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When he finally has a few days off, he'll do his best to go to bed early before midnight and wake up early before noon. I miss my husband when he's working and look forward to spending time with him.

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But, sometimes I have no choice but to make dinner plans or appointments on his nights off, and when I do, there's always a glimmer of hurt in his eyes. He never stops me from going out, but his silence says more than if he picked a fight. It sounded like a bunch of hippy-dippy, new age speak when I first heard the phrase, but it turns out there's something to it. We took the love language quiz on Dr. The five basic love languages are:.

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Karin Anderson Abrell , "Knowing each other's love language is important because we typically love people the way we like to be loved. In fact, we sabotage our efforts toward intimacy when we don't understand what feels loving to our partner. Essentially, it's about values. Each love language demonstrates a different value. The challenge of speaking in another language will awake unexpected skills.

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Being creative in a classroom is great, but when you need to share an idea you will be more resourceful and persistent with the language to get your point across. You will express things that you were unaware you had in you. You know that moment when you regret what you are saying before you even finish the sentence? Yes, that moment.

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In a second language you will have an additional chance to think about what you are saying and perhaps keep it to yourself. And if you say something awful anyway, you can blame mistranslation. The number one thing that all successful language learners share is strong motivation.

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You will hear all the words that would never be spoken in a classroom. Whether idioms, slang, or simply the kind of everyday talk that is too informal for formal tuition, you will get all of it from your partner.

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It takes a long time to develop the more delicate points of a foreign language and you will learn to make allowances for some misunderstanding. And there will be silences.

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Being comfortable with silence is an important life skill. Our Company Contact Get a brochure. We've been connecting students with their dream study abroad trips for over 20 years at ESL — Language studies abroad. admin