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Rather, men suffer more than is necessary through their own transgressions.

The statement establishes a model of divine justice in which men reap their just rewards, as the poem will demonstrate in the fates of Odysseus, the suitors, and other characters. Hospitality is an important theme in the Odyssey and an important ethical duty in archaic Greek culture.

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In Book 5, Odysseus build a raft and sets sail, but Poseidon shatters it and the hero washes ashore on the island of Scheria. The princess, Nausicaa, discovers him naked and in a sorry state and offers him a kind reception and the comforts of civilization. Whereas in the main plot, Poseidon nurses his grudge against Odysseus, in the tale Poseidon plays the mediator and reconciles Hephaistos and Ares without their coming to blows. While for the most part the Odyssey shows that in a moral universe guaranteed by the authority of Zeus, virtue is rewarded and injustice punished, a tension nevertheless arises from an anti-heroic side of Odysseus himself.

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It is the most beautiful aspect of humanity and we should seek it within ourselves and in others. We bring our true self forward when we are gentle and kind — even when we say no to someone.

We are our true self when we shed all ties to the past and worries about the future and instead bring forward the sensation that we truly exist in the moment. We can imagine our true self as a light emanating from our heart and when we manifest it, there is nothing in the world that can harm us. We are all on an exciting journey through life to become aware of who we truly are.

Our true self always seeks to bring forgiveness to others when they are out of balance and or show aggression. Forgiveness becomes the same as accepting the past. When we forgive, we know that the light in our heart is aligned with the light in others. We see the light in others, and not their action, as the essentials of each individual, understanding that they only provided us with an experience and could never really do any harm to our true self.

We all have a false self that has been created in the past when we experienced pain that we could not deal with. Much of our path to manifest more and more of the true self is accomplished through transforming the false self. When we feel fear arising within that is imaginary due to the past pain we can harness it as a companion since it shows us the way forward to expand love into areas that have been devoid of love. The goal is to become intimate with the pain and the fear and let it dissolve into the light in our heart.

Langmore does an amazing job of highlighting the romance of the main characters which maintaining integrity and not being too lude. I could not put this book down!! The setting jumps off the page and the characters are really vivid and likable.

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The heroine is so genuine and heartfelt, you'll be rooting for her throughout the story. The story is fun and fast paced, I only wish it had been a little longer and there had been more time to get to know more about some of the peripheral characters. The inspirational theme was there but not preachy at all. In fact some of Anna's views and philosophies about spirituality and faith really resonated with me.

Any one who wants a fun, fast paced, romantic read will really enjoy this book. I've already recommended it to many of my friends. I happened on this book by mistake, but what a happy mistake it was.

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I was intrigued by the books cover which held a 'spark' of familiarity. Once started, I was grateful that it was a quick read because I couldn't put it down. I don't want to give anything away, but I will say that I found the ending to be quite a shock and I look forward to the next book by Natalyn Langmore. Ir a Amazon. Volver arriba. admin