Spring: Connecting with God

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Our recent celebrations of the Jewish Passover, Christian Easter and Hindu new year remind us that we are not alone. Our faith and hope in new beginnings are renewed through a loving God's mercy, forgiveness and abundant love and grace.

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Nature itself is a blatant reminder of the hope of rebirth. Today, as I write this, a flurry of activity and noises in my backyard have drawn my attention and compelled me to look out the window, revealing a flock of birds sitting in the bushes and trees around my home waiting for their turn to visit our bird feeder. Admiring the vibrant colors of the birds' feathers and the way their beauty is enhanced by the backdrop of yellow forsythia and new green leaves growing on the trees, I am again reminded of the resurgence of life around me. Throughout my yard, there are dots of blue, yellow, red and pink spring bulbs blooming in our gardens.

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The dreariness of the past winter and all its concerns seem so far away now. I take a breath to welcome the awakening of renewal and rebirth within myself. As an elementary teacher, I can feel the excitement of spring's renewal every time I walk into the classroom. The children exhibit a high amount of frenetic energy, ready and willing to explore new things. And until then, we groan, and we wait eagerly for it. We hate to wait. We are a now society. True hope—biblical hope—is a waiting and longing for what is certain.

Tweet that. But its full potential lay hidden behind death until our resurrection causes the earth to bloom. Tell me what you think: What do you look forward to most at the return of Christ? To leave a comment, just click here. You will discover what to do when it seems God does nothing. You'll also receive fresh content each time I post. It's easy! Leaving a comment is easy!

If you don't want to mess with logging in to a service, just: 1. Write your comment, and include your name and email. Click: "I'd rather post as a guest. Click the arrow to leave your comment. Wayne Stiles Menu Skip to content. Follow me on Twitter Like me on Facebook. Photo courtesy of Unsplash. God is hastening our efforts, encouraging us to work faster! This Being of perfect character and balance, in addition to being benevolently patient, is also extremely urgent. How often does God make us wait for things? We long for Him to pick up the pace and deliver us from a trial, grant us a blessing, or hurry up and establish His Kingdom on Earth.

How the Spring Blows Open Your Backdoor to Hope

Yet how often is the waiting reversed? Do we keep God waiting? How often does He wish we would cast off the weights of sin and move more quickly to finish His Work? Notice a passage of instruction in 2 Peter 3.

6 Bible Verses to Renew Your Spirit this Spring

Surely that question made some of them doubt, wondering whether the scoffers had a point. The scoffers argue that everything has continued normally since the beginning of the creation and will continue to do so. But, as Simon Peter pointed out, they willingly ignore the fact that civilization came to an end at the great Flood verses Similar destruction awaits it again—yet this time destruction by fire! First of all, he said, scoffers were prophesied verse 3. A thousand years is like one day. What may seem like a lifetime to us may just be a blip in time for the Almighty God.

But the opposite is also true! What an utterly patient, yet fast-moving Being! God is being extremely patient in order to allow as many as possible to come to repentance. That includes us! God is graciously giving us a period of time to get ourselves ready! So what does that mean about our spiritual development? This what the feast of Unleavened Bread is all about—becoming spiritually unleavened, because there is not much time.

Did you know there is even a historic, physical connection between bread being unleavened and a person having urgency? When the Israelites were granted their freedom by a grieved Pharaoh, they left Egypt rather quickly.

God draws attention to the physical connection between urgent times and not leavening the bread because it teaches us a deep spiritual lesson about our personal sense of urgency in coming out of sin and making ourselves ready for the return of Jesus Christ. During the Days of Unleavened Bread, we should direct our minds to the haste with which we should leave sin and the haste in which we must be doing our part in this Work.

The spring holy days teach us that leaven is a type of sin. Just as leaven would have slowed the Israelites down, so sin is like a weight that slows us down in this race toward our goal. We are in a race against time, and—though we run with godly patience, as the verse points out—we must be ridding ourselves of these deadly weights!

Rooted: Connecting with God, Church & Your Calling

Was there ever a more urgent work than this? We must realize just where we are in prophecy!

Leaving Egypt in Haste

Use the spring holy days to better learn these lessons. How many more feasts of Unleavened Bread do we have before the Day of the Lord? Many scoff at the urgency the first-century apostles had in their day, believing Christ would return in their lifetime. But, in a certain sense, did Christ not return in their lifetime? Was his urgency unjustified? How differently would you keep it? How differently would you live? Basically, we would think of all the things God expects of us and do them to the fullest! Questioning ourselves in this manner is a great way to examine our lives before Passover.

And then, look at that list and realize: That is how we should be living all the time.