Ein Weißer Ziegenbock und das Paradies (German Edition)

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With it at most compatibly is Zupitzas KZ. Wetter , wherefore Pedersen KG. I , cymr. However, the arrangement is quite unsafe in all its parts. After Specht Dekl. It goes back to the image of the weaving or spining and that of her assigned fate goddess:. PN Audarus , Audata : germ. Walde LEWb. Differently Wackernagel KZ.

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Eucant , acymr. Euilaun under likewise, also in ahd. Falk-Torp adds also an: ahd. Rather uncertainly. If also altlit. Here probably hett. The original root was hett. Much Germ.

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Hermann GGN. Da arm. Abella osk. The apple is not named possibly only after the town. In the Kelt. Avallon , abrit. Further an. Affoltern PN , mhd. The Baltic shows clear tracks in Idg. Although a uniform basic form is not attachable, it becomes both lat. With respect to lat. Commentary: Above analysis most likely, but textual tradition is corrupt. Luvian nt. Starke, KZ I , Feist f. Maybe a zero grade in alb. Different Risch Different Pedersen Toch. Finally alb. Here possibly anord. Fick4 III 2 and nd.

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Material: from ags. Maybe but here gr. Boisacq 44, also against the assumption of anl. In addition lett. I 33, 38, EM. To the stem formation s. Van Windekens Lexique 80 places here toch. Ufer ; but arm. Uppia -Bach Tirol , frz. Sinope Manche , brit. Kakupis , compare the thrak. FlN, gall. Johansson IF. I 40, , Krahe Gl. Perhaps here mir. About gr. Because r in hett. Maybe zero grade lat.

This assumption is proved by alb. About the difficult relation from germ. Feist 72b; again different Specht Dekl.

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Also the conclusiveness arm. This phonetic mutation in alb. Planta I , lat. Possibly affiliation from ir. Fick II 4 9. Attila , ahd. Ezzilo , afries. Adel , as. The affiliation from gr. One on the most different linguistic areas to itself always newly pedagogic babble-word e. Similarly tata. Note: also bal-bal-, bar-bar- with multiple dissimilations, onomatopoeic words.

Note: only lat. Material: the relation from gr. Pisani REtIE. Against it air. Verschobenes ba x mb- or unverschobenes pa x mp- in schwed. With Tenuis: lat. Besides with auslaut germ. Note: Considering phryg. FIG Bindus prove that illyr. II , Petersson Heterokl.

Unchanged or neologism schwed. Also besides under baba- combined babble and child words, like engl. If the connection applies, was idg. Maybe here schwed. Material: Perhaps arm. Wackernagel under Debrunner KZ. Uncertain ndl. Maybe in i- grade alb. Material: Mir. References: Johansson KZ. Uhuruf, dumpfer Schlag among others. Material: Npers. Perhaps mir. I ; nasalized poln.

I under faux , engl. Note: Explosive sound of the inflated cheek, like pu-, phu see d. Dental extensions: gr. With germ. Hagebutte ;.

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Labial extension: ags. Pocke , dial. Here presumably germ. Bauch , in addition lett. Pfausback , with ndd. Mit germ. Busen , mhd. Similarly air. Note: compare to Sachlichen Hoops Waldb. Also aisl. Common lat. That means gr. Backe ;. Material: Kret. Maybe rum. Barsch , ahd. Whereas is lit. Different Specht Dekl. Material: Aisl. Material: Maked.

Unclear is mir aisl. Perhaps after E. Leumann KZ. Duchesne-Guillemin BSL. Doubtful is, whether mir. Buoso , aisl. Different Specht KZ. Is germ. Bann , Bannwald , ags. Verb ds. But ags. Perhaps here gr. I , Zus. Different Petersson Heterokl. Probably in addition kelto-germ. Badu- , ahd. I , , Feist 89 b; different Kluge 12 With -u- grade: also alb.

The following forms are to be kept away because of the auslauts and because of meaning and to indicate probably as onomatopoeic words:. Bengel , engl. Fiisiais , umbr. Fise, Fiso, Fisovio- s. Boot and perhaps aisl. TN Boii. VN Boii ; messap. Bille f. Bild ; ahd. Material: Apers. Material: The short form still in aisl. Bein ;. Old Church Slavic bez etc dial. Here also lit. On account of here air. Here apparently with expressive Gemination , however, lat.

Material: From Germ. Bolz , Bolzen , ags. Balz , Vb. Falk-Torp under blingse ; ahd. From this nasal form also pr. References: WP II f. Clearly alb. Hence alb. Whether with Asp. Here probably as ven. Old Prussian balgnan n. Further baltoslav. Note: dor. Jh , compare Bonfante BSL. Bienne , schweiz. Biel ; afrz. Whereas are germ. Schulze Berl. Material: Gall. II , WH. Boisacq 9. Bulle ;. Probably phryg. Bohle ; aisl. Ball, Ballen , ahd. GN Baldr. Blust , ags. Probably from av. TN Besoi [common alb.