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I am teaching mostly machine quilting workshops at Lancaster. I absolutely love to teach beginners because machine quilting seems very intimidating to most quilters. I love to show that anyone can be a good machine quilter with some good basics and practice. She called her husband and asked if he could ship it to next day UPS. He could not find the cord at home so he went and bought one at the local shop and said he would ship it to her to arrive the next day. Hi Sue…I am sure you don't remember me, but I took a class from you a while ago in Columbia, Missouri.

I wanted to take both machine applique and machine quilting but alas the machine applique class was filled, so I bought your book.

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Thanks so much for the fun class. This session is not appropriate for someone who has never made a quilt or for someone who needs one-on-one instruction. Call for a Private Lesson.

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Skip Navigation Website Accessibility. Hand Quilting. Above are two pieces recently finished in the Hand Quilting frame. Directly above is a memory piece custom made for a Penn State Alumnus.

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To see your memory pieces constructed into a quilt, call MegaStar Sample. Sample made in from two blue Bali poppy strip sets. Select your colors and background fabrics from a wide selection of bali poppies. Thursday Open Sewing.

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Check out our assortment of blenders. We make many Custom Quilts and use a lot of blenders! Love those Metallic Blenders!

This website is for Information about the business. Visit us and watch accomplished quilters at work.

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Yes we have fabric from the major mills. We specialize in blenders and have in stock solids, backgrounds, wide backs, fairy frost, dimples, grunge, Northcott Toscana, as well as Florida and seaside prints. If you are looking for panels, we typically have about 75 in stock.

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Let us help select the proper batting for your project. Our prices are significantly less than those found on internet sites. Closed Sunday, Monday, and Holidays We will be in the shop, busy sewing samples, making quilts, and shipping internet orders.

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Please feel free to join us if the lights are on. The door where the golf cart and employee cars are parked. Check our Facebook page to see current quilts in the hand frame, new kits and new quilts tops made by us and our customers and upcoming classes. Sue Van Wassenhove will show quilters how she turned her Everglades photos into fascinating appliqued wildlife quilts. As a former art teacher, she'll bring into the discussion design concepts that will help turn quilters' steps away from the traditional into works of art. Her practical how-to approach will provide design tools quilters can use many times in the future.

The result was the heron quilt Bungee Neck Stretching, p. With their help on how to make a book dummy, she sent out her poetry manuscript, photos of the two quilts and sketches of 17 more projected quilts. admin