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Jon manages to kill the White Walker with Longclaw, causing most of the Wights associated with it to disintegrate, while the rest of the group manages to capture the only unaffected wight. The creature unexpectedly screeches for help; Sandor slaps his gloved hand over its mouth, but it wrenches its face away when its mouth skin tears off into the glove, to Sandor and Jorah's disgust.

As Jorah pulls out a bag from his jacket and secures it over its head, Sandor and Tormund bind the creature with a coil of rope. In the middle of this, they realize their captive's howls have drawn the attention of a massive host of wights now heading their way, hastening their work. As the noise of the horde approaches, Jon sends Gendry, over his protest, back to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea to bring news to Daenerys as he's the fastest.

The wights pursue the group over a lake of weak ice, as they flee toward a large stone island jutting out in the middle. This causes a chain reaction of breaking ice all around the rock until the horde slows to a stop to avoid the water. Throughout the night, Jon and his comrades wait in the middle of the ice while encircled by the army of the undead.

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Meanwhile, Gendry reaches Eastwatch's outer gates but collapses from exhaustion. Davos Seaworth and several guards attend to him. When Davos asks what happened, Gendry tells him to prepare a raven; Davos orders to bring the Maester. In the morning, Jon and his company awake to find that Thoros has died from his wounds. Beric and Sandor pay their last respects, with the former praying for the Lord of Light to guard them as the latter assures him freezing to death is said to be one of the better ways to die.

At Jon's insistence, they burn the body with Beric's flaming sword so Thoros can't be reanimated. The wights watch while their captive Wight struggles under its hood and restraints. Jorah proposes killing the wight but Jon counters that they need to keep it as evidence.

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Beric suggests that Jon kill the Night King , who has just arrived on horseback; given that they've seen killing a Walker destroyed the wights it controlled, killing the Night King might destroy them all. He then adds that the Lord of Light has not resurrected Jon for no reason, but Sandor reminds him that they have just lost their priest, and Beric is now down to his last life. After receiving Gendry's message from Eastwatch, Tyrion implores Queen Daenerys, who has donned a cold-weather version of her Targaryen garb, not to leave for the North because it is too risky, insisting that Jon and his companions knew the risks of their mission and that if Daenerys dies beyond the Wall, everything they've done will be for nothing.

Daenerys counters that he told her to do nothing before and she lost. Dissatisfied with his advice, Dany leaves with all three dragons to the lands beyond the Wall to aid Jon Snow and his ranging party. Bored, Sandor hurls two rocks at one of the undead minions, knocking its jaw off. The second however, skids across the ice, and both the party and the undead quickly realize the ice, which has hardened overnight, is strong enough to support their weight, and in ever-increasing numbers, the horde attacks the group's position. Sandor holds them back with Gendry's hammer while Jon and the other members of the ranging party join in, wielding weapons of fire, dragonglass or Valyrian steel.

Beric manages to set several of the wights alight with his flaming sword. The ranging party hack and slash at the wights with their blades but are unable to stem the tide. With the group overwhelmed, Jon orders them to fall back to the highest part of the island. Tormund is overwhelmed by several wights and is nearly dragged under the ice, but is saved by Sandor, who drags him back onto the island. The group continues fighting against the wights.

One of the Wildlings falls off a ledge and is ripped apart by the creatures, who begin to scramble up the ledge towards the living. When all seems lost, Queen Daenerys arrives with her dragons, who attack the wights with dragonfire. Hundreds of wights are burned to ashes while others collapse under the ice, which is melted by dragonfire. Jon and his party rush to Daenerys and her dragon Drogon , dragging their captive wight with them, while Viserion and Rhaegal provide covering fire from above.

Meanwhile, the Night King obtains an icy javelin from one of his lieutenants and hurls it at Viserion, scoring a direct hit. Viserion is struck in the neck and plunges helplessly into freefall, shrieking in agony as blood and fire pour from the fatal wound. Drogon and Rhaegal cry out for their brother, but are powerless to help him as Daenerys watches in horror and sorrow.

