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Chris Bernotas. Todd Stalter.

Act 2, Scene 3 Recitativo

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More Alfred Digital. Piano Organ Voice. Strings Woodwinds Brass. Percussion Handbells. Marching Band Full Orchestra. Choral Pax Instrumental Solos. Related Items. Carols of the Season Gary E. Parks Concert Band. River Songs of the South William G.

Past Performances

Harbinson Concert Band. Rephrygeration Todd Stalter Concert Band. Adoration Movement 1 from Symphony of Eric Schmidt Concert Band. It clashed with a public holiday, and many people had left the city for the country. It was an intensely hot day, which further reduced the number of people prepared to suffer the discomfort of a stuffy theatre. Worse, the threat of an imminent war between Prussia and Austria caused unrest and anxiety in Prague, which dampened public enthusiasm for light romantic comedy.

Work: The Bartered Bride: polka

Thus on its opening night the opera, in its two-act version with spoken dialogue, was poorly attended and indifferently received. Smetana's friend Josef Srb-Debrnov, who was unable to attend the performance himself, canvassed opinion from members of the audience as they emerged. The opening chorus is fine but I don't care for the rest. Shortly afterwards the Provisional Theatre temporarily closed its doors, as the threat of war drew closer to Prague. Smetana began revising The Bartered Bride as soon as its first performances were complete.

For this, Smetana used the music of a dance from The Brandenburgers of Bohemia. So far, changes to the original had been of a minor nature, but when the opera reappeared in June it had been entirely restructured. Although the musical numbers were still linked by dialogue, the first act had been divided in two, to create a three-act opera. A "March of the Comedians" was added, to introduce the strolling players in what was now act 3. A short duet for Esmeralda and the Principal Comedian was dropped. It was written, he said "to spite those who accused me of being Wagnerian and incapable of doing anything in a lighter vein.

In February Smetana had the text translated into French, and sent the libretto and score to the Paris Opera with a business proposal for dividing the profits. The management of the Paris Opera did not respond.

Polka - Wind Repertory Project

The work attracted mediocre notices from the critics, one of whom compared the work unfavourably to the Offenbach genre. Smetana was hurt by this remark, which he felt downgraded his opera to operetta status, [22] and was convinced that press hostility had been generated by a former adversary, the Russian composer Mily Balakirev. Smetana believed that Balakirev had used the Russian premiere of The Bartered Bride as a means of exacting revenge. The Bartered Bride was not performed abroad again until after Smetana's death in It was staged by the Prague National Theatre company in Vienna, as part of the Vienna Music and Theatre Exhibition of , where its favourable reception was the beginning of its worldwide popularity among opera audiences.

The New York Times commented on the excellence of the staging and musical characterisations, and paid particular tribute to "Mr. Mahler", whose master hand was in evidence throughout. Mahler chose to play the overture between acts 1 and 2, so that latecomers might hear it. The opera was performed more than one hundred times during Smetana's lifetime the first Czech opera to reach this landmark , [28] subsequently becoming a permanent feature of the National Theatre's repertory.

On 9 May a special performance in memory of the victims of World War II was given at the theatre, four days after the last significant fighting in Europe. In the years since its American premiere The Bartered Bride has entered the repertory of all major opera companies, and is regularly revived worldwide. Although much of the music of The Bartered Bride is folk-like, the only significant use of authentic folk material is in the act 2 furiant, [37] with a few other occasional glimpses of basic Czech folk melodies.

Schonberg has suggested that Bohemian composers express melancholy in a delicate, elegiac manner "without the crushing world-weariness and pessimism of the Russians. The two sets of parents and the various circus folk are all conventional and "penny-plain" figures. Ophuls constructed an entire Czech village in the studio to provide an authentic background.

Opera-lovers, the review suggested, should not expect too much, but the work nevertheless gave an attractive portrait of Bohemian village life in the midth century. The reviewer found most of the acting first-rate, but commented that "the photography and sound reproduction are none too clear at times.

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Smetana - Polka (from The Bartered Bride)

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Bernstein Century: Dvořák: Symphony no. 7 / Smetana: Bartered Bride / The Moldau

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