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In Ordnung! Transliteration aktiv Tastaturlayout Phonetisch. Noch nicht registriert? Passwort vergessen? That's an absolute scream! That's the absolute truth. Probieren Sie, diese online zu bearbeiten! Carla Malheiro. Diese Internet-Adresse ist gut, um Deutsch zu lernen, weil sie sehr lustig und praktisch ist. Hier findet man eine sehr kreative Internetseite.

Dadurch ist sie leichter zu verstehen, denn man lernt ja die Grammatik mit Beispielen oder Bildern. Jetzt reicht es! Die Internetadresse, die ich gefunden habe, hat mir gut gefallen. Maria Manuela Campos. Wenn man eine Sprache lernt, ist es wichtig, Sprachkenntnisse zu haben, aber es ist auch wichtig, kulturelle Kenntnissse zu besitzen. Die Struktur der Seite macht das deutlich. Diana Oliveira. Auf dieser Internetseite kann man einfache Informationen finden. Es gibt auf dieser Seite Grundwissen-Grammatik, und man kann eine Schnell-Suche starten, weil die deutsche Grammatik in Themen aufgeteilt ist.

Aber ich glaube, dass der Wortschatz auch ein bisschen schwierig ist. Joana Soares. Im Internet habe ich eine Internetadresse gefunden, die ein "Portal" zu anderen Seiten ist! Ich finde dieser Seite sehr interessant, gar nicht langweilig und es ist ganz einfach, damit zu arbeiten. Diese Internetadresse hat viele Stichworte: z.

B Adjektivendungen und Adjektivdeklination, Indefinitpronomen und Personalpronomen. Wie sollen wir schreiben? Grammatik macht Spass!!!! Mir hat diese Internetseite sehr gut gefallen. Ich habe eine interessante Seite gefunden. Auf dieser Seite kann man viele Dinge finden, die mit der deutschen Sprache und Deutschland zu tun haben. Am linken Rand gibt es eine Liste mit den verschiedenen Sachen, die man hier machen kann.

Aber sehen Sie doch selbst! Trainieren Sie Ihren Wortschatz im Internet.

In welchem Forum wollen Sie eine neue Anfrage starten?

Aber vor allem lernen wir das Tempus der Verben. Trotz allem denke ich, dass diese Seite sehr interessant und hilfreich ist. Sara Santos. Interaktives Lernprogramm. Catarina Rocha. Ein Sprachbad nehmen.

Englisch lernen mit Witzen

Bei diesem Programm nimmt man ein Sprachbad, was einen fast zur Perfektion bringt. Dieses Programm ist intensiv und aktiv. Im Haus einer Lehrerin in Deutschland weckt und erweitert man seine Vorkenntnisse. Kultur, Texte und Aufgaben. Wenn man eine Lektion anklickt, stehen uns gleich viele Themen zur Auswahl.

Ich habe diese Seite im Internet gefunden. Meiner Meinung nach ist sie sehr gut, um die deutsche Sprache zu lernen. Dort kann man alles lernen: funktionale Komponenten des Satzes, Ausdruckskategorien und Ausdrucksformen, syntagmatische und paradigmatische Beziehungen usw. Hier sind insbesondere zwei andere Internetseiten zu beachten, die mich sehr interessiert haben:. In addition to simplicity, write with emotion! The bottom line is: use a believable amount of emotion without getting too hostile or overly-sentimental. Imagine if you received a novel in your inbox.

Would you even bother to read the first sentence? Probably not! The optimal length of an email is roughly words, and the response rate slowly drops off as the emails get longer. When you really need to write longer emails use sub-headings to break the text up. One final way to increase the chances your email will receive a response is to include a task, so ask a few questions!

How are your Virtual Team meetings?

Otherwise, the recipient will most likely assume the purpose of your email is nothing more than to inform. Statistically, questions are optimal. And remember to use the phone or video calls if something is important, urgent or contains an emotional message. Our InCorporate Trainers often find that seemingly small challenges such as this can cause an unnecessary amount of pressure. A few trainers have come up with 50 phrases to help you break the ice and start a conversation. Many of the phrases can be used in any context — but some are only used in certain situations.

