The Butchers Mother seeks Revenge

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Phoning up , Allan explained the situation, and several police vehicles arrived to Deadly Creepy Crawlies. Frank O'Hara turned away from his computer, and looked at his assistant Linda Sommers. If the read out on this gadget is right, we have at last made it. Detective Bulldog Dale. It was too wet for Nellie Drake to enjoy the carnival. She had agreed to She had agreed to meet Lex Lander at the carnival. Nellie wanted to see the magician. Lex Lander arrived, and asked if they could take an early lunch, as Gnomes, Trolls, Leprecauns and Elves.

Beth is a fifteen years old girl, she is doing well in school and as Beth is a fifteen years old girl, she is doing well in school and as her twin brother John she is a straight A student. Her parents, Al and Lucy Wilder thinks their daughter Beth as an issue. Not exactly Beth had been promised that a friend, Liz, could sleep over tonight.

Then one of Then one of her small friends, Rathon, the Gnome showed up. He said that Beth had to follow him to his dimension. The Elf King has died, and Jack Lord and the Serial Killer. Police chief, Bill, wants you to call him, said Belle, as Jack came to the Police chief, Bill, wants you to call him, said Belle, as Jack came to the office. I'll give him a call after breakfast, said Jack, as he started with his donuts, and coffee.

At the police chief Bill Smart, they Jack Lord Catches a Spy. It had been hotter than normal, and Belle was suffering, the office was too hot, It had been hotter than normal, and Belle was suffering, the office was too hot, when Jack got this call from FBI. They needed to meet Jack, and Belle, for an important issue. Alex makes time with them whenever he can. He takes them to the movies or for ice cream. He also trains them to box. Damon attends boarding school in Cross Country. Alex and Bree spend time in the whole book looking for Ava. Ava does not want to be found because she is fearing for her death because she owes someone money.

At the end of the book Ava ends up helping Alex pretend to be a victim with the death of his whole family. Alex's brother is Blake Cross. It is revealed in I, Alex Cross , that Blake was on drugs and had fatally overdosed. His death put a huge strain on Alex and Blake's wife, who blames him for not helping Blake.

Blake rejects Alex's attempts to help. Blake's wife cuts ties with the family, although her daughter Caroline moved into his neighborhood. Caroline is Blake's daughter. Despite their proximity, Caroline didn't see or talk to Alex, mostly because she worked as a high-end "escort". After her murder by a serial killer and rapist named Zeus in I, Alex Cross , Alex eventually discovers Caroline's killer and closes the case. When Alex solves Caroline's murder, he informs her mother, hoping to ease her pain.

Alex's other niece is Naomi. When Naomi is kidnapped by a killer named Cassanova, in Kiss the Girls , Alex leaves his jurisdiction to find her, eventually finding and rescuing her. Stefan Tate is another of Alex Cross's cousins. In Cross Justice, Stefan was framed for both the murder of a thirteen-year-old boy called Rashawn Turnbull and the rape of Sharon Lawrence which turned out to be a lie.

Alex was informed by his niece Naomi that Stefan had been brutally beaten by both the guards and inmates of a prison that he was serving time behind bars in. Alex is best friends and partners with Detective John Sampson.

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They met when Alex moved to Washington, D. They were constant companions, even robbing stores together.

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They view each other as brothers. Regina would take John in when his parents got in trouble with the law. They separated for a period, but later become detective partners the Metropolitan Police Department. In Four Blind Mice , they do have a fight over a friend's death, who was wrongly convicted and sentenced to die by lethal injection.

John has protected Alex throughout a lot of his life, he discovered Maria's murderer and killed him, to spare his friend from the trauma of vengeance when he has two kids. When Alex finds out in Cross , he forgives John and thanks him for everything he has done to protect him. This relieves John's guilt of keeping the secret.

