Key Figures in Medieval Europe: An Encyclopedia (Routledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages)

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Masculinity in the middle ages is also addressed to provide important context for understanding women's roles. Easily accessible in an A-to-Z format, students, researchers, and scholars will find this outstanding reference work to be an invaluable resource on women in Medieval Europe. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Routledge, Condition: New. Never used!.

Generously illustrated with maps, photos, paintings, and genealogies, it contains a wealth of information on the rulers of Britain, including their policies, personalities, key dates, and legacies. There are almost entries, which are organised by regions up to and by royal lines thereafter. Feature articles throughout the guide provide in-depth information on key royal topics, including Coronations, Regalia, the Tower of London, and Westminster Abbey.

This title is part of the Longman Historical Handbooks series, designed for use by students and teachers of history for quick reference of historical facts and figures. This volume provides essential information on Europe from the fall of Constantinople in to the Treaty of Paris in , and covers Russia, the Ottoman Empire and the Baltic as well as developments in Western Europe.

There is detailed information on political, military and diplomatic events, alongside sections on social, economic and cultural developments, supplemented with chronologies, biographies and an extensive glossary. He has co-authored all of the titles in the Longman Handbook series. His research interests include early modern urban history and the Protestant Reformation.

This volume provides essential information on American history, from before the American Revolution to the Presidency of Bill Clinton. Included in this volume is a wealth of factual information, with chronologies of major events, biographies of important figures, entries on public health and social welfare, African-American history, American Indians, the women's movement, and pacifism as well as information on politics, the economic situation and foreign affairs and defence.

His area of interest is modern U. London: Longman, This volume provides essential information on Britain, from the reign of George I to the end of the twentieth century. Included is detailed political information, statistics on population, education and economic matters, and information on social reform, wars and treaties and biographies of prominent people. There is also extensive bibliographic material, to aid further study. He has co-authored all of the titles in the Longman Historical Handbook series.

John Stevenson is a fellow of Worcester College, Oxford, and works on British social and political history from the eighteenth century to the present. He has published several works on British social history, and has collaborated with Chris Cook on several titles in the Longman Handbook series. This volume provides essential information on Europe from to the close of the twentieth century, and covers all of continental Europe, from the Atlantic Coast to the Urals.

It provides a wealth of information with chronologies of major political events and processes, notes on governments, and details of wars, treaties and diplomacy. Also included are economic and social statistics, biographies of key historical figures and maps of Europe over the centuries.

Key Figures in Medieval Europe: An Encyclopedia

It contains information on politics, conflicts, economic statistics and social changes, and also biographies of leading figures in world history. There is also a comprehensive glossary and a considerable amount of bibliographic material, to aid further study. This title features hundreds of maps and charts on topics from the Ancient World to World War Two and modern warfare, which were originally published in Osprey Publishing's highly regarded books on military history.

All maps and charts were created by Osprey. They have been captioned and organized by ProQuest for this volume. This collection of sources on European history covers the period from the unification of Germany in to the end of the twentieth century. Documents include extracts from diaries, speeches, treaties, poetry and radio broadcasts, as well as a range of visual sources such as photographs, cartoons and political posters.

He is editor of the Routledge Sources in History series.

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This Companion contains approximately 1, entries, ranging from essays of up to 2, words in length to factual entries of about words in length. There are entries on politicians, colonisers, visionaries, newspaper barons, industrialists, explorers, artists, and scientists. Entries on the states, key institutions, prominent families, and famous events have been revised as necessary. Readers will find incisive entries on matters such as art, capital punishment, gambling, literature, language, and republicanism. The Oxford Companion to British History details and analyses the people and events that have shaped and defined life in Britain over 2, years of political, social, and cultural change.

In over 4, entries, under the editorial guidance of John Cannon, over distinguished contributors offer a wealth of information and insight into the social, political, economic, scientific, cultural, and military aspects of the history of Britain. As well as the expected kings, queens, leaders, and battles, topics as diverse as gibbeting the exhibiting of corpses of executed criminals in public , Eadgyth the mistress of Harold II , truck the payment of wages in food and kind and buses road vehicles carrying passengers by short stages on fixed routes can be found within the A-Z entries.