Here are 5 more tips for you. Whether you have English training at your companies or private training out of work, you probably know that to really improve your business English you need to take responsibility and control of your learning. The good news is that according to popular research into language learning, we are all born autonomous learners.

It is in our nature to be proactive, explore, and respond to our environment. We naturally take charge of our learning by setting ourselves goals and we are driven by our own motivations and needs. This could be getting a promotion at work, being able to participate effectively in a meeting, working confidently on an international project or giving a successful presentation. To help you learn autonomously, knowing effective ways you can improve your business English independently is essential.

Here are some tried and tested strategies to improve your Business English by yourself! Setting yourself goals is motivating in anything you do and a great way to understand your own learning process. These goals can be daily, weekly or monthly and ones, which are achievable and realistic. Once you have set yourself a goal you can assess yourself using simple online tools such as Quizlet. You can also download the app on your phone in order to review and assess progress on the go!

Put yourself in real life situations where you have to use business English.

Spotlight Audio - A weekend in London. 1/2016

Take every opportunity to speak to your international business colleagues. Instead of writing an email, go ahead and pick up the phone! Try to participate in meetings, events, conferences and projects where you have the opportunity to practice. Communicate and socialize with English speakers you know at work or out of work, this could be going for a coffee, lunch or dinner. Try to take a little time every day to watch or listen to business related resources online. This could be news, podcasts, or videos. The more you watch and listen to business English, the more you will train this skill and the easier it will get when you have a real situation at work.

If you want to get more creative, I suggest using a voice recorder to record this information. Try to review the new vocabulary daily in order to internalize it and challenge yourself to use a new word during your next meeting, in an email or on a presentation slide. Start by downloading Grammarly. This is a free tool with which you can check all daily emails, presentations and documents in order to avoid grammar mistakes and punctuation errors. You can also keep a diary of your day or about your learning experience, which will give you some extra writing practice and is a great strategy for self-reflection.

I train a senior project manager who takes 10 minutes at the end of each day to write notes on reflections, insights and ideas. He does this to practice writing notes in English to help with his many meetings, but also to ensure he has reflection time and can focus on what is important to his project. Reading improves all areas of a language, including vocabulary, grammar, spelling and writing. The more you read the more input the brain gets about how the language works.

Context helps you figure out meaning and repetition of vocabulary helps you remember the words. Our blog is a great place to start so bookmark it and there are plenty of online magazines and newspapers which are free. This is the feedback Sven, a high-potential from a German automotive company, shared with me during a management training program. The idea of extraversion—introversion is a core dimension in most personality trait models, including the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Sven is reflective rather than outgoing, and prefers working alone to working in groups. Sven wanted to think before he talked, as opposed to talking to think. However, his natural introversion was getting in the way of his career opportunities. Why have they been invited? Who will assume which roles? Get your thoughts together ahead of time. Write down questions, concerns and points you want to share. Turn up with a couple of clear points you want to contribute. This preparation means that you can ….

If you know what the meeting is about you can and should get actively involved as quickly as possible.

Begrüßung auf englisch

Get your thoughts on the table as quickly as you can. And if your meeting quickly goes into an unexpected direction …. You have the right to take a little more time. Try expressions like:. Be aware that there is a danger of over-thinking too, and you may find the meeting has moved on too fast. With this in mind ….

Many introverts are considered good listeners. This means you can …. Nobody wants to come across as stupid or incompetent. Everybody has said things that have been wrong, incomplete, or poorly thought through.

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  6. We trust people who are human and fallible. Be open to risking sharing ideas and thoughts and try expressions like …. If the English is an issue then consider getting some targeted training. You can also expect to grow in confidence over time as you see strategies working and people reacting to you differently. Business English blog articles. What makes training effective?

    What makes the trainer effective? Making sure managers understand the importance of their role in developing staff. Take a moment before you hit send In the days when we sent letters we took a lot of time to think about what we were writing. Contempt Contempt is when somebody makes it clear that they feel somebody has no value and deserves no respect. Why do we do show contempt?

