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It continues with sections on finding and watching raptors, raptor identification, hunting styles, food, breeding and behavior, and conservation.

Australian High Country Raptors : Jerry Olsen :

Appendices provide species accounts for diurnal breeding species in the high country, with basic information about their ecology, distribution and conservation, as well as detailed instructions about handling an injured or orphaned raptor. Illustrated throughout with photographs and drawings, Australian High Country Raptors offers readers a chance to look into the lives of Australia's fascinating birds of prey.

Its large yellow eyes are exaggerated by dark eye patches. The Rufous Owl mostly inhabits rain forest zones and is often found roosting in shaded, overgrown vegetation. It is confined to the Northern part of the country with its three sub-species inhabiting Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

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Its diet consists of medium sized mammals and birds. After emerging from their hollow, the offspring of Rufous and Powerful Owls are still covered in white downy feather. Powerful by name, Powerful by nature. The Powerful Owl is the largest owl species in Australia with males reaching weights of up to 2. They are extremely territorial birds with reports of males attacking passers-by if they get too close to nest sites.

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The owl is often seen roosting during the day with remnants of prey caught the previous night. Possums are a favourite meal. The Southern Boobook is the smallest and most widespread owl, with 4 sub-species covering mainland Australia.

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They have one of the smallest territories of all Australian owls and can often see or hear multiple individuals when searching for them. The owl roosts in dense foliage or safely inside a tree hollow.

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Their diet consists of large insects, small mammals and birds. The smallest species Southern Boobook has slight variations in plumage across its sub-species. Found only on the island which is famous for its red crabs that number in the millions, the Christmas Island Boobook is unique to this area. The colour of this Boobook appears to be a rich reddy brown.

They occupy the rain forest and coastal fringes of the island and rely on a diet of large insects, reptiles and amphibians. The owl is not often seen or photographed due to locality.

The piercing yellow eyes of the Christmas Island Boobook. Image Credit: Kevin Bartram. Morepork eyes are a much brighter yellow than Southern Boobooks with a much more spotted appearance.

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On 9 March at 2. Spring Creek Gully is a shallow, rocky creek, lined with medium-sized Kanooka trees. The Spring Creek Track splits about half a kilometre from its start at the carpark — the Tea Tree Track goes uphill, and the Kanooka track heads down into the gully. Kanooka track walks along and beside the creek for about one kilometre, enabling good views under the canopy. Due to the thick tangle of branches, the birds are easy to miss — on several occasions the observers have only seen the bird when looking back over their shoulder.

Over we have run 10 trips into Spring Creek in Buchan, and the owls have been seen on five visits, which is quite a high success rate for this species. At This raises the question — was he caught close to dawn? Or do the owls wait some time before feeding on their prey? In late September a large fire burnt hectares north-west of the Buchan Caves Reserve.

With the lack of forest to their south-east, there is a good chance that some of their foraging area was affected by this fire. It could be critical for these birds that the remaining forest is protected from fire for some years.

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Protect nest and roost trees wherever possible from fire. Our early October trip was prevented from accessing the site which was still closed due to the fire.

Then again, on 30 October at The group watched her for a while, and after a few minutes she flew off, low, straight over their heads and perched again on a higher branch about 20metres away. Brett feels there was no attempt by her to terrorise them, she simply chose the straightest route to a higher branch, which happened to be over their heads. All this time two Swamp Wallabies were fighting nearby, completely focussed on each other. admin