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Bentham ha distinto jurisprudence espositiva ingl. Intorno al giuspositivismo metodologico, in effetti, infuria oggi il confuso dibattito sulla metodologia giuridica In particolare, mentre sarebbe inimmaginabile un giusrealismo normativo, esiste oggi un giuspositivismo normativo cfr. Molti altri giusrealisti, sia statunitensi sia scandinavi, sostengono invece uno scetticismo moderato; i giusrealisti italiani, ad esempio, adottano oggi la teoria della cornice di Kelsen: il giudice non crea il diritto ma partecipa con il legislatore alla sua produzione, scegliendo le norme entro la cornice di significati delle disposizioni Questi due aspetti accomunano fra loro almeno tre scuole.

Infine, alcune correnti continentali odierne: come la Scuola di Genova, il cui fondatore, Giovanni Tarello, ha sostenuto una forma di scetticismo interpretativo radicale Il neocostituzionalismo si presenta come la teoria che meglio spiega, e come la filosofia che meglio giustifica, il diritto dello Stato costituzionale ted. Verfassungsstaat 82 odierno: che i neocostituzionalisti ritengono ben diverso dal diritto dello Stato legislativo ottocentesco e primo-novecentesco. Ma una connessione limitata allo Stato costituzionale non sarebbe necessaria, dunque valida sempre e ovunque, ma contingente: proprio come le connessioni ammesse dal giuspositivismo.

Si consideri, infine, la tecnica di applicazione caratteristica dei principi, il bilanciamento: ragionamento usato esplicitamente solo dalle Corti costituzionali novecentesche, e teorizzato dai neocostituzionalisti. Di fatto, neocostituzionalisti come Alexy sostengono la Tesi della pretesa di correttezza del diritto dello Stato costituzionale: questo non potrebbe non avanzare una pretesa di correttezza giuridica e morale ted. Vedremo nel paragrafo conclusivo, peraltro, come questa implicita pretesa di giustizia non potrebbe mai essere esplicitata da una costituzione senza portare il diritto a collassare nella morale cfr.

Consideriamo nella prossima sezione queste tre correnti; qui, peraltro, possiamo osservare che anche il giuspositivismo continentale, da oltre un decennio, non fa altro che discutere tesi proposte dal necostituzionalismo. Non si tratterebbe, infatti, di una morale critica, per quanto indeterminata; si tratterebbe di una morale positiva creata arbitrariamente dai giudici. Lo stesso Raz, in effetti, ammette che i rapporti fra diritto e morale sono modulati dai principi costituzionali ; questi convertono valori morali in principi giuridici, permettendone la specificazione da parte del legislatore in regole astratte, poi applicate dai giudici ordinari ai casi concreti.

La terza soluzione, chiamata da Frederick Schauer giuspositivismo presuntivo ingl. Ma questo riferimento alla morale non deve indurci a subordinare il diritto alla morale nel senso di una gerarchia tra norme [ I valori morali, anzitutto, devono convertirsi in principi giuridici; poi, questi devono essere ponderati e specificati in regole astratte, in positivo dal Parlamento, in negativo dalla Corte costituzionale; infine, queste regole astratte devono ancora essere applicate ai casi concreti dai giudici ordinari.

Rechtstheorie Italian transl. Torino: Einaudi, David Dyzenhaus. Oxford: Hart Publishing.

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Bologna: Il Mulino, Roma-Bari: Laterza. Una storia della filosofia del diritto. Bologna: Il Mulino. Teoria politica 1. Analisi e diritto Torino: Giappichelli. Torino: Giappichelli, Aldershot: Darthmouth. I giudici creano diritto? Oxford: Oxford University Press. Milano: Il Saggiatore, Roma-Bari: Laterza, Teoria del garantismo penale.

Cuadernos de filosofia del derecho American Journal of Jurisprudence Paolo Comanducci, Ricardo Guastini. Aldershot: Dartmouth, Oxford: Clarendon, Ragion pratica Bologna: Mulino, Herbert L. Una antologia. Stanford Cal. Baltimore: John Hopkins Press. Francisco J. Madrid: Trotta. In Brian Leiter: Naturalising Jurisprudence. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Karl N. In Karl N. Llewellyn: Jurisprudence: Realism in Theory and Practice.

