Its All In My Head

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The JR at the beginning of the song is a reference to J.

all in (one's) head

Rotem, who is the music producer of the song. And anyways, Jason Derulo's initials are JD Memory this one time my ex bf told me he masterbated to this song No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment Something about this song screams masturbation and kinky sex fantasies to me. I know that he's not saying that, but it really really sounds like it to me. Too bad, because it's catcy as hell.

Flag sugarsaltmsg on February 13, And the heavy breathing part is creepy. I hope the girl slaps him. General Comment I think this is his thoughts in his head not actual actions. In his head he sees him and her "going down" sex. If the music video for this has any correlation to the meaning behind this song it would be the local 7 eleven for a club and car stereos blaring for music.

My Opinion I think the dude just wants to show her that she can be loved, but he wants to show her that through sex. I just HATE guys who are like that and want it right away!

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General Comment this song is about a guy that sees a girl in a bar and knows she has been dating around and he wants to show her what love is thru sex. Lil' Wayne.

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Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! We do not have any tags for In My Head lyrics. Why not add your own? Log in to add a tag. More Jason Derulo Lyrics. When my endocrinologist told me I could solve the problem by taking a synthetic thyroid hormone to balance out my system, I happily complied. The body is extremely sensitive to thyroid hormones; supplemental doses like the one I take are measured in micrograms, a unit of mass equal to one millionth of one gram.

Take too much or too little, and the body reacts negatively. I could often tell before visiting the doctor for a checkup whether I needed an adjustment to my dose. Instead he referred me to a psychologist. My lab results were back. The doctor wanted me to increase my dose of medicine.

All In My Head (Flex) (Feat. Fetty Wap) - Fifth Harmony - VAGALUME

Within a few days of changing the dose, all my symptoms vanished. As frustrating as it was to have my physiological symptoms dismissed as pyschosomatic, the real tragedy is how regularly this bias occurs. Another study found that among severely injured patients, significantly fewer women were directed to a trauma center by emergency medical personnel or physicians in non-trauma facilities. Women are three times less likely than men to receive a knee replacement, even when the clinical conditions are the same.

Some might argue that women are different, anatomically and physiologically, which is true, but misses the point.

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We just need the same standard of care. I decided to look for a new endocrinologist after similar versions of the same interaction happened several more times. But by that point I had learned to be suspicious. The assumptions this doctor had made about my mental and physical health forced me to confront a painful truth: that even though doctors have my best interest at heart, their unacknowledged biases would sometimes cause them to act against my best interest.

The power dynamic between patient and doctor is inherently skewed: patients must suffer with the daily implications of their sickness without knowing how to fix it, whereas doctors have all the knowledge of possible cures but no firsthand access to the symptoms.

Stories that Voices Need to Tell: A Review of ‘It’s All in My Head!’

For a successful resolution, communication between both parties must be clear. More important, it must be bolstered by a solid layer of trust. You feel powerless and alone. Fortunately that bit of medical knowledge and those misguided treatments have been updated in the last century. But less easy to remove from the medical establishment are the social and cultural contexts that remain from hundreds of years of thinking of women as lesser beings. The phenomenon is playing out right now in the American political arena, with debates about what a woman should and should not be allowed to do with her body taking center stage at almost every rally and debate.

My experiences and the experiences of women like me are not meant to be an indictment of male doctors or all doctors or even politicians. Everything else, it seems, is too complex to be left in our hands.