large. Participating in choral societies provided a major outlet for a rapidly expanding middle-class demographic of music lovers.

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    Brahms found an analogue in the work of Feuerbach, whom he first got to know in Like Brahms, Feuerbach was a lifelong bachelor. He came of age in Germany and Paris and spent much of his career in Italy developing a style of idealized neoclassicism that yearned for a romanticized, irretrievably distant past.

    Disgusted, Feuerbach retreated to Italy for his final years, dying in at the age of fifty. Meanwhile, the death several years earlier of the introverted composer Hermann Goetz — was still felt by Brahms, who had known and admired him.