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You are perfect for the work of salvation that God wants to accomplish in you. James In God, you have a close friend who knows you and understands you better than anyone.

Intersection of Life and Faith

He is always there to listen and help when you pray to Him with a sincere and humble heart. Have others mistreated you? Do you feel alone, unimportant or unwanted? Did your plans fall through? Has a hardship happened to you or a loved one? God wants to teach you something through trials and lead you to Him. He is jealous for your precious spirit and wants to save you from sins that make you unhappy. There is no one else like you … in a really good way! But, who can be a better example and helper to your sibling and your friend?

Who can express an act of kindness like you? Who can share something encouraging like you? Who can fill needs maybe only you and God can see? Use your energy, ideas, abilities and personality for the good right where you are in life, at home, at school or work, with your family and friends!

God is following along closely with your life as a caring, attentive Father. You are very dear to Him and He longs for it to go well for you. He is for you as a protector, a mentor, a helper, a friend. Have you fallen in sin again and again or made a huge mistake and feel undeserving? God is quick to forgive those who repent and never gives up on you or becomes dissatisfied or impatient. There is nothing more rare and important as someone whose confidence is in God and obeys His commandments! They will be revealed as sons and daughters of God when Jesus returns.

Fighting for Joy as a Christian with Depression

A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Pray to God to open your eyes to the value of living for Him, and you will begin to see your true worth and the worth of those around you.

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Once Hagar was pregnant, Sarah treated her badly, so Hagar ran away to the wilderness. Think about it. Hagar was probably a teenage girl thrown into circumstances beyond her control. None of it was her choice.

Jesus Can See You - Ben Danaher (Live Acoustic)

To her it seemed like her life was going to be miserable. All she could see was a bleak future.

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  • Hagar found a spring of water in the wilderness and was lying next to it, crying. Suddenly, the Angel of the Lord appeared and told Hagar the future of her child and gave her specific instructions on what to do in that critical hour. Just as God saw Hagar, He sees you. He sees you right now in your pain, confusion, and frustration. You have more value to God than you know, and He is always at work on your behalf.

    An old friend of mine, George Stormont, was friends with an English preacher named Smith Wigglesworth. After a little while, a man came and sat near them. Smith shared the gospel with the man and prayed with him. God wants to work through you to bring a living Jesus to a dying world. John shared…. As I stood on a street corner, God spoke to me about a man I saw across the street, that He was going to deliver him. I shared with him what God put on my heart and prayed for him.

    Jesus Sees You - Bible Study Minute - March 1, 2018

    The Holy Spirit moved and touched him, as only He can. So we called his sister who was thankful and told him to call his mom. Get out your lipstick, ladies! I have scripture notes on my fridge, in my car, even in my bathroom. Trust me, they help! Ask God to bring girlfriends into your life who will help you to walk in your true identity.

    Part of rightly understanding our true personal identity requires that we know how God sees us. Can you wrap you mind around the truth that God was thinking about you before He even created the world? Let that truth sink into the depth of your heart and mind.

    SEEING YOURSELF AS GOD SEES YOU Seeing Through God’s Eyes

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