Alex has also helped John out as well, by killing Geoffrey Shafer, who had killed John's former love interest, Nina Childs. When John is kidnapped by the Audience Killer in Double Cross , Alex worries deeply for his friend and later rescues him. Alex has a friendship with psychologist Dr. Adele Finaly, whom he see for counseling. The two have great respect for each other and care for one another as well. She consoles him when Christine leaves Alex. Adele helps Alex through Maria's death.

They worked together on the Wolf case and catch the killer, despite his suicide. Feeling guilty, he later tells Alex everything and later helps Alex and Sampson kidnap the killer to save the children. In Merry Christmas, Alex Cross , Alex begins to worry about just how far he and Ned are willing to go, especially when they force a terrorist named Hala to watch her children be killed. They stop the killing when Hala offers the information they need to stop a terrorist organization. Although they later became enemies, Cross used to have a strong friendship with Kyle Craig , also known as the "Mastermind".

In the past, Kyle and Alex were pals and helped each other on cases. However, when Kyle is revealed to be Mastermind, Cavalierre's killer, Alex vows vengeance and a long struggle between the two begins that lasts from Violets Are Blue to Cross Fire , where Kyle dies battling Alex. Cross has had multiple love interests. The three primary women in his life have been his first wife Maria, ex-fiancee Christine, and current wife Bree. Before the series begins, Alex married Maria Cross. She was murdered in a drive-by shooting or a sniper who takes a bow after and the killer was never found.

Alex raised two children with the help of Nana Mama. Maria is mentioned throughout the series. In the twelfth novel Cross , Maria makes an appearance in a flashback, where she is portrayed as a gentle, beautiful, caring woman, deeply in love with Alex, who loves her in return. Before her death, she tells Alex that she is pregnant again, but the child must have died with the mother as the book references when he carried Maria into the hospital they were there six months ago with the birth of their second child.

She dies in Alex's arms. Her last words expressed her love for Alex. After discovering her killer's identity and his death by John's hand actually shot by his friend Simpson if it what either the Butcher or the Buthers friend Jimmy Hats, in Cross , Alex finally lets go of Maria and moves on. They first meet at the school from where the kids were taken and later in Miami, where they share a drink or two. After discovering Michael's body, they become closer and after capturing Soneji they begin to fall in love. Many people in Alex's life, including Nana Mama and John Sampson, disapprove of the relationship because Alex and Jezzie are of different races.

Alex ignores their warnings. It is later revealed that Jezzie had teamed up with Secret Service agent Mike Devine, her other lover, to stage the exchange and frame Soneji for taking the money. When Alex confronts her, she reveals that she was to spy on Alex, but claims to have ended up falling in love instead of ending the relationship as she had planned. Alex expresses his love, but can't stand what she has done and reveals that he had had Sampson record her confessed involvement in murder and kidnapping, giving him the evidence to convict her.

She is sentenced to be executed. Alex is the only "friend" at her execution, by her request. She expresses regret before she dies and also wishes things had turned out differently between them. While they investigate Casanova and another killer named The Gentleman Caller, Kate and Alex become friends and show romantic interest in each other. When Alex is injured, Kate shows great concern for him. While they both want a relationship, they realize that it would most likely end badly, because they both have such strong personalities.

After the case is solved and Casanova is killed, Kate and Alex tearfully part, wanting to stay friends. They meet again in Violets Are Blue , where it is revealed that Kate is engaged, which makes Alex happy for her. Cross' strong feelings for Christine leads him to defer his desire to form a relationship with her, as she is married.

However, her husband George is murdered and Christine is taken hostage. Alex captures the killer and saves Christine. In Cat and Mouse , they start dating, although Christine is uncertain that she is ready for a relationship, especially given her fears that Cross will die in the line of duty. After a passionate kiss, the two realize that they are in love. By the end of the novel, Christine manages to overcome her fear and allows a relationship to form between them.

Christine is kidnapped by Alex's current nemesis, Geoffrey Shafer and is held hostage for over a year, during which she bears Ali. Alex finds her, meets his son for the first time and is reunited with her. In Roses Are Red , Christine's love is gone and has changed into a different woman. By the end of the novel, she moves to Seattle, leaving Ali with Alex, breaking Cross' heart. Alex is forced to give Ali to her.

