The Quiet Warrior: A Biography of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance (Classics of Naval Literature)

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Spruance's first duty assignment was aboard the battleship USS Iowa. In July he transferred to the battleship Minnesota and was aboard her during the historic around the world cruise of the Great White Fleet from to Spruance's seagoing career included command of the destroyers Bainbridge from March to May , Osborne, three other destroyers, and the battleship Mississippi.

In he aided in the fitting out of the battleship Pennsylvania and he served on board her from her commissioning in June until November On August 1, , he finished his tour in Puerto Rico. In , in the Battle of Midway, Spruance administered a decisive defeat to a large Japanese naval force, and after a period as chief of staff to Admiral Chester W.

Nimitz, in November he was placed in complete charge of operations during the landings of the United States Marines on the Gilbert Islands of Makin and Tarawa. He also served as chief of the newly created Central Pacific command. He was in command of the invasion of the Marshall Islands on January. He had tactical command of the task-force operations against the Marianas on February 22 and against Palau, Yap, Utithi, and Woleai on March Spruance was appointed admiral in February , and in April was designated commander of the United States Fifth Fleet and was placed in command of the amphibious invasion of Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

On June his Fifth Fleet won a decisive victory over a large Japanese fleet in the waters between the Marianas and the Philippines. He retired from the Navy on July 1, , and the following January was promoted to the permanent rank of four-star admiral. Admiral during World War 2 battle Midway, which most historians consider to be the turning point of the Pacific War. Spruance was an active man who thought nothing of walking eight or 10 miles a day.

He was fond of symphonic music, and his tastes were generally simple. He never smoked, and drank little. He enjoyed hot chocolate and would make it for himself every morning.

Thomas B. Buell: List of Books by Author Thomas B. Buell

Besides his family, he loved the companionship of his pet schnauzer, Peter. Fit into his 70s, Spruance spent most of his retirement days wearing old khakis and work shoes and working in his garden and greenhouse; he loved to show them to visitors. Back to Profile. Photos Works. Main Photo. You'll find answers to the frequently asked questions as well as basic rules. You will need to register before you can post: click the red register link or the register tab, above, right.

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The Quiet Warrior: A Biography of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance (CLASSICS OF NAVAL LITERATURE)

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Alan D. Thomas B. Buell An Excellent Author The following words are so well thought and written, that I have no wish to summarize, to edit, or to attempt to replace them with less apt words of my own. I trust that their author, Mr.

Donald Chisholm, and their publisher, The Naval War College Review, will accept the following as fair use, inasmuch as my intent in posting them is to encourage the wide purchase and reading of the recently-deceased Commander Buell's many excellent works, both to the general public benefit, and to the specific benefit of those who now hold his copyright in those works his heirs, God bless them. Buell: sailor and scholar - Commentary Naval War College Review, Autumn, by Donald Chisholm "Command at sea is the ultimate goal of ambitious naval line officers, but only a chosen few obtain it.

An officer proves worthy of command by performing well as a subordinate officer aboard a variety of ships in a variety of duties.

Samuel Eliot Morison Award for Naval Literature

He later wrote that a ship's first crew "became her brains, her blood, and her spirit, for through them the ship was transformed from an inert mass of dirty, rusty steel into a living personality. The Hewes initially proved to be an engineering challenge, with an attendant string of inspections and surveys, but it was made sufficiently reliable to undertake a six-month Indian Ocean deployment on independent steaming; showing the flag culminated with the first U.

Navy operational transit of the Suez Canal after it reopened in From there Buell was assigned to his twilight tour, teaching military history at the U. Military Academy at West Point. Buell liked to go to sea. He was, in the great tradition of those in command, a fine ship handler, although like C.

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  • Forester's Hornblower, he fell prey to seasickness. He ran a friendly, though not informal, wardroom. Buell liked a quiet, businesslike bridge. Those occasions when his temper was on the rise were presaged by the pulsing of a vein in his forehead, providing ample warning to the offending officer or sailor. Officers who proved themselves professionally competent were rewarded with increasing levels of trust and responsibility. For example, his combat information center officer and operations officer had the conn through most of the Suez transit.

    Buell understood and venerated naval tradition.

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    Independent steaming while in command of USS Hewes afforded him ample opportunities to engage in diplomacy after a fashion more akin to that of the nineteenth century than the twentieth--and he was good at it. However, command of a warship at sea was not the peak of Buell's professional contributions to the Navy.

    Naval Institute Proceedings, which also published his second article while he was serving in Norfolk. Both were good efforts, the sort one expects from a junior officer--well defined on technical or procedural problems but arousing no particular controversy--and were tolerated by Navy seniors. Researching a paper for the Naval Postgraduate School led him to an afternoon's conversation with the admiral at his Carmel, California, home, which was such a "profoundly moving experience" for young Buell that when at the Naval War College he produced a monograph on Admiral Spruance.

    It was the genesis for his subsequent biography, The Quiet Warrior Naval Institute Press, , researched and written in only fifteen months. Based on extensive primary sources, it is eminently readable and evocative of person and place, clearly informed by Buell's own professional experience with the admiral. The Quiet Warrior serves as the model for a biography of a military leader and has been widely recognized as such. All four military services have placed the book on their professional reading lists. However, the most telling evidence of its enduring value is that it is still in print three decades later. admin