Good-bye and Good Riddance: and good riddance

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He destroys several of the drones, but more of them arrive. Max comes and blows one up and he says that he picked up a drone signal.

Goodbye and Good Riddance

Diamondhead reverts back into Ben and the police arrive into the school and Max tells them that Ben told him it was 'Bring Your Grandfather to School Day'. Afterwards in the Rust Bucket, Ben says that Max might get along with Carl if Max had told Carl the truth, but Max drops Ben off at home and gives him his box of souvenirs. Ben sees that someone is home.

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He invites Max in, but Max declines and drives off. Inside, Ben discover that his house has been destroyed and Vilgax is holding Carl hostage. Vilgax demands the Omnitrix. Ben moves to give it to him, but he transforms into Cannonbolt. Cannonbolt rescues Carl and says never to trust Vilgax.

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Carl is confused and Cannonbolt grabs him and rolls away, but Vilgax chases after them. Vilgax says that he sent the drones out as decoys and that he plans to destroy Bellwood. Drones arrive and attack Cannonbolt. He rolls away and the drones chase him.

Goodbye and Good Riddance

The house collapses on Vilgax. Carl blames Max, but Cannonbolt defends him. Carl says that Max never felt proud of him. Drones attack downtown Bellwood as Ben and Carl arrive. Max and Gwen are there too. Max gives Carl and Ben guns. They shoot down drones. Carl enjoys it but tells Max that nothing has changed.

The police arrive and drones blow them up. Vilgax comes and Gwen casts a spell, collapsing the building he is on. Behind a vehicle, Cash and J.

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Max gives Ben permission to transform and he transforms into XLR8. Cash and J. Max tells Carl to use a nearby float to run into drones.

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XLR8 and Gwen destroy drones as well. Carl receives an idea of how to defeat Vilgax and the Tennysons run off. XLR8 taunts Vilgax and Vilgax chases him underground. He emerges in the town's pipes. XLR8 drops from the ceiling. Carl opens a gas valve and ignites it and XLR8 takes Carl and runs. Vilgax and the underground blow up, and there are explosions all over town. At school, the kids finally respect Ben. He sits down and learns that Gwen now attends his school. However, just when everything is quiet, Dr.

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Yes, that paragraph alone will probably make old hip hop heads want to tear their eyes out, and cry about the millennial generation think Joe Budden. In a world where the majority of rap albums analyze the hectic lifestyle of money, girls, and drugs mostly in a positive light , Higgins does the opposite. The lyrics on both tracks are both sorrowful and mesmerizing. Higgins performs way beyond his years, and forces people to understand the dark feelings he has following a humongous breakup. Higgins needed to get a lot off of his chest, and there definitely seems to be a weight finally lifted off of his shoulder by the end of it all.

Sure, people will dock Higgins for his obvious Post and Yachty inspirations, as well as his sometimes corny lyricism. However, each song brought something new and fresh to the genre. With more of a budget on his next project, hopefully Higgins can polish up some of the mixing, because some songs sounded louder than others oddly enough.