Viserion crashes onto the frozen lake, shattering the ice, and slowly sinks beneath it. As the Night King readies another spear, Jon hollers at Daenerys and company to leave with her remaining dragons before being dragged under the ice by two wights. Daenerys and the survivors of Jon's ranging expedition flee with Drogon and Rhaegal before the Night King can kill them.

He hurls the second javelin, but Drogon narrowly dodges it. With the dragons gone, the Night King and his army leave the scene.

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Later, Jon Snow climbs out of the ice and regains Longclaw. Jon is quickly spotted and pursued by a large horde. Before the wights can finish the King in the North , his long-lost uncle Benjen Stark appears on horseback with his flaming flail.

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Benjen tells Jon to flee on his horse while he stays behind to buy time for Jon to escape. While riding away on horseback, Jon watches his uncle being overwhelmed by the undead. At Eastwatch, Sandor carries the struggling Wight into a boat. Tormund and Beric tell him they will meet again but Sandor retorts he hopes not. Daenerys sends Drogon and Rhaegal to scour the surrounding mountains for Jon.

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Jorah tells Daenerys that it is time to leave but she insists on waiting a bit longer. Before she can leave, they hear a horn blowing signaling a rider approaching. Looking down from the battlements, Dany sees a wounded Jon Snow approaching on horseback. Aboard their ship, Davos and Gendry remove the frozen-stiff garments and tend to Jon Snow, who has suffered severe hypothermia and several minor injuries. Daenerys also notes the massive scars on his chest from his previous fatal wounds.

Jon apologizes for the disastrous ranging party and the fact it caused Viserion's death, but Daenerys tells him not to apologize because she now knows that the army of the dead is real. Overcome with emotion, she tells Jon that the dragons are the only children she will ever have, and vows that she and Jon will together destroy the Night King. Jon thanks her for her support, addressing her as "Dany", and Daenerys realizes that the last person to address her by that name was her older brother Viserys Targaryen , who Daenerys remembers as not being a good person.

Jon apologizes and asks if "My Queen" would be more appropriate; realizing he is agreeing to bend the knee, Daenerys asks Jon what the Northern lords loyal to him will make of this. The people inhabiting the land refer to themselves as the " free folk ", but are known by the people of the Seven Kingdoms as "wildlings".

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The lands beyond the Wall are bitterly cold year round, but many free folk reside from the furthest reaches of the haunted forest to the hidden valleys of the Frostfangs , including the valley of Thenn. The Thenns are surrounded by cave dwellers , Hornfoots , giants , and the ice-river clans.

Other tribes include Nightrunners and men of the Frozen Shore. Some free folk are little more than savage and primitive raiders, but other groups live in small, settled communities and villages. Due to the impracticality of agriculture in the far north, many of them are hunters. Maesters believe that giants are extinct, but some still live beyond the Wall. Hardhome was mysteriously destroyed six hundred years ago. Ser Waymar Royce leads a ranging party in the haunted forest , but he is slain by Others and rises as a wight.

Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow view the northern lands from atop the Wall. Jon participates in the great ranging to investigate the conflict beyond the Wall. The Night's Watch discover that Whitetree has been abandoned. Wights overwhelm the Night's Watch in the fight at the Fist. Jon calls her by a pet name, Dany. Dany has gotten a lot of mileage out of the queen-as-mother bit, so who knows, maybe this will prove an easier political message to swallow than I think. After Arya confronts her sister with the letter, Sansa takes her concerns about having it exposed to the Northern lords to Littlefinger, who notes that Brienne has sworn to serve both Stark sisters.

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What are we supposed to take from this, other than a suggestion that Sansa is trying to strike Arya before Arya strikes her? Arya even threateningly tells her, as she walks toward her sister with the catspaw dagger, that she could even become Sansa, if she had her face. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out.