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In Mary, Mary , Christine wins custody and destroys whatever feelings that Alex has left for her. Christine tells Alex that she may move back to Washington, so she and Ali can be near him. However, by the end of that book, Christine returns Ali to Alex and goes back to Seattle. Christine returns in Cross Fire to spend time with Ali, while also hinting that she really came back for Alex, upon learning of his engagement to Bree. She and Alex have an argument, which forces her to leave once again. Alex and Christine have a small form of connection through the rest of the series, for the sake of Ali.

Patsy at first views Alex as a rival, but later shows interest in him.

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However, she is murdered by Shafer. Her death motivates Cross to go after Shafer in vengeance and later kills him in London Bridges. They become friends and start to take a liking to each other. As the investigation proceeds, she suggests a relationship, which Cross declines at first, feeling that he isn't ready. Betsey pushes him and the two later make love, officially starting a relationship.

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Betsey begins to worry what will happen after the case is over, since they have two separate jobs as she is an FBI agent and Alex is a detective, while Alex promises that things will work out. By the end of the novel, Betsey is murdered by Mastermind, devastating Alex, who swears to avenge her. In Violets Are Blue , Alex discovers Mastermind's identify as Kyle Craig, and learns that Betsey was getting close to discovering his identity, which comprised the Mastermind's plan for both him and Alex.

The Mastermind also reveals that Betsey was falling in love with him. Alex sends the Mastermind to prison for his crimes, declaring justice for Betsey. In Mary Mary , while on vacation with his family and Jamilla, Alex investigates a killer known as Mary Smith, which continues to strain their relationship.

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While on their next date in Los Angeles, Jamilla reveals that she has met another man, while not cheating on him, and is realizing that their long-distance relationship cannot work, whether or not they are in love. Alex realizes that he has lost her and the two part on good terms, ending their relationship. They both come from North Carolina. The books hint that her real reason to visit is to see him. They share a small kiss in London Bridges. In Mary Mary , after Alex breaks up with Jamilla, they form a relationship.

Kayla wants to be near Alex, asking him not to leave the room when she is playing a game with his kids. In Cross , they continue to date and begin to fall in love. Alex's retirement from the FBI allows him to spend more time with her, strengthening their relationship, until the "Butcher" sends him back to work, believing that this might be his wife's killer. During one house call, Kayla is attacked by a junkie and drives herself to the hospital, where Alex comes and comforts her. When Kayla visits North Carolina, she decides to move there, seeing that she can do more good where she was born.

Cross is heartbroken, as he knows that their relationship would end, but supports her decision. He later regrets not telling her how he feels. After solving his wife's murder, they see each other again, just before she moves. She tries to convince him to move with her, but Cross declines, believing he can't leave Washington, DC behind.

They part on good terms. During his time investigating Mary Smith in Mary Mary , Alex and another detective named Jeanne Galleta, who shows interest in him, date once. However, the two just remained friends. It is revealed that Alex had a relationship with a woman named Eleanor Cox in college, before Maria. Alex states that Eleanor might have been his first love, but before he could find out, their relationship ended.

Many years later, Alex discovers that she and her entire family were murdered by a new killer called "Tiger", in Cross Country. He avenges her death by taking down the Tiger. While the two investigate a mercenary and murderer named Tiger, Adanne takes interest in Alex. When she takes him to meet her family, she says she likes him and they share a kiss.

The Butcher's Hook

They remain friends, although Adanne continues to show interest in Alex. The Tiger has her family killed as they get closer and has them arrested by the police. As Alex watches, the Tiger kills and rapes her dead body in front of him. Alex avenges Adanne by taking down the Tiger and his associates. After retiring from the FBI and his tearful break up with Kayla, Alex meets detective Bree Stone at a retirement party for a fellow officer, and quickly starts a relationship with her. By the beginning of Double Cross , they have fallen deeply in love.

