Horn of Africa Region: The Humanitarian Crisis and International Response

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    July Update After months of improvement, the situation has begun to deteriorate again in the Horn of Africa. September Update The seasonal rain is not expected until October. It also details longer term actions to address the drivers of migration, build local migration management capacity and provide sustainable socioeconomic infrastructure to support communities of origin, transit and destination.

    The objectives of the plan are in keeping with the Sustainable Development Goals, connecting humanitarian and development field work.

    Ongoing Crisis in the Horn of Africa

    Ethiopian migrants in Obock, Djibouti, walk to a shaded area to await smugglers to bring them to Yemen. Enter your keywords.

    Horn of Africa and Yemen migrant flows. International responsiveness to the food crisis in the Horn of Africa has relied again on the art of managing the headlines. Sophisticated early warning systems that foresee the onset of famine have been in place for years, but still the world waits until it is very nearly too late before taking real action — and then paying for it. The big aid organisations, official and non-government, are right to say they have been underlining the gravity of the present emergency for months, at least from the beginning of the year.

    Two generations! A story at last! The media mountain moved, and the NGO fund-raisers marched on behind. I have The Times of July 5 in front of me. So, for , an image of Africa has again been fixed in the western consciousness. It is an image of suffering — worse, of an impotent dependence on outsiders — that most certainly exists, but is only part of the story, even in the Horn. The western world may understand something of the four-way colonial carve-up and the post-colonial disaster that overtook the Somali homeland, but it certainly has no proper answers to the conflicts and dislocation that lead to starvation and death.

    Ongoing Crisis in the Horn of Africa | Dadaab Refugee Camp | CARE

    Then there is Ethiopia, with several million of its own people needing help, its own Somali population swollen by refugees, and the country for ever associated with the terrible famine of 25 years ago which launched the modern era of aid. Here it is possible to make some predictions. There will be no widespread death from starvation in Ethiopia, not even in its own drought-affected Somali region where an insurgency promotes insecurity and displacement. The government of Meles Zenawi, which has just marked 20 years in power, has on the whole a creditable record in response to the prospect of famine.

    In the former famine lands of the North where there is an impressive commitment to grass-roots development there is almost no chance of a return to the evil days of the s and s. When mistakes are made, they are sometimes admitted. After the serious food crisis in southern Ethiopia of three years ago, he told me they had failed to heed the warning signals and were simply late in their response. More candidly still, he attributed the failure to a northern-dominated government failing properly to understand southern cropping patterns.

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