    What happens when we show contempt? So, what can the person showing contempt do differently? Going forward you can focus on redefining your relationship with your colleague through … seeing the other person as a human being with equal value. And what can the person receiving contempt do to limit the toxic impact and turn things around? Look after yourself and work to stay balanced and neutral when interacting with this person. Reward yourself for not feeding into a situation. Is this intended? How about we try and start again from the beginning and build a new working relationship? And finally, know where your limits are and seek support from your manager or HR if you feel these are being crossed.

    Why do we do stonewall? What happens when we do this? If you recognize this behaviour in yourself and want to change you can… focus on who you choose to be — who am I really? How do I want to behave? How do I behave when I am at my best? Is there a third party you can express your feelings to? Alternatively, verbalize them out loud to yourself or write them down if you prefer. Why are you so angry and reluctant to contribute? Answering these questions may help you to understand your feelings better and enable you to continue.

    Ask yourself why are they stonewalling? Focus on building safety. Agree a fixed time, neutral and private location, confidentiality and help them come back into the conversation with simple exploratory open questions. Really listen to what the other person is saying. What can a manager do when they see contempt and stonewalling within their team? Here are some questions to ask yourself… What is the impact of the behaviour on the team and our results? What can I accept? Where is my line in the sand?

    Where is the contempt or stonewalling coming from? How willing am I to reflect back what I am seeing? The impact it is having? And the impact it may have later? Am I prepared and committed to consistently confront contemptuous or stonewalling behaviors over the long-term? To what extent can I ring-fence a person without impacting the team or passing more work and responsibility on to others? Am I choosing to do nothing? Or am I afraid to do something? Who else can help me in this situation?

    Improve English Vocabulary, With Subtitles ★ Sleep Learning ★ Let's Learn English Words. esl, toefl

    To what extent has HR been involved so far? What can they do? Under what circumstances am I prepared to let this person go? Tip 2 — Watch your tone, mind your language Emails need to be respectful and clear. Die Zeitform work ist falsch. Man kann das Wort since nicht mit einer Zeitspanne kombinieren. So beheben Sie es: Wenn etwas in der Vergangenheit begonnen hat, jetzt geschieht und wahrscheinlich auch in Zukunft weitergehen wird, dann verwenden wir in der Regel die present perfect simple oder continuous Form, z.

    The benefits of on-the-job training OTJ training is highly effective because the training takes place alongside and as part of your daily work. You maximize your time because you are benefiting from training while you are working. You can directly transfer what you learn to your job. Your training is completely based on a real and concrete task.

    Everything you learn is relevant. How can I support you? Seit wann bieten Sie virtuelles Training an? Wie sehen Sie den Vergleich von virtuellem Training zu fact-to-face Training? Warum haben wir Probleme damit, Emotionen per E-Mail zu kommunizieren? Forschung zeigt: unsere Kommunikation per E-Mail ist nicht so gut, wie wir denken. Aber es ist anders, wenn Sie einem Kollegen schreiben, der Sie gut kennt, oder? Wenn etwas ein Witz ist, benutzen Sie Emojis.

    Vorschläge zur Spracharbeit mit Migranten | Fremdsprachendidaktik & Spracherwerb

    Was, wenn etwas mit der Technologie schief geht? Wie soll ich die Aufmerksamkeit aufrechthalten? Maximal 40 Minuten sind das Ziel. Halten Sie sich von textlastigen Folien fern. Vergleichen Sie die 2 Beispiele unten. Ihr Publikum wird es Ihnen danken. NICHT einfach anfangen und dann schauen was passiert! Hier schafft Praxis Mehrwert. Einige bieten sogar kostenlose Online-Kurse an.

    Nutzen Sie sie und machen Sie sich mit Ihrer Technologie vertraut. Praxis mit dem System ist das A und O. Ort F: Von wo aus sprechen Sie gerade? A: Ich bin an meinem Schreibtisch. Wie ist es bei Ihnen?

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