Samantha Dreaming (Italian Edition)

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How to Make a French Family (a memoir of love, food, and faux pas)

And for this reason, I was truly delighted and — I must admit — quite excited, by July 2, June 17, Temperatures are on the rise…and so is the urge to grab the flip-flops and head for the nearest beach. Summer practically insists we enjoy at least Los Angeles.

Italian Pride (samantha)

On June 3rd the Italian community of LA celebrated the historic day, back in , when a pivotal referendum decided the fate of Italy about San Francisco. For the 73rd time in their history, Italy and Italians celebrated the Festa della Repubblica , with events across the globe aiming to underline the Cinque Terre: Monesteroli.

Mission Futura and Samantha Cristoforetti into Space

Pistoia: Castruccio bridge and the tactile museum. Padua on segway: Galileo's Podium. June 29, Adelinda Allegretti. L'Accademia di Belle Arti di Sadun Tessuti ebraici in mostra agli Uffizi. June 28, Fabrizio del Bimbo. Red Carpet.

One Summer in Rome

Wertmuller sulla Walk of Fame. Franco Zeffirelli, genio ed eccellenza. Evelina Frisa. Grand Tour. Nel Fermano tra i borghi pittoreschi.

Built for comfort... and good looks

Fabrizio Del Bimbo. Sulle spiagge sabbiose di Gallipoli. Laura Rossi. As a Masters student — before going to Italy — Kasloff had been involved in research at the Virology Lab.

About Samantha

She had an opening in her lab and had recently received a large grant. Nipah has been found in Malaysia and Singapore among pig farmers and results in encephalitis and respiratory problems.

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As well, she takes on assignments for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization FAO visiting research labs in underdeveloped countries — most recently in Ghana last spring — observing how the labs function and recommending small changes that could improve safety and efficiency.

A big open house is being planned, she reports. People will have an opportunity to see the kind of work we do here. Name required. E-mail required, but will not display. Title required.