Le Radeau des Cimes : Lexploration des canopées forestières (Essais et documents) (French Edition)

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International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation , 75 : ICAC Recorder , 29 4 : Caraglio Yves. Assessing climate change impacts, sea level rise and storm surge risk in port cities: a case study on Copenhagen. Climatic Change , 1 : Mbodj Faty. Physical and Chemical News , 59 : Coupling biophysical and socioeconomic models for coral reef systems in Quintana Roo, Mexican Caribbean. Ecology and Society , 16 3 23, 20 p. Development of novel microsatellite markers to identify the different invasive lineages in the Corbicula complex and to assess androgenesis.

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Annual V. Goldschmidt Conference. Influence of veneer quality on beech LVL mechanical properties. Marseille : IRD [Marseille] , Cerruti Paolo, Lescuyer Guillaume. Lescuyer Guillaume, Cerutti Paolo Omar. Leucine-Rich repeat receptor kinases are sporadically distributed in eukaryotic genomes. BMC Evolutionary Biology , 11 , 9 p. Low or no toxicity, environment-friendly, protein and vegetable oil borates as wood preservatives of natural origin.

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How collection of war residues affects livelihoods and forest in Vietnam. International Forestry Review , 13 4 : The domestic market for small-scale chainsaw milling in Gabon : present situation, opportunities and challenges.

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The innovative and normative role of culture in urban development policies : Questioning "Peripheries" in urban spaces of Brazil and Portugal. In : Urban developments in Brazil and Portugal. New York : Nova Science Publisher , 22 p. A new Afrotropical genus and species of Tetrastichinae Hymenoptera: Eulophidae inducing galls on Bikinia Fabaceae: Caesalpinioideae and a new species of Ormyrus Hymenoptera: Ormyridae associated with the gall.

A new species of Palpares Rambur Neuroptera : Myrmeleontidae with an identification key to the species of West Africa. Akoudjin Massouroudini, Michel Bruno. The plant-ant Camponotus schmitzi helps its carnivorous host-plant Nepenthes bicalcarata to catch its prey. Journal of Tropical Ecology , 27 1 : The relative decline of Malaysia forest products export revenue: Call for new strategies. EAS Strategic Options , 9 : Chouteau Philippe, Pedrono Miguel. Journal of Ornithology , : The termiticidal activity of Sextonia rubra Mez van der Werff Lauraceae extract and its active constituent rubrynolide.

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Ecological Modelling , 5 : Automatic computation of the knot area ratio for machine strength grading of Douglas-fir and Spruce timber. European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering , 14 10 : Better characterization of raw natural rubber by decreasing the rotor speed of Mooney viscometer: Role of macromolecular structure. Polymer Engineering and Science , 50 2 : Biological factors influencing production of xanthones in Aphloia theiformis.

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Opération Canopée : merveilleux fous volant dans leurs drôles de machines (2/2)

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In : GeoENV VII - geostatistics for environmental applications : proceedings of the seventh European conference on geostatistics for environmental applications. Atkinson Peter M. Quantitative geology and geostatistics, 16 ISBN European conference on geostatistics for environmental applications. Identification of anisotropic vibrational properties of Padauk wood with interlocked grain. Wood Science and Technology , 44 3 : BMC Bioinformatics , 11 , 11 p. Malagasy Nature , 4 : Insights into fry-drying process of wood through a simplified approach of heat and mass transport phenomena.

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Small wooden objects using eucalypt sawmill wood waste.

BioResources , 5 3 : Study of acoustic wave propagation through the cross section of green wood. Comptes Rendus. An architectural approach to the growth forms of Nothofagus pumilio Nothofagaceae along an altitudinal gradient. Stecconi Marina, Puntieri Javier G. Botany , 88 8 : The chainsaw economy in Tanimbar archipelago, Indonesia. The chainsaw supply chain in Cameroon : the northern trail. A combined analysis of morphological traits, chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequences within Santiria trimear Burseraceae suggests several species following the Biological Species Concept.

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Quaternary Research , 73 2 : A method of lathe checks measurement; SMOF device and its software. European Journal of Wood and Wood Products , 68 2 : The vertebrate makorin ubiquitin ligase gene family has been shaped by large-scale duplication and retroposition from an ancestral gonad-specific, maternal-effect gene. BMC Genomics , 11 , 13 p. A great success! Lecoq Michel. Metaleptea , 29 2 : International Congress of Orthopterology.

Antimony III complexing with O-bearing organic ligands in aqueous solution: An X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy and solubility study. Tella Marie, Pokrovski Gleb S.. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta , 73 2 : Biological properties of an OSB eco-product manufactured from a mixture of durable and non durable species and natural resins. European Journal of Wood and Wood Products , 67 4 : Biology and ecology of Arcyptera brevipennis vicheti Brunner, Bois tropicaux : []. Karsenty Alain collab. Calibrations based on near infrared spectroscopic data to estimate wood-cement panel properties.

BioResources , 4 4 : Kim Chandy. Montpellier : Montpellier SupAgro, p. Viette Pierre, Bellamy Charles L. Characterisation of natural rubber cup coagula maturation conditions and consequences on dry rubber properties. Journal of Rubber Research , 12 4 : Compact and progressive plant models for streaming in networked virtual environments. Convolution particle filter for parameter estimation in general state-space models. Campillo Fabien, Rossi Vivien. Crown architecture of valuable broadleaved species.

In : Valuable broadleaved forests in Europe. Spiecker Heinrich ed. Crown structure and wood properties : influence on tree sway and response to high winds. Sellier Damien, Fourcaud Thierry. American Journal of Botany , 96 5 : Cutting forces in wood machining — Basics and applications in industrial processes. A review.

Holzforschung , 63 2 : Designing permanent sample plots by using a spatially hierarchical matrix population model. Applied Statistics , 58 3 : Development and characterization of nine polymorphic microsatellite markers in the Chilean kelp Lessonia nigrescens. Molecular Ecology Resources , 9 3 : Do Malaysian wood products have a "bright future" in the European market? EAS Strategic Options , 3 : Fouquet Daniel. Martin Luc. Granier Claude ed. Update sciences et technologies ISBN Effect of severe thermal treatment on spruce and beech wood lignins. Annals of Forest Science , 66 1 , 8 p.

Adiciones y correcciones. Vives E. Estimating denominators : satellite-based population estimates at a fine spatial resolution in a European urban area.

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Epidemiology , 20 2 : Scientia Forestalis , 37 82 : Jeanjean Chantal. Extending drug ethno-epidemiology using agent-based modelling. Boulter, Penelope Greenslade, M. Laidlaw et al. Soubadra Devy, T. Ganesh, Margaret Lowman. Why Do Sloths Poop on the Ground? Stephen P. Yanoviak, Stefan A. Michael Lakatos, Alexandra Fischer-Pardow. Barbier, Christophe Proisy, B. Ramesh, P. William R. Miller, Logan Gallardo, Tiffany Clark. Miller, Margaret Lowman, E. Canopy Capture: Essay of a Photographer.

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