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Book Of Days song meanings. Add your thoughts 7 Comments. General Comment It means to keep trying no matter what, and to be brave to get through the journeys and rocky roads of life. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment She is going somewhere; a journey obviously, full of the next morning and the way the sun shines on the ocean, because in my mind, she is going on a voyage of sorts. General Comment I agree with Myoria and boomlily55, and I also have a little different spin on this song.

Some time ago perhaps 6 - 7 years ago I heard second hand that some christian clergymen believe that Enya's work is an introduction to Buddhism. I have an informational book titled "Essential Buddhism" and learned that one of the most important parts of Buddhism is meditation, of "being in the moment". This would also match with the line : One day, one night, one moment In some forms of meditation, the purpose is to attain Nirvana If you go out on a limb this could be the lines My dreams could be tomorrow as well as I'll find my day maybe Far and Away Other similarities to Buddhism: Enya's music can be said to be overall very peaceful, her lyrics are removed from what is commonplace.

I saw a video in which Enya was playing on the piano for this song, and she was dressed in white and there were flowers scattered all around. Maybe a coincidence or maybe not, but some if not all buddhists have flowers present in the place where they meditate. If I am wrong in my remarks, I would appreciate if someone corrected me, because I too would like to learn something new. General Comment I love this song! It's so pretty! They played this music in the background of the theatrical trailer for the movie Tuck Everlasting. General Comment I agree with all of you guys.

I say all of the above. I know the Irish Gaelic version by heart. Does anybody here know what the title for "Book of Days" is in Irish Gaelic? If so, please most in my messages. I love this song so much! Very beautiful song. Is it correct that Enya composes and writes the lyrics to the songs that she sings by herself? Lyric Correction After first verse elyrics.

Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Here is my attempt at a fan art!! She's told her new name is Tuesday and receives a letter which is apparently from her "Old self" telling her to forget her past and live a new life fresh and without regrets BUT tuesday is determined to find out who she is and with the help I. She's told her new name is Tuesday and receives a letter which is apparently from her "Old self" telling her to forget her past and live a new life fresh and without regrets BUT tuesday is determined to find out who she is and with the help of her guide Quintallion as well as Hester and Jacobi whom she meets on her journey, Tuesday begins the quest to discover who she is and she develops her own personality through doing so.

One question remains - Why was she so desperate to escape her old life and start anew? How I would describe it in one sentence: A journey of self-discovery and unintended self-creation on the way displaying the importance of friendship, love and identity in one's life. So, my review: You know those books that are so good that you never want to put it down and you feel as if YOU are the one embarking on this journey and all the other characters are your loyal and loving friends and when you finally put the book down you realise it's all over and you have no idea what to do?

Well, this is that book. This book is so wonderful and beautiful and I feel so sad right now that I'm parting with it! I developed this wonderful bond with the characters in this novel; The main character Tuesday which I really did grow on as the story went on, she's brave, strong, caring, and determined, Quintallion the charming, witty, sarcastic, caring, charlatanistic guide, Hester the passionate, strong, loving, female warrior, and Jacobi the intelligent, and caring assistant librarian.

Even sterling is somewhat likeable towards the end of the novel and you do feel some empathy towards him.

Book of Days (song)

This book kept me on my my toes, constantly excited and just wondering what will happen next. It's almost impossible to predict what will happen next and that's what I love about it. Not even could I predict the romance between view spoiler [Jacobi and Tuesday hide spoiler ] - and their romance by the way wasn't all kisses and lust at all it was beauitful and old fashioned which I LOVED! I mean she's seen Thais in her dreams before I haven't really read a proper fantasy novel or an adventure novel in YEARS but this book is probably the best of both!

I sure hope many people out there enjoy it as much as I did and I really do anticipate the day that this book will hopefully turn into a movie! BUT for now, this book is joining my favourites shelf! And as John Marsden himself said "All hail K. Barker for creating something so dazzlingly different! And funny too! Jul 06, Jeann Happy Indulgence rated it liked it Shelves: arc , review-copy , pan-macmillan-australia. This review appears on Happy Indulgence.

