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Fortunately for the Sabs and their fans, Struzan was in a period of personal exploration when he started work on the art.

Sabbath bloody sabbath

The only exception was Paranoid. The album was slated to be called War Pigs and when the title changed the photo of a sword—wielding madman seemed incongruous. Struzan viewed dying as more of a gateway than an absolute end. Both the front and back covers show how death can lead to anguish and horror — or transcendence. On the front cover — undoubtedly the more famous illustration — an evil man lies in torment on his bed surrounded by demons with webbed feet.

The stark red colors and the on the bedpost give the illustration a menacing feel.

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The back cover, depicting the death of a good man, is etched with blue overtones and shows mourners grieving at a bedside. If someone is worried about truth than they just need to grow up. A generation of listeners might have missed the art as it was meant to be seen. It sets up a circumstance where the art can work its way into the heart.

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He still views himself as nothing more than a working artist. The block had gone.

It was the end of our musical drought, the beginning of our new direction, an affirmation of life. It meant the band had a present — and a future — again. It was a backs-to-the-wall rant at everyone.

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And harking back to such past compositions as Black Sabbath and Children Of The Grave , the song concludes with a long, instrumental jam section. Although the band would begin to fracture soon afterwards due to drug abuse and burn-out , Iommi recalls that they were getting along quite well on both a musical and personal level around the time of the recording of the song.

Everything seemed to go all right on that album, I think. We were walking along the hallway, and saw this figure coming towards us.


This figure turned left into this room, which was the armoury room, where they had all the weapons. We followed, and went in. There was nobody in there. And there was no way out or anything — no other door. Very odd. This was first published in Classic Rock issue

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