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Others at the time were still imitating the architecture of Europe.

6 Cool Creatures to Look for at the Grand Canyon

The South Rim has a lot to do as it is home to engaging museums and visitor centers that have taken time to tell stories of the Grand Canyon in imaginative ways. You also can rent bikes from Bright Angel Bicycles and ride along the trails lining the rim.

There's even a road closed to traffic called Hermit Road. With the exception of park vehicles or shuttles, you'll have this stretch of road extending west all to yourself. Otherwise, explore the canyon via mule. The stables are located right near the the train station. It also is located relatively close to some amazing towns and sights, making the road trip to the Grand Canyon just as interesting as the park itself.

The South Rim is located 60 miles north of Williams, Ariz. Williams is one of the towns that thrived along Rte. Today, it is a bustling historic tourist town that manages to keep the Rte. Stroll down its historic main street to check out old neon signs, funky restaurants and coffee shops and the Grand Canyon Brewery. You'll hear music from the ages playing in and outside of businesses on nearly every street corner.

The university town of Flagstaff sits just 80 miles southeast of the South Rim. Home of the University of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff has a wonderful laid-back vibe with a thriving historic downtown. Perched slightly above the downtown sits the Lowell Observatory where on Feb.

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You can see this telescope as well as the Clark Telescope when you visit. Apollo astronauts studied these maps and some even used the Clark Telescope for part of their training to go to the moon. The observatory, which is on the aptly named West Mars Hill Road, offers daytime historic tours and evening viewing hours. Farther south down from Flagstaff and down the gorgeous Oak Creek Canyon sits Sedona , a stunning red-rock paradise with miles and miles of extremely accessible hiking and biking trails.

With a small downtown area nestled at the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon and West Sedona, a larger business district with a Whole Foods, Sedona is home to about 10, residents who play hard during the day and roll up the red carpet around 9 p. Sedona is all about daytime activities, so if you are looking for a raging nightlife, you will want to spend more time in Flagstaff about an hour to the north or Phoenix two hours south. Don't leave Sedona without visiting at least one of the town's famed vortexes where some claim there's a calming energy that pervades.

Two recommended vortex hikes are Cathedral Rock and Airport Mesa. Cathedral Rock is a fantastic hike just about a minute drive from Sedona's downtown. It involves some light scrambling, but it is an extremely popular route with families, adults without kids and young people. Airport Mesa is an outstanding place to watch the sunset. Park at the top of the hill where the airport sits and hike down to Airport Mesa for about 20 minutes or park in front of the mesa at the bottom of the hill, if there is an available parking spot.

Get there early as this is a really popular spot. The North Rim receives 10 percent of the park's visitation, but its views are just as outstanding as those to the south.

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If you plan on visiting the North Rim, you'll find yourself relatively close to Zion National Park, Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and Bryce Canyon National Park, so put these unique parks on your road-trip itinerary as each offers entirely different experiences. Advanced reservations are highly recommended here and at the North Rim's only campground, The North Rim Campground, as both fill up way in advance. The actual rim of the Grand Canyon with visitor services is an additional 14 miles south. Jacob Lake, Ariz. There is no airport or rail service to the North Rim, so the only way to get to the North Rim is by road.

There is no public transportation to the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park other than the Trans Canyon Shuttle which runs between the North and South rims of the park once each day, in each direction. Travel time is about 4. It's about a three-hour drive, taking 93 south out of Las Vegas and taking a left on Hwy. You can also access it from Kingman, Ariz. It's about a two-hour drive.

Unlike the North and South rims where hiking along or into the canyon is a main attraction, the Skywalk is the main attraction at Grand Canyon West, in addition to Native American dance performances. Opened in , the Skywalk is a glass bridge that is 10 feet wide and stretches 70 feet over the Grand Canyon in a horseshoe shape. You'll feel like you are floating above the canyon as you walk on it. Some, with a fear of heights, grab the railing and hang on to it as they walk across. You cannot bring your own camera on the Skywalk but can purchase professional quality photos after your walk.

The Grand Canyon is bigger than the state of Rhode Island. The Grand Canyon is a mile deep, miles long and 18 miles wide. In comparison, Rhode Island is around 1, square miles. With wide vistas and a view of the Colorado River to the west, Hopi Point off of Hermit Road is one of the most popular viewpoints for watching the sunset and sunrise because of its wide vistas.

Sunset photo by Jack Denger www. The Grand Canyon itself can influence the weather. As a result, the temperature generally increases by 5. An amazing image of a total cloud inversion in This rare meteorological event fills the canyon with a sea of clouds when the air near the ground is cooler than the air above it. It's something park rangers wait years to see. Hidden caves abound in the canyon. Tucked within the Grand Canyon are an estimated 1, caves , and of those, have been recorded. Even fewer have been mapped or inventoried.

Today, only one cave is open to the public -- the Cave of the Domes on Horseshoe Mesa. The Redwall Limestone in the Grand Canyon is a water soluble rock, meaning that it can be slowly dissolved by water, eventually resulting in caves of various sizes. Photo by Kristen M. Caldon, National Park Service. The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited national parks in the United States.

Visitors take in the stunning views of the Grand Canyon at Mather Point. Photo by National Park Service. The Grand Canyon was carved over some 6 million years. It is one of the most studied landscapes in the world, with extensive fossil records, a multitude of geologic features and rich archeological history.