Check it out for more reviews! The Book of Days was a fun, charming and quirky adventure set in a wonderfully imaginative setting. It was a true adventure story reminiscent of classic childhood stories like Peter Pan and Enid Blyton book This review appears on Happy Indulgence. It was a true adventure story reminiscent of classic childhood stories like Peter Pan and Enid Blyton books. The book is filled with colourful characters, like the witty and charming Quintalion with a swagger, the sweet and unassuming blind librarian Jack, or the conflicted daybreaker with another side to him, Sterling.

The personalities and dialogue was filled with humour and wit and so much fun. Now to the downside…. The unexpected twist tied things up nicely too.

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There are so many wonderful concepts that could have been developed further, but the dialogue and the quirky characters took center stage. The Book of Days is a quirky, fun, out of the box adventure with a cast of colourful characters and imaginative steampunk settings.

While it may go off track at times and had a few inconsistencies, it features some wonderful fresh and fun dialogue and really takes me back to the time of classic adventure stories. Thank you to Pan Macmillan Australia for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review. Sep 29, Rochelle rated it really liked it Shelves: aussie-ya , borrowed , aussie-author. I really enjoyed The Book of Days. It was a well-written fantasy with a steampunk twist set in a fantastical world.

It begins with one of my favourite things in this novel: The Unreality House. The Unreality House was a fabulous and creative creation. When you are asleep in the Unreality House, no one on the outside remembers who you are. Our heroine, Tuesday has been asleep in the Unreality House for the past 10 years, until one night she is woken up. Enter Quintalion in all his swaggering glory. Quintalion is one of my favourite characters, though he is one among many.

He has a note to collect a girl from the Unreality House. Which he does. Tuesday soon finds herself confronted by Sterling, the leader of the Daybreakers — a group trying to eliminate all the magic and old ways from the land — who claims she has committed a terrible crime. She finds herself on the run, desperate to figure out who she is and if she really did commit this horrible crime. Sterling turned out to be an outstanding villian with a lot of depth and I found myself hoping he would be redeemed and switch to the side of good. What I found really fascinating about this book was how the world dealt with the rise of industry and the effect that has on the ways of magic.

Another thing I loved about this book was the great cast of characters. They were all well rounded and held real depth. They each had their own history and story and personalities that leapt off the pages and made me care for them. One that stole my heart in particular was Jack Jacobi. He was so sweet and brave, and I liked the connection he shared with Tuesday. Book of Days was an adventurous, fun, fantastical read. A great fantasy that I would highly recommend to fans of the genre. I would very much welcome another book set in this world and look forward to reading more from this author.

Jun 25, Steph Sinclair marked it as to-read Shelves: fantasy , september , aussie , young-adult , dat-cover-yo , steampunk , release , macmillan. Ohh, I love this cover! Check out the cover reveal on the blog and enter to win a signed copy! I have so much love for this book, it is an entertaining and heart warming adventure quest through a rich fantastical landscape populated with fascinating characters. Tuesday wakes in the Unreality House with no memory of her past and a deep need to find out who she is. With the help of Quintalion my favourite character , an irresistible and gorgeously attired rogue, she journeys to find The Book of Days and her true name.

Allies and adversaries are found along the way. The fiesty, ass-kicking, I have so much love for this book, it is an entertaining and heart warming adventure quest through a rich fantastical landscape populated with fascinating characters. The fiesty, ass-kicking, airship captain Hester and sweet blind "Assistant" Librarian Jack join Tuesday in her search, united in their loathing of the Day Breakers and their vicious and obsessed leader, Sterling.

Sterling is a delicious villain who speaks as all evil villains ought in the 3rd person. He is set on wrecking vengeance on Tuesday for a past she has no memory of. The quest covers several fantastical locations, for me the most noteworthy were Madame Marisol's Unreality House and the hovering Fortune City.

My favourite character's were Quintalion and Sterling, both vividly drawn and given the most wonderful dialogue. I must confess to have developed a major book crush on Quintalion and I will be petitioning K. Barker to give him his own book where the pages are filled with his one-liners and girls swooning at his feet. Shelves: for-review , publisher. This review was originally posted at Paperback Princess. Turning the last page of this book was truly astounding and left me breathless Barker is truly a treat to read.

It is so engrossing, original and the concept and characters within the book cannot be compared to any other book I've read in the past, that is truly how original this book is! The Book of Days by KA Barker begins with a girl being released from Madame Marisol's Unreality House where people go to be forgotten, she does not recall who she is and the only clue she had to her past identity is a letter from her past self begging her to forget who she was and to live a new life. This is where we are introduced to Tuesday, the name she decided to call herself as she couldn't recall her past name, and Quintallion, the strange man that showed up at Madame Marisol's Unreality House to pick up Tuesday despite him not knowing who she was or why he was picking her up.

