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Ramseur, the youngest of the three, eagerly embraced a Confederate identity, highlighting generational differences in the equation of loyalty. Early combined elements of Lee's and Ramseur's reactions—a Unionist who grudgingly accepted Virginia's departure from the United States but later came to personify defiant Confederate nationalism. The paths of these men toward Confederate loyalty help delineate important contours of American history.

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Gallagher shows that Americans juggled multiple, often conflicting, loyalties and that white southern identity was preoccupied with racial control transcending politics and class. Indeed, understanding these men's perspectives makes it difficult to argue that the Confederacy should not be deemed a nation. Perhaps most important, their experiences help us understand why Confederates waged a prodigiously bloody war and the manner in which they dealt with defeat.

Dark Lanterns By Frank L. Within decades of the American Revolution, the Northern states had either ended slavery or provided for its gradual abolition. Slavery, however, was entrenched in the South and remained integral to American politics and culture. Nationally, it was protected by the U. Constitution, federal laws, and Supreme Court decisions, and slaveowners dominated all three branches of the federal government. From the time of the Revolution until the Civil War and beyond , Southern thinkers offered a variety of proslavery arguments.

This body of thought—based on religion, politics and law, economics, history, philosophy, expediency, and science—offers invaluable insights into how slavery shaped American history and continues to affect American society. In this volume, Paul Finkelman presents a representative selection of proslavery thought and includes an introduction that explores the history of slavery and the debate over it.

His headnotes supply a rich context for each reading. The volume also includes a chronology, a selected bibliography, and illustrations. The Confederate Cherokees By W. On the day that Lincoln was inaugurated in , twenty-seven-year-old William Dorsey Pender, en route to the provisional Confederate capital in Montgomery, Alabama, hurriedly scribbled a note to his wife, Fanny.

So began a prolific correspondence between a rising Confederate officer and his cherished wife that would last until Pender was mortally wounded at Gettysburg. First published by UNC Press in , Pender's letters are filled with personal details, colorful descriptions, and candid opinions of such important figures as Robert E.

Lee, Stonewall Jackson, J. Stuart, and A.

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His comments on his military activities and aspirations and the challenges of command, combined with his husbandly advice and affection, sketch an intimate and unvarnished portrait of the man who was perhaps the most distinguished North Carolina commander. The author shares his personal experiences working for Confederate President Jefferson Davis overseas in an effort to acquire arms and ships from London for the Confederate navy. The book describes his early years, his education at West Point, and his role in several key battles of the Civil War.

The book includes a wealth of black and white historical illustrations, photos, paintings, and maps. A gripping narrative of the last day of the bloody Battle of Gettysburg. In astonishing detail the book takes readers from Meade's council of war to the seven-hour struggle for Culp's Hill - the most sustained combat of the entire engagement.

Drawn on hundreds of sources, including more than manuscript collections. Honors the memory of the great Confederate general in an exploration of his post-Civil War years. Mastering Wartime By J. Occasional Addresses and the Letters of Mr. This scarce antiquarian book is included in our special Legacy Reprint Series. In the interest of creating a more extensive selection of rare historical book reprints, we have chosen to reproduce this title even though it may possibly have occasional imperfections such as missing and blurred pages, missing text, poor pictures, markings, dark backgrounds and other reproduction issues beyond our control.

Because this work is culturally important, we have made it available as a part of our commitment to protecting, preserving and promoting the world's literature. WalkerThis is the life and times of Sam Davis. The reader is led through the true history, Southern history, about the founding of the Confederacy and into the war!

Sam was born in Tennessee but this book encompasses all the theaters of the war! President Lincoln claimed that no states had left the Union and these were still United States citizens. However, the Yankee invaders treated the population like Prisoners of War with only the rights their captives chose to grant them!

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The facts are here and so are the intense emotions. The atrocities committed against the Southern people and the deep hatred from both sides is presented in graphic detail! The readers will cringe when they are witness to the savage beatings and torture of Southern patriots!

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A youthful Sam joined the 1st Tennessee Infantry and bravely fought many battles in several Confederate States. The Confederate army, aided by the loyal population, tried time and again to push the hated invaders out of Middle Tennessee, but by both sides knew that the Yankees were staying.