Learn more about the history of the Grand Canyon. The oldest human artifacts found in the Grand Canyon are nearly 12, years old and date to the Paleo-Indian period. The views are magnificent here. Grandview Point overlooks the dense forests and the Horseshoe Mesa. Once you reach Moran Point and glance all around you, you will get a true sense of the vastness of the Grand Canyon South Rim. Furthermore, directly below Moran Point sits Red Canyon and the colors are just staggering here. The reds, oranges and rusts glow beautifully especially in the afternoon sun.

To top it off, the sparkling Colorado River finally makes longer appearance. Finally, try to find the Sinking Ship, a fascinating geological formation which appears as if it was a sinking vessel against the setting sun. So, with not further delay, head to the tower. Inside you will find a spiral stairway which winds five stories high. Head straight to the top and as you are climbing the stairs look through many windows and see mile upon mile of magnificent views. By the way, the windows have reflectoscopes, which are viewing instruments that enhance the colors by using the black glass.

Once you get to the top, check out the observation deck, which offers great views of the eastern part of the Grand Canyon South Rim. The best way to get the full Grand Canyon experience is to mix the scenic viewpoints with a some hikes below the rim. Be prepared to be amazed by the sweeping views as you hike along a dramatic ridgeline. Above all, you will get to see the spectacular beauty of the Grand Canyon from below the rim. Some hikers continue on to Skeleton Point. It is entirely up to you how far you want to hike.

Given these points, following are the distances between each stopping point:. For full details about South Kaibab Trail read my post, it has all the information you need to plan a perfect hike. It covers trail location and how to get to the trailhead, distances between each stopping point, elevation changes, time need to complete each section of the trail, as well as a map of the trail. Bright Angel Trail is your best choice if you have never hiked in the Grand Canyon before.

It is very well maintained. There is regular drinking water and covered rest-houses along the way. Above all, be prepared to be absolutely stunned by the sweeping views as you hike below the rim along Bright Angel Trail. Some hikers continue on to Indian Garden or Plateau Point. It all depends how much time you have and how physically fit you are. Keep in mind, Bright Angel Trail is 6. If you need more details about the Bright Angel Trail, then check out my post. It has a map of the trail, plus a ton of information.

I am an amateur photographer, however I do a lot of research before I head to any new destination. The Grand Canyon photography can be tricky. Maybe I did not get very many perfect shots, however, because I was equipped with some basic Grand Canyon photography tips, I managed to get some pretty good photos. You can do the same! Make sure to read my post about photography in the Grand Canyon. You will see people start arriving at the park around 10 am. I recommend that you get there way before 10 am.

First, you will be able to find some solitude on the trails and at viewpoints. Second, it gets very congested during the high season. Getting there early ensures that you have the roads to yourself. Next, there is limited parking, so needless to say, if you are at the park early you do not have to waste precious time waiting for a vacant parking spot.

No matter when you are visiting the Grand Canyon National Park, pack warm clothes and dress in layers. Even in the summer the evenings can be very chilly. Even mild exertion may leave you feeling completely out of breath, light-headed and nauseated. So, take plenty of breaks, and drink lots of water. Above all, do not feed wildlife. First, they get used to being fed and consequently, visit the campsites and parking lots looking for food.

In addition, human food is not the best option for their diets. Lastly, they bite. Keep your food and your fingers to yourself. I am Anna, a something Baby Boomer.

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I caught the travel bug many years ago and have been traveling ever since. My goal is to help you plan the best adventures ever, maximize your time wherever you go and make sure that you are equipped with step-by-step guides to have an awesome experience.

Rim To Rim Hike In A Day: Grand Canyon - Complete Route Overview - July 28, 2015

This post may have affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. Decisions, decisions. Lower vs Upper Table of Contents. It a dmits one single, private, non-commercial vehicle and all its passengers. It admits one single, private, non-commercial motorcycle and its passenger s. It admits one individual when entering by foot, bicycle, park shuttle bus, Grand Canyon Railway and private rafting trip. Individuals 15 years old and younger are admitted free of charge.

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Annual Pass — America the Beautiful Parks and Federal Recreational Lands If you are visiting several national parks during your vacation, you should consider purchasing an annual pass. American Indians have been living in and around the canyon for thousands of years. Around 5 million visitors come to the Grand Canyon South Rim each year. In addition, look down the gorge and onto the serpentine Colorado River. Maricopa Point Maricopa Point sits on a narrow promontory extending northeast and then dropping vertically.

How to See the Grand Canyon without Dying

Following is the view from Maricopa Point looking towards the west side of the Grand Canyon South Rim: Furthermore, following is the view from Maricopa Point looking towards the east side. The trail leading to the Abyss viewpoint travels along at one most scenic segments along the rim. In addition, it traverses very close to the edge of the canyon and you will be able to catch some great views all the way down to the canyon.

The Abyss lookout point is one of the most dramatic viewpoints in Grand Canyon.

The Essential Guide to the Grand Canyon South Rim

Notably, it is located on the very edge of the rim and gives you an almost vertical look down into the canyon below. In the distance you can see the Colorado River set against the backdrop of the layered rocks. At Pima Point you will get one of the best views of the Grand Canyon South Rim and probably the most spectacular one of the Colorado River and rapids below.

In addition, the views to the east are stunning.