This is where their adventure begins as Tuesday seeks to find her true identity and Quintallion comes for the ride, almost immediately they are faced with disaster, a strange reunion and a new friend. The Author truly created a magnificent story line that keeps the readers captivated and glued to its pages. The mystery was superbly written with enough clues unfolding in a timely manner, it kept me guessing and I loved it!

It's like having something in the back of your mind but not quite being able to put your finger on it! I cannot wait to re-read this book in the future, now knowing the ending I want to see the clues I missed the first time. The whole book was imaginative, from the concept of the Unreality House, to the Fortune City, the Book of Days and the Days themselves WOW is all I can say, I'm yet to find a book apart from The Harry Potter series that blew me away this much with the imagination in the concept, plot and world creation as The Book of Days has. The characters were well written and I found myself falling in love with them all, the camaraderie amongst the group was truly heartfelt and it was truly a pleasure to be part of their journey.

I even had a love hate relationship with Sterling and empathised with his heartbreak. Barker is seriously a must read for all those that enjoy YA Fantasy with a dose of Steampunk. The originality and imagination within these pages are truly astounding and it's certainly something one must experience. Barker, for giving us something so dazzlingly different! But this one was awesome. It sounded very whimsical and different and something I would vastly enjoy. Aaaand… Well. Quintalion was such an awesome character. Thank you for being part of this book, Quintalion. That book seriously needs to get a shorter title.

I loved the world that was created. I loved Tuesday and Quintalion and Hester. Unfortunately, it went a bit downhill after that. What went wrong? We had some excellent eccentric-ness for a while, and places that were amazing to read about. I wanted to know more about how Tuesday was finding her name!! My interest dwindled and the pacing became quite a lot slower. So that was unfortunate.. So I would highly recommend reading the first half and then…maybe stopping there. Okay, I'm kidding. You should of course read the whole book Mar 15, Deborah Ideiosepius rated it liked it Shelves: young-adult , reading-challenge , fantasy.

A gently quirky, fantasy of the personal-quest variety, with charming settings, witty banter and a generally fun adventure. We start in the unreality house, where souls caught between life and death wait and sometimes are awoken. Our main character awakes when someone comes to collect her, she awakes knowing nothing about herself and sets off on a quest to find herself, despite a note her previous self penned to prevent just that. The book of days is a pleasant reading experience, its strengths ar A gently quirky, fantasy of the personal-quest variety, with charming settings, witty banter and a generally fun adventure.

The book of days is a pleasant reading experience, its strengths are the exotic, fascinating and well crafted locations and backdrops: The flying city, the wastes Another strength is the vivid description and depiction of characters, their interactions and dialogue. It's weaknesses include a tendency to meander both in terms of the quest, the plot and the adventures. Several times it idles off into scenarios that are lightly enchanting, but do not seem essential to the plot and leave one a little bewildered.

This is not a short book, this is NOT a fast read and it is meant to be a young adult book, so I think it could have been edited down a bit to keep the plot tighter. At times it was difficult to stay invested in the story, and once or twice I may have skim read for a while. Another weakness for me at least was the main character's tendency to do idiotic things. I don't like stupid main characters, if one has no survival instinct then I think they should not survive. Tuesday was not terrible, but one spent a lot of time exasperated with her poor choices.

Tuesday also confused the issue of the target audience: 'YA' covers a lot of ground, some are gritty, some are childish or at least childlike. Tuesday is meant to be about sixteen, but to me she read as about twelve. A fairly young twelve. So between the main character and the very naive adventures, I would say this story is better suited to very young readers, however, it is long and slow to read, leaving the exact classification confusing.

Anyhow, I do not quite see why it has had so many rave reviews. The cover? This deserves a review? It is a sweet book, but not ground breaking, many of the concepts which are well integrated are hardly unique floating cites? The ending was not too bad but not really, entirely unpredictable. Tuesday wakes up in the Unreality House with no memory of her past. She is given clothes and supplies to make her way in the world and told to forget about finding out about her previous life, but she's desperate to find out who she might have been before ending up in the keeping house.