Bree is portrayed as a beautiful, calm, fun, sexy woman by Alex and also a strong-willed, "stone" detective in the department. She helps him with the Audience Killer and Kyle Craig, who escapes from prison.

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Bree views his family as her own and cares for Nana Mama when she nearly dies. She accepts his proposal in I, Alex Cross. In Cross Fire , both Bree and Alex prepare for their wedding, postponing to work a case. When the case is solved, they marry in his backyard and honeymoon with his kids and Nana Mama. However, Craig attacks them and Alex fights and kills him. Both Alex and Bree enjoy the rest of their honeymoon, finally feeling at peace. In Kill Alex Cross , both of them are living a happy marriage and also adopt a homeless girl named Ava, following Nana Mama's wishes. By the end of the novel, they go on a double date with Sampson and Billie, where they dance and share a kiss.

In Alex Cross, Run , Ava is caught doing drugs and is forced into a foster home. Cross struggles with a killer named Ron Guidice, who later kills Ava. Bree kills Guidice when he tries to kill Cross. While recovering from Ava's death, both Bree and Alex's love for each other remains strong and holds them together. The Wolf turns out to be multiple people. Except for Klara Lodge, the individuals taking the name share common characteristics: they are Russian males of considerable height, strength and athleticism; work in the Russian mafia ; and are former KGB agents.

He is known by several aliases , primarily as Ari Manning, an influential Israeli businessman based in Miami. Cross traces Sorokin's human smuggling ring by taking down his associates, leading to Sorokin's arrest at his Palm Beach mansion. While Sorokin is in custody, his associates are murdered while in witness protection. En route to court for his first appearance, the police convoy transporting Sorokin is ambushed.

Another "Wolf", Anton Christyakov, blows up Sorokin with a rocket launcher to prevent him from betraying them. He bombs a small town in Nevada and a village in rural England to prove his point. Klara holds Cross' family hostage to ensure that she receives the ransom money, so she can use it to stop the other Wolves.

Anton Christyakov is the ultimate wolf. Christyakov moved to Paris and was reunited with his family. However, they were killed when their house blew up in , leading Christyakov to turn on the Agency. Cross recognizes Christyakov and gives chase. Christyakov commits suicide before he can be captured.

Geoffrey Shafer, also known as "The Weasel", is a colonel in the British Army who later receive a posting to MI6 and serves as a diplomat in the British embassy in Washington. In Pop Goes the Weasel , it is established that while he was posted in Bangkok, he started a game called the "Four Horsemen" with three other British officers and partook in murdering prostitutes.

Shafer continues killing after being posted at the embassy, in some cases selling kidnapped women to one of the other "Horsemen. Shafer waives his diplomatic immunity to stand trial for her murder and is acquitted in a sensational trial. In the Bahamas , Shafer kills the other three "Horsemen" and then is apparently knocked out and drowns during an underwater scuffle with Cross.

Shafer however survives and in disguise he returns to England to murder his wife Lucy. In London, Shafer holds Cross at gunpoint but fails to anticipate that the latter would fight back; Cross gets the upper hand in the scuffle and kills Shafer. They were originally close friends and worked to solve big cases, including the kidnapping of Cross' niece in Kiss the Girls.

The Mastermind is introduced in Roses Are Red as the head of a local crime spree encompassing robbery and murder. At the end of the novel Alex's partner is raped and murdered and the reader is made aware that Craig is the culprit. In Violets Are Blue Alex discovers his identity and the two have a physical confrontation. Craig is sentenced to a maximum-security prison in Colorado. Alex visits to consult with him on cases until Kyle escapes in Double Cross. Craig taunts Cross throughout the next few novels. After the case is solved, Craig decides to go after Cross's family.

At the end, Craig shoots an oxygen tank, killing himself. In Cross Country , while investigating the murder of his former girlfriend Eleanor Cox, Cross encounters the Tiger and his crew of savage teenagers. At the end of the novel, Alex kills Tiger after a long wild chase and confrontation, while Ian Flaherty is compromised and arrested. Gary Soneji first appears in Along Came a Spider.

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