This indispensable guide to Canadian history is comprehensive, authoritative, and - above all - companionable. It is the essential guide to the significant events, issues, institutions, people, and places that have shaped Canadian life from earliest times to the late twentieth century. Gerald Hallowell had a distinguished career as the acquisitions editor in charge of Canadian history at University of Toronto Press for 22 years.

During his time at UTP, he published numerous award-winning books by virtually all of Canada's top historians, including one Governor-General's Award winner for non-fiction and five MacDonald Prize winners. He retired in June The Oxford Companion to Family and Local History is the most authoritative guide available to all things associated with the family and local history of the British Isles. It provides practical and contextual information for anyone enquiring into their English, Irish, Scottish, or Welsh origins and for anyone working in genealogical research, or the social history of the British Isles.

This fully revised and updated edition contains over 2, entries from adoption to World War records. It provides guidance on how to research your family tree using the internet and details the full range of online resources available. With over 1, entries, this Companion offers a comprehensive and authoritative guide to all aspects of Ireland's past from earliest times to the present day.

There is coverage not only of leading political figures, organisations, and events but also of subjects such as dress, music, sport, and diet. Traditional topics such as the rebellion of and the Irish Civil War sit alongside entries on newly developing areas such as women's history and popular culture. He is the author and editor of a number of titles.

The Oxford Companion to Scottish History interprets history broadly, including archaeology, architecture, climate, culture, folk belief, geology, and the languages of Scotland. It covers more than 20 centuries of history, including immigrants, migrants, and emigrants. It covers Burns Clubs, curling, and shinty. It ranges from clans to Clearances and Covenanters. Over , words in length, and written by more than 70 distinguished contributors, it aims to explain as well as describe.

It is more than a historical dictionary or an encyclopedia. Multi-authored entries analyse key themes such as kingship, national identity, women and society, urban and rural life, the economy, housing, living standards, and religious belief across the centuries in an authoritative but approachable way. This atlas covers the history of Africa from prehistoric times to It features 65 maps, each with an explanatory text.

All of the maps cover the same geographic area. The atlas traces the development of African society from the appearance of the first hominids, through tribal kingdoms and the colonial era to the independent states of today. In this volume Brian MacArthur presents a selection of speeches from over one hundred men and women, from Moses to Nelson Mandela, who changed the world through the sheer power of their oratory.

Each speech is accompanied by a short historical explanation.

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  • The selection is predominantly drawn from British and American history, though there are also speeches in translation from the likes of Robespierre and Lenin. This anthology contains a selection of historic speeches from the twentieth century. It includes famous speeches by the likes of Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill, as well as many lesser-known examples of oratory. Also included are speeches in translation from world leaders including Lenin, Stalin and Hitler.

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    All speeches are accompanied by brief explanations of their context. This is an encyclopedic dictionary of English and European history during the Early Modern period, dealing with social, political, economic and cultural history. It contains entries, with coverage of important events, key individuals, movements and wider themes. It is a comprehensive reference guide to this period of English and European history, and provides readers with essential factual information.

    This title is an authoritative dictionary of political and economic world history, from the French Revolution to the close of the Second World War. It contains a wealth of information on international relations, important events and key historical figures. There is also coverage of themes and movements that move across national and cultural boundaries, such as urbanization, the feminist movement and the world economy. The entries have been alphabetically arranged, and this volume is an authoritative source of handy and accurate reference on world history.

    Duncan Townson is a professional historian, and the author of several books, including Muslim Spain , France in Revolution , and A Dictionary of Contemporary History to the Present. Alan Palmer. London: Penguin, ISBN: X. This title provides information on major events and figures across the complete temporal and geographical span of twentieth-century world history.

    It includes coverage of political, diplomatic, military, economic, religious and social affairs, with biographies of key personalities and entries for a wide range of countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. The first edition of this dictionary was published in , and the fifth edition was reprinted in with entries updated to the last day of the twentieth century.

