American Copia: An Immigrant Epic

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American copia : an immigrant epic

This is a must-read for anyone interested in experimental or Mexican-American literature. His activism extends beyond verse, which is what a true citizen poet does. He is working on his doctorate in English at the University of California, Berkeley. Accents in English sooner than later?

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American Copia: An Immigrant Epic by Javier O. Huerta

Huerta , Mexican-American , Poetry. Learn more by visiting his faculty page. Javier Huerta first arrived in the United States in , and when we catch up with him, he has just filed for American citizenship papers. He is tested for his English speaking and writing ability, and the INS officer, Inspector Stroup, asks him to write down the words, "Today I'm going to the grocery store.

He tells us he was "rather offended by the simplicity of the sentence" since he had lived in America for twenty years as an "indocumentado" but of course he couldn't tell Officer Stroup that.

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What he did tell her was how to scan the sentence "as iambic pentameter" he was an English major at the University of Texas which is a perfect Huertian gesture, a typical bit of one-upsmanship that pervades this "Immigrant Epic. American Copia the title literally means an American copy is not really about being an immigrant, but, much better it is about supermarkets and supermarket shopping.

I must say I hadn't thought much before now about the epic nature of going to a supermarket, although I do confess that back when some of the enlightening drugs like peyote were still legal, my friends and I would get tanked up and head straight off to the Piggly-Wiggly we found the name a gas so we could get a gander at the fruit and vegetable departments colorful! These midnight stoner trips were enough to assuage the soul and to make us fall in love with America consumerism the bright lights, the interplay of tuna with, say, the Windex; the meats did you see the blood on those T-bone steaks?

American Copia: An Immigrant Epic

And the lights shining on the bacon? Since those festive days, I have not thought all that much about the Homeric quality of my local Safeway or Albertson's Ask me, I might go: Late night shopping. We can take the car; No one will be watching. We can lose ourselves: Late night shopping. Tell me what we need, Write a list of something. We don't need to need a thing: Late night shopping. admin