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Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Southern California Law Review Materiali per una storia della cultura giuridica 1. In Pierluigi Chiassoni ed. Carlos S.

Madrid: Centro de estudios constitucionales. In Francesco Viola, Isabel Trujillo eds. Opere complete. Vol 1. Bari: Laterza, In Slovenian transl. Oxford: Clarendon Press. In: George Pavlakos ed. Bologna: Il Mulino, Bologna, In: Giovanni Tarello: Cultura giuridica e politica del diritto. Paris: PUF, In: Paul Amselek and Christophe Grzegorgczyk eds. The erosion of stone and the movement of the sea at its footings is evidence of nature's power within this precinct of a floating apparition bounded by architectural jewels, artistic and literary fame. The patterned pink hew of the Doge's palace, the striated arches of the arcades surrounding San Marco and the sound of the klaxon on every bell tower, each betray something of the spirit and age of the city.

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Whether the blue azure of a Tintoretto sky, or the watery silhouetted form of Turner's San Giorgio, the city has been made visible by the aesthetic turn and the desire to capture the poetic in the material shapes of domes, arches and buttresses. These are the hundred churches consecrated to a worldly reverie; their interiors awash in light and spiritual foment. The San Zaccaria altarpiece has few rivals in the dominion of the divine and yet its mix of mysticism and naturalism is timeless, breathtaking, and even for those who hurry onto the Giardini, the site of the Biennial, resonant in its aesthetic authority.

Although the conventions have changed and the global art market today drives the imperatives, Venice continues to conjure from its rich palimpsest of art and culture something of a unique spectacle. This session asks what are the hidden or symbolic values of Venice the city, how does it continue to fuel the creative imagination, and what influence does its historical memory hold in light of its present incarnation as the city of the Biennale? Si accettano contributi in italiano o in inglese. More specifically, it seeks to explore how autobiographical sources such as memoirs, diaries, blogs and letters reflect upon the experience of war.

The Cultural Intelligence Scale (CQS): A Contribution to the Italian Validation

We welcome methodological, ethical, aesthetic and interdisciplinary approaches, as well as analyses of archival documents and oral history. Papers may be in Italian, English or French. Please submit a word abstract for a minute paper, plus a one-page CV to giancin77 yahoo. Please be sure to include your institutional contact information. Submissions are expected no later than January 10th, Si prega di inviare un abstract di circa parole e un breve CV mezza pagina a vincenzo.

Nel labirinto delle voci. La forma dialogica nel Cinquecento. La sessione intende analizzare la fortuna del genere dialogico nel corso del XVI secolo. Organizer: Konrad Eisenbichler University of Toronto. Although early modern Italian theatre has been richly studied for its themes, structures, traditions, and sources, little work has been done on its underlying assumptions about human sexuality or its covert commentary on contemporary sexual mores.

How and why was the Prodigal Son so easily seduced, and by whom was he really seduced? These and similar questions will help to shed light on our understanding not only of early modern Italian society, but also of its medical and moral understanding of human sexuality. Proposals for papers to be delivered should be submitted by email attachment to Prof. Konrad Eisenbichler at konrad.

Proposals should include:- name, address, email, telephone of the presenter- title of the paper and short summary maximum words - a one-page CV for the presenter indicating current academic position and most recent publications. Deadline for submission: 31 December The literary representation of folkloric world aims to create an effect of reality, to revival ancient traditions or, on the contrary, to establish a cultural distance between the reader and the story. Folkloric details, indeed, sometimes can be the key to interpret a whole novel, as well as they always show a dialogical connection between hegemonic and subaltern cultures.

Interdisciplinary contributes dealing with folklore as a source for writers, with folkloric rhetorical and ideological issues within literature, or with structural and functional homology between folklore and literature are welcome. A variety of theoretical approaches are welcome, including for example those stemming from cultural geography, sociology, architecture, narratology, emotional geographies, migration studies, feminist geographies, nomadic thought, philosophy of place, among others.