    Women and Gender in Medieval Europe: An Encyclopedia (Routledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages)

    This title is a comprehensive collection of over documents dealing with more than years of the American presidency. The collection contains key and lesser-known speeches, proclamations, letters and other decisive papers that have shaped the course of American history, and each document is accompanied by an introduction which provides background information and an explanation of the impact of the source on American history.

    The documents have been selected and edited by Professors J. Watts and Fred L.

    An Encyclopedia

    Israel, and range from indispensable speeches such as Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, and the inaugural addresses of George Washington and Franklin Roosevelt, to less well-known documents from the presidencies of individuals like James Garfield and Chester Arthur. Forty presidencies are covered in this collection, from George Washington's to Bill Clinton's, and it offers a wealth of information on American political history. Watts is a history professor at the City College of New York, whose faculty he joined in He has written on American political and social history and on comparative world history.

    Fred L. Edited by Eric Foner and John A. Sponsored by the Society of American Historians, The Reader's Companion to American History covers the political, social, economic, and cultural history of the United States from pre-Columbian times to the penultimate decade of the twentieth century. Over one thousand contributions from almost four hundred authors include thematic articles and interpretive essays on subjects such as religion in America and the role of third parties in American politics, as well as shorter factual entries.

    Edited by Alan Brinkley and Davis Dyer.

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    • Education and Inequality in India: A Classroom View (Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series)!
    • This book contains essays on each of the first forty-one presidents of the United States written by eminent historians such as Robert Dallek and Eric Foner. The articles explore the successes and failures of the chief executives and each one is accompanied by a timeline, statistical data, and information on the presidential family. Alan Brinkley has been a professor of American history at Columbia University since Davis Dyer is a founding partner of the Winthrop Group, Inc.

      He is a widely published author in business and economic history and management studies. Edited by Robert Cowley and Geoffrey Parker. With almost articles written by historians, The Reader's Companion to Military History provides global coverage of all aspects of the history of warfare. It combines essential factual reference information on major battles, campaigns and commanders with articles on topics such as discipline, military justice, and propaganda.

      Geoffrey Parker is Robert A. This volume, the first general reference work on American women's history, includes over articles on frequently neglected topics. Gwendolyn Mink is a professor of women's studies at Smith College, Massachusetts. Barbara Smith is a writer and independent scholar who lives in Albany, New York.

      Gloria Steinem is a writer, lecturer, and consulting editor at Ms. The Routledge Companion to Historical Studies provides a much-needed critical introduction to the major historians and philosophers together with the central issues, ideas and theories which have prompted the rethinking of history that has gathered pace since the s. Rosenthal June 02, First published in , this valuable reference work offers concise, expert answers to questions on all aspects of life and culture in Medieval England, including art, architecture, law, literature, kings, women, music, commerce, technology, warfare and religion.

      This wide-ranging text Through violent incursions by the Vikings and the spread of Christianity, medieval Ireland maintained a distinctive Gaelic identity. From the sacred site of Tara to the manuscript illuminations in the Book of Kells, Anglo-Irish relations to the Connachta dynasty, Ireland during the middle ages was First published in , Medieval Iberia: An Encyclopedia, is the first comprehensive reference to the vital world of medieval Spain.

      This unique volume focuses on the Iberian kingdoms from the fall of the Roman Empire to the aftermath of the Reconquista and encompass topics of key relevance to William W. Kibler, Grover A.

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      Zinn June 02, First published in , Medieval France: An Encyclopedia is the first single-volume reference work on the history and culture of medieval France. It covers the political, intellectual, literary, and musical history of the country from the early fifth to the late fifteenth century. The shorter First published in , Medieval Germany: An Encyclopedia provides a comprehensive guide to the German and Dutch-speaking world in the Middle Ages, from approximately C. It offers detailed accounts of a wide variety of aspects of medieval Germany, including language, literature, Phillip Pulsiano, Kirsten Wolf June 02, First published in , Medieval Scandinavia: An Encyclopedia covers every aspect of the region during the Middle Ages, including rulers and saints, overviews of the countries, religion, education, politics and law, culture and material life, history, literature, and art.