MASH: An Army Surgeon in Korea

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This means that only 0. MASH units played the role of unsung hero of the war at least until the feature film and highly successful television show made Americans much more aware of their history. When you look towards the Korean War the soldier had a 1 in chance of dying. That is a dramatic difference and a huge number of young men who did not need to die. The doctors of the Korean War did everything they could to keep the soldiers that came into their care alive.

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Thanks to them and the system that was set up they were able to keep more people alive than in any previous war. Even the doctors themselves that when they out of all the soldiers they cared for very few of them died. Toggle navigation The History Engine. Basic Search Search.

Mobile army surgical hospital (United States)

A year later he was chief surgeon of the th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital constantly near the front lines in Korea. Immediately upon arriving in camp, Apel performed 80 hours of surgery.

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  • His feet swelled so badly that he had to cut his boots off, and he saw more surgical cases in those three and a half days than he would have in a year back in Cleveland. There were also the lighter moments. When a Korean came to stay at the th, word of her beauty spread so rapidly that they needed MPs just to direct traffic. Apel also recalls a North Korean aviator, nicknamed "Bedcheck Charlie," who would drop a phony grenade from an open-cockpit biplane, a story later filmed for the television series. He also tells of the day the tent surrounding the women's shower was "accidentally" blown off by a passing helicopter.

    Otto F. Apel Jr., M.D.

    In addition to his own story, Apel details the operating conditions, workload, and patient care at the MASH units while revealing the remarkable advances made in emergency medical care. MASH units were the first hospitals designed for operations close to the front lines, and from this particularly difficult vantage, their medical staffs were responsible for innovations in the use of antibiotics and blood plasma and in arterial repair. On film and television, MASH doctors and nurses have been portrayed as irreverent and having little patience with standard military procedures.

    In this powerful memoir, Apel reveals just how realistic these portrayals were. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

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    South Korea - MASH unit disbanded

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