Please send an abstract of words and a brief bio to Silvia Ross s. Literary theory often points out that narrative stems from conflict. Themes addressed could include: trauma, othering, identity politics, clash of civilizations thesis, among others. Motherhood between the local and the global: new perspectives. Motherhood has been one of the main topics of post feminist inquiry.

Research on the Italian transnational context sees mothers as privileged sites of mediation of private and public narratives, negotiation of family practices and re-elaboration of Italian traditions and cultural heritage s. This panel invites papers on narratives by women which explore motherhood inside and outside the Italian national borders and which contribute to answering one or more of the following questions: What happens to mothers, motherhood, and generations when families are subjected to processes of re-location across borders, languages and cultures?

How does Italian mothering withstand mobility between local and global realities? How do mothers contribute to the memory and the re-elaboration of national identity? We particularly welcome proposals that engage with representations of motherhood as a complex site of understanding and formation of female subjectivities within multicultural societies and of mothers as empowered agents of tradition and innovation. Please email a word abstract and a short bio-bibliography to include your name, academic affiliation, telephone number, and e-mail address for a minute paper to Adalgisa Giorgio a.

Bowen University of Toronto Scarborough. This roundtable will feature brief presentations 10 minutes each on research and teaching in Italian Studies that are facilitated by the use of new technologies. Through the presentations and ensuing discussion, the session will help to identify exemplary projects and practices that serve the best interests and needs of the community.

Coupled with the increasing global importance of the Chinese economy, the highly visible presence of Chinese in Italy has resulted in increased attention to the country and its people in the Italian media and in Italian literature and film. This panel welcomes analyses of Italian representations of China and Chinese identity since Please send an abstract of words and a brief bio to Mark Chu m. Making and Unmaking the New Italian City: The re creation of the Urban Space in Literary and Filmic Texts Organizer: Davida Gavioli Bowdoin College This session welcomes submissions that document and analyze how contemporary Italian literary and filmic texts represent the new urban settings in the wake of the waves of migration that have changed their cultural and social landscapes.

How is the urban space reinterpreted in migrant and non-migrant texts? How are public and private spaces deconstructed and reconfigured, and how are identities managed and renegotiated in these spaces? Please send a word abstract a short bio to Davida Gavioli, dgavioli bowdoin. Il panel si propone di raccogliere contributi sia teorici che empirici sulle forme di narrazione a cavallo tra cinema e letteratura. Si accettano contributi in italiano, inglese e francese.

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Gli interessati sono invitati ad inviare un abstract max. The new technologies of communication and information, fast news, ebooks, social media: What will be the role of Narrative Journalism in light of the digital revolution? The session will accept contributions of theoretical, analytical or empirical nature that face new perspectives and approaches in writing and publishing. Contributions in Italian, English and French will be accepted. Please send a word abstract and a short bio to Paola Bernardini paola. Organizer: Gabriele Scalessa University of Warwick.

Psychology and early psychiatric issues, acculturated from Northern-European treatises or the subject of authentic analyses, played a crucial role in the Italian cultural scene of the last thirty-forty years of the nineteenth century, witnessing a new interest in the mind mechanisms that reverberated in literature too. However, analyses of works published beyond this period e.

Please send a word abstract and a short CV to gabriele. This panel seeks to explore the capacity of women to acquire virtue, and to engage in friendship with other women and with men , and the political implications of such a capacity, as represented in Renaissance and Early Modern works on women. Papers could focus on the following themes and questions, but we invite you to propose other related topics as well:- the physiological, emotional or appetitive character of women and its relation to temperance or other moral or intellectual virtues.

Does friendship require virtue? Can one be friends with a vicious person? Are all citizens friends in some sense? August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved Cobley, Paul ed. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Danesi, Marcel ed. In Cobley, Paul ed. The Routledge Companion to Semiotics. London: Routledge. In Sebeok, Thomas A. Global semiotics. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. In Petrilli, Susan ed. Language and Dialogue. Cambridge International Law Journal.

Semiotic Society of America. Categories : 20th-century Italian philosophers 21st-century Italian philosophers Italian semioticians University of Bari faculty births Living people Writers from Adelaide.