Children in the Chat Room: A Story on Internet Predators

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Protect Kids in Chat Rooms, IMs, & E-mails - Internet Safety

Also, monitor these chat rooms to see the kind of discussions and conversations that take place. Place the computer that your child uses for Internet access in the common room of the house. This way it becomes much more difficult for the predator to try and connect with your child as the screen of the computer is visible, making it easier to monitor potentially dangerous activity.

Also, inform them that people are not necessarily who they say they are online. That is, the person your young daughter believes to be a 13 year-old girl may actually be a 50 year-old man. Instead, take immediate steps to shield your child from any further interaction with the predator. What should you do if your child is being targeted?

Important notice

If your child is solicited sexually through any form of online correspondence or has somehow fallen prey to illegal activities online then contact the police instantly. Make sure you share all the information you have regarding the predator and his activity so that you can share it with the police.

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You can also use CyberTipline to report incidents of child sexual exploitation. Also, check your computer thoroughly for signs of any sexual communication like pornographic files or other inappropriate material. This may indicate that your child is already a victim of an online predator and the authorities will help your child get out of the situation.

Talking To Strangers Online |

Thank you for visiting TechAddiction! We hope you find the info here helpful. Please take just 1 second to click the "Like" button. Many thanks - we really appreciate it! How great is the danger to children from online predators?

Signs That Your Kid Was Approached By an Online Predator

Others propositioned me for online video sex. One user who NBC 4 New York will not name asked if I had a webcam, and when I responded that I didn't, he decided to send me video of him doing something obscene. From the suburbs to the inner city, Internet safety is a growing concern. All six teenagers said they have been contacted by strangers online, and some were subjected to inappropriate conversations and images -- even on the popular game, Draw Something.

She says it is up to parents to keep up with their kids and to teach them to be web savvy. Why would you let them go onto a site you don't know anything about?

Red Flags: Behaviors That Merit Increased Scrutiny

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