Writing on the Operating Table: Letters of James Langstaff Dunn, Civil War Surgeon

It is not just about Tennessee citizens; it is reflective of all the states in our beloved Confederacy! Sam lived in Middle Tennessee and through family connections he was recruited into the Confederate spy service. When his army left; Sam stayed. The reader will be swept into the world of deception and deceit that is the world of the spy. Sam was arrested by Damn Yankee spies wearing Confederate uniforms. The general demanded that Sam give him names. The brave Sam never flinched, nor gave an inch as he faced the stern General down.

With the rope dangling before his eyes, Sam chose death over dishonor! The sublime courage and honor of a lowly Private should never be forgotten! When the readers finish this book, they will never be able to forget, Sam Davis, Boy Hero of the Confederacy! It is pages that paint the Yankee Army as it truly was; this is not the white-washed, unemotional history, you are usually subjected to! It is richly illustrated with 47 photos, 4 maps and 2 drawings!

The Whirlwind of War builds on the great themes and follows many of the important figures who were introduced in The Approaching Fury. Stephen B.

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He writes in the first person, assuming the viewpoints of several of the principal figures: the rival presidents, Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis; the rival generals, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, and William Tecumseh Sherman; the great black abolitionist, editor, and orator, Frederick Douglass; the young Union battlefield nurse, Cornelia Hancock; the brilliant head of the Chicago Sanitary Commission and cocreator of the northern Sanitary Fair, Mary Livermore; the Confederate socialite and political insider, Mary Boykin Chesnut; the assassin, John Wilkes Booth; and the greatest poet of the era, Walt Whitman, who speaks in the coda about the meaning of war and Lincoln's death.

A comprehensive history of the Confederate flag that transcends conventional partisanship reveals the flag's origins and pursues its conflicting meanings. John M. In the first full biography of Lieutenant General John McAllister Schofield , Donald Connelly examines the career of one of the leading commanders in the western theater during the Civil War and the role of politics in the formulation of military policy during both war and peace in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

Connelly relates how Schofield, as a department commander during the war, had to cope with contending political factions that sought to shape military and civil policies. Following the war, Schofield occupied every senior position in the army--including secretary of war and commanding general of the army--and became a leading champion of army reform and professionalism. He was the first senior officer to recognize that professionalism would come not from the separation of politics and the military but from the army's accommodation of politics and the often contentious American constitutional system.

Seen through the lens of Schofield's extensive military career, the history of American civil-military relations has seldom involved conflict between the military and civil authority, Connelly argues. The central question has never been whether to have civilian control but rather which civilians have a say in the formulation and execution of policy. Abraham Lincoln By Don E. Eminently useful and admirable book which teachers and students at nearly all levels will appreciate. Lincoln, put together by one of the outstanding Lincoln scholars in our nation, constitutes only one tenth of all Mr.

Lincoln's published works. Yet, Professor Fehrenbacher has chosen those which are really monumental. Professor Fehrenbacher's introduction and head notes for each selection are alone worth the price of the book. Act of Justice By Burrus M. Battle of Wills: Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. An anthology of twenty-seven selections combines nineteenth-century battlefield accounts of the Civil War with past and contemporary scholarship to offer a broad perspective on the soldiers' total experience. Four Years in the Saddle By W.

For good reason, the second and third days of the Battle of Gettysburg have received the lion's share of attention from historians. With this book, however, the critical first day's fighting finally receives its due.

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After sketching the background of the Gettysburg campaign and recounting the events immediately preceding the battle, Harry Pfanz offers a detailed tactical description of events of the first day. Throughout, he draws on deep research in published and archival sources to challenge many long-held assumptions about the battle. For men going off to war, idealistic notions of courage and duty caused them to rise above their fears and fig…. For men going off to war, idealistic notions of courage and duty caused them to rise above their fears and fight for their cause.

Linderman argues soldiers stopped feeling like a vital part of an important cause and more like a small, insignificant piece of a vain struggle.

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The letters of James Langstaff Dunn, volunteer surgeon of the th and later th Pennsylvania Volunteers, offer a different interpretation, one that copes with the death and destruction by a grisly determination to see the war to its end. In the aftermath, Dunn spent twenty-four hours in surgery with no food and little water. Along the way, Dunn experienced, first-hand, the destruction the war brought. Stealing a moment to himself after Chancellorsville, he wrote to his wife assuring he was safe. The first patient Dunn lost haunted him.

A second incident that deeply affected Dunn was the loss of his hometown friend, J. Patton was hit by a shell at the top of the humerus, near where the arm articulates with the shoulder. admin