Her companion Quintalion is keeping quiet, on that at least. What dark secret was she trying to cover up, even from herself? Argh, it's taken me so long to get to this review, and it's partially because I loved th Tuesday wakes up in the Unreality House with no memory of her past. Argh, it's taken me so long to get to this review, and it's partially because I loved this book but found it hard to put my finger on why.

It's quite whimsical, bizarre in places, even. It's also quite brutal and even sad at times. This world is a richly detailed Steampunk fantasy world, complete with flying cities and cannon-laden airships. There's a strange and slightly disturbing bad guy, Stirling, and several friendly and bad-ass companions met along the way. I think the main thing that gave this book a little extra spark is that the relationships between the characters are just brilliant.

The snark, the humour and the friendships are so well written that I was sad to leave them all at the end of the story. I really hope there's some more stories on the way for Tuesday, Quintalion, Hester and Jack, because I love them! One thing is for sure, and that's that this is a brilliant debut book from Kiralee Barker, and also one of my favourite reads of this year. More please! This review was originally posted on Tea in the Treetops in December Barker was a delight to read.

The story revolves around Tuesday, a 16 year old girl who wakes up in Madame Marisol's Unreality House with no memory of who she is or why she ended up in this place. With only a letter from past self as a clue, she embarks upon an adventure to discover her identity. Firstly, the cover is beautiful.

The whole production of the book is lovely, with the map which is staple for any good fantasy adventure, and a fantastic plug from John Marsden The Book of Days by K. The whole production of the book is lovely, with the map which is staple for any good fantasy adventure, and a fantastic plug from John Marsden which is always helpful. I read the advanced readers copy which didn't have the map or the awesome cover, so needless to say as soon as I could, I picked up the finished product. I found the book quite cinematic whilst reading it.

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The world building was imaginative, and I felt it had a bit of a steampunk vibe. The Unreality House reminded me somewhat of the concept from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but it turned out to be radically different to what I expected. The character of Quintalion reminded me a lot of the character Mal from Firefly as well. These similarities which I have made aren't criticism at all, I really enjoyed this aspect. The way that Barker constructs her characters is amazing.

Tuesday's comrades bring a lot of light and shade to the book and the banter is highly amusing. Also, the villian of the story Sterling has such a strong back story and it gives the narrative a natural momentum. In closing this book has sharp wit, is well crafted and I hope there is more to come of this author and the world she has created.

Jul 15, Gareth rated it liked it. The first pages or so of this I loved. I think I was hoping for a bit more after a promising start. There are quite a few logical and continuity errors, but I'm putting that down to this being an ARC - I'm sure they'll get fixed up in the final edition. Aug 17, Trisha added it Shelves: did-not-finish. Let's just dnf this, and be done with it. Jan 17, Dark Matter rated it liked it. Alternatively, this link is just to Dark Matter Zine's reviews.

A review by Nalini Haynes The Book of Days is steampunk set in a fantasy world where pro-industrialist forces combat magic. The war is in hiatus but that doesn't stop the industrial forces — daybreakers — from hunting down magically-inclined folk, torturing them and killing them.

Quintalion, a dark stranger with mismatched ey This book was reviewed on Dark Matter Zine; for more reviews, interviews and articles, go to Dark Matter Zine. Quintalion, a dark stranger with mismatched eyes, arrives at Madame Marisol's Unreality House with an invitation to revive one of the inmates therein. Although suspicious of this stranger, Madame allows the sleeping teenager to be revived by a touch from Quintalion's hand.

She then releases the teenager, whom Madame named Tuesday, into Quintalion's care. Tuesday has no memory of her past; this is, we think, normal. Her curiosity piqued by a letter from her past self, Tuesday disregards its plea and, instead, sets off to discover her past. Quintalion is described as a scoundrel out to cheat and steal whatever he can and yet his declared motives conflict with his inconsistent behaviour.

Instead, Tuesday enters the unknown ill-prepared. For example, Tuesday attended Lady Fortuna's court after receiving admonitions not to speak in her own defence without understanding the reasons behind these strictures, resulting in predictable calamity. Well, sometimes it results in predictable calamity.

If the author follows through with a second novel, I'm calling Lady Fortuna's price now. Sterling cannot enter the City of Lost Things because he's alive; his first attempt to do so caused irreparable damage to his hand. Later he enters the City intact; a monster seeks to kill him because he's alive within the City. Narvi, Hester's brother, died voluntarily thus opening the door to the City of Lost Things but he's not within the city as he should be if he's dead.

