Where Have You Been, My Lambkin?

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The ballad may be based on an actual event that occurred at Balwearie Castle in Fife, which was built in the 15 th century, although the story is also associated with other places in Perthshire, the Scottish Borders and in Northumberland. Over the years much has been written about this ballad. George's fragment probably comes originally from the broadside text printed in London by John Pitts c. Their original album's liner notes commented:. A Scottish story and graphically hideous song that dates back to the latter half of the eighteenth century but I believe has a much longer and richer history.

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  • 20 Old English Alternatives To The Word 'Bae,' Because Your Lambkin Deserves A Classy Nickname.
  • 20 Old English Alternatives To The Word 'Bae,' Because Your Lambkin Deserves A Classy Nickname!
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Looking at the various versions compiled by Child, the protagonist of the murders is often depicted as a mason who has not been paid for building the Lord's castle and so plans to take his revenge. Certainly worked for us when my mum used to sing a version to my sister and me! Shirley Collins sang Cruel Lincoln on her album Lodestar. She noted:. And old and rarely found ballad, this tale of revenge and bloodshed was noted down from Ben Butcher, a gamekeeper in Hampshire, in July by Bob Copper, while collecting folk songs for the BBC. It's an old story—a mason hasn't been paid for the work he's done and he's out for revenge.

This has been lost in Ben's version, but another one opens with the words:. O Lamkin was a good mason as ever laid a stone. He built the finest castle, and payment he got none. On the day we recorded Cruel Lincoln in my cottage, the air was filled with bird song from the bank at the back of my garden. We decided to leave it in; such a normal and beautiful backdrop for the horror of the story.

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The first song I ever learned. Some of my earliest musical memories are of singing Long Lankin as a child and enjoying the shocked reaction of unsuspecting listeners at the gory plot.

Lambkin - definition of lambkin by The Free Dictionary

It comes from a Martin Carthy record that was played often by my parents at home. As soon as the lord had got out of sight Cruel Lincoln crept in at the middle of the night. The lady came down, not thinking any harm. Cruel Lincoln stood a-waiting for to catch her in his arms. You shall have my daughter Betsy, who is thy blood's flower. She will do very well To hold up this silver basin for to catch her mother's blood. There was blood in the kitchen, there was blood in the hall; There was blood in the parlour where the lady did fall.

Cruel Lincoln shall be burned in the fire close by. Oh, the doors were all bolted, oh, the windows were pinned, But at a small peep in the window Long Lankin crept in. And that'll make mylady to come down to him. So they pinched him and they pricked him all over with a pin.

And the false nurse held the basin for the blood to drip in. Come down, my pretty lady, and rock him in your lap. Come down, my pretty lady, and rock him yourself.

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Come down, my pretty lady, all by the light of one. Oh, the lady came downstairs, she was thinking no harm. Long Lankin he stood ready for to catch her in his arm. There's blood in the kitchen, there's blood in the hall, There's blood in the parlour where mylady did fall. Her handmaid stood out at the window so high And she saw her lord and master come a-riding close by.

It was the false nurse and Lankin that killed your baby. Long Lankin shall be hanged on the gallows so high.

13. "Where Have You Been, My Lambkin?" (Folk Song). Andante

And the false nurse shall be burned in the fire close by. Beware the moss, beware the moor, beware of Long Lankin. Her time is spent designing and testing new psychological treatments for mental health and substance use problems, which involves thinking about how to make these programs and treatments helpful and useful for people outside of my research trials. Frances works with Everymind as a research consultant, to develop and test ways of putting what we learn in research studies into practice across the Australian and international community.

What led you to enter research? I really like solving problems and coming up with new ways to solve problems and this is what I get to do every day in research.

New questions, new understandings, talking with people from all walks of life to understand and work with them to solve problems. Can you provide a brief overview of your research? My passion is to ensure that every Australian can access support for mental health and alcohol and other drug use problems whenever and wherever they need it.

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At the moment, I am focussing on using technology to help me realise this by building and testing apps, websites, and other technologies to help take programs and treatment to where people are — rather than waiting for them to come to our treatment centres. In your opinion, why is it important to communicate safely about AOD? The evidence tells us that what we see and what we read influences our attitudes and behaviours.

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  • No. 13. Hol jartal, baranykam? - nepdal (Where have you been, my lambkin? - folksong): Andante.
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This is especially true for alcohol and other drug use. Another example is when we see people portrayed as dangerous, violent criminals when they are using drugs. Again, whilst this does happen, it is at the very end of the severity spectrum of use, and is displayed by only a small proportion of people who use drugs. This can have a couple of effects:.

This is a really important step. The reason I do research is to try to make things better for people living with and supporting others with mental health and alcohol and other drug use problems. It can take many forms from partnerships with mental health and alcohol and other drug services, partnerships with people experiencing the conditions we are studying and their family members and friends , partnerships with government and non-government stakeholders, to try to understand what barriers and enablers there are to making our research learnings available to everyone over the longer term.

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