Another dude who died similarly is within the City. I recommend switching off your critical brain and going with the flow to enjoy this book, a bit like when watching Doctor Who these days. Jack's 'blindness' was really frustrating, jolting me out of the story again and again. There are multitudes of ways for someone to be blind or vision impaired. To the sighted, these different disabilities may seem inconsistent but every disability has its own internal consistency. Not so with Jack.

Jack is blind but he's an assistant librarian. He can't read, his mother had to read to him as he went blind with a disease. No, his mother blinded him by touching his eyes to wake him in the Unreality House. He can't read. Yes he can. He carries books and scrolls around, pulling information out of them when necessary, touching them the rest of the time. Let's pause to unpack the books and scrolls. Braille is a system whereby a blind person can read dots embossed into paper. However, Jack's books appear to be for sighted people; there's no mention of braille. There is NO. I've handled braille paper and books, both kids' and adults' braille quality.

The paper is not that flexible. Furthermore, if you forcibly rolled braille paper into scrolls, you'd ruin the braille. There's no mention of some clever code cut into the edges of the scrolls, no means for Jack to be able to read or draw information from the pages. I waited for a 'tricked you, not blind' reveal or a magical-inconsistency reveal. Neither were forthcoming.

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Jack is totally blind but he binds his eyes to shield himself from glare; he's grateful for sunglasses to protect his eyes. Jack has partial eyesight? How much? Lemme guess, his father's glasses will enable him to read where before he couldn't. I just think that if you wouldn't write an Australian Aborigine and make him white whenever it wasn't convenient to be black then you shouldn't write a blind person with sight whenever being blind isn't convenient.

Plus I get enough harassment from people who really seem to believe that if I tried harder I could read that tiny print on the overhead projector, y'know, print so small that I've never been able to read it ever, even with the bestest possible glasses. Teachers apparently also believe it's ok to give me a choice: miss out on classroom learning or read something so small it will cause eyestrain within minutes, including severe headaches and even worse vision while my eyes recover.

This shit is real, people. If you're going to write a vision impaired person, please get it right.

Deep breaths. In Conclusion The Book of Days has strengths. It's a journey-quest story that is fast-paced and interesting, with awesome steampunk modes of transport including dirigibles, dragon-drawn chariots and more. These modes of transport will inspire steampunk fan-art. The rest of the book struggled to maintain that opening standard and world-building consistency. It's marketed as a children's book so I'm not sure how to evaluate the Book of Days. For children who haven't read the like previously, I think the Book of Days will be an exciting uproarious journey.

Some adults will love this book to bits and re-read it regularly. I'm giving the Book of Days 3 out of 5 stars. Aug 25, Sara rated it liked it. First, the good things.

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I loved the characters! I couldn't choose a favorite because they're all my favorites! They were fully fleshed out and each one had their own distinct personalities.

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Speaking of which, the villain wasn't one-dimensional either. He had a motive for everything he did, and it was a rather sad motive, too. The author definitely pulled on my heartstrings, not only for the heroic characters, but also for the villain. First off, The Book of Days was a little too busy.

By that I mean that it seemed like it had way too much going on in it. There were pirates, magicians, steampunk elements, flying ships, etc. It was just too many elements all smashed into one book. Another thing that bothered me was that I predicted who Tuesday was in her past life almost from the beginning. It wasn't too much of a revelation to me, which also didn't help me enjoy this book more. Finally, the ending was way too rushed. All in all, this was a pretty good book, just a little scattered genre-wise.

Just like names, she thought. After all, what was Tuesday, if not a day of the week? Yet it was her everything. Oct 07, Samkabam rated it liked it. Oh, how I wanted to like this book - especially being a fellow Queenslander and rather close by! I mean, I finished it.. Whilst the cover, blurb and map pulled me in, the story didn't spur me along, leaving no real desire to become immersed in the story. In saying that, I enjoyed the idea of the fierce friendship created between the lead characters Tuesday, Oh, how I wanted to like this book - especially being a fellow Queenslander and rather close by!

In saying that, I enjoyed the idea of the fierce friendship created between the lead characters Tuesday, Quintalion, Jack and Hester, but feel further development would have made this a better read, as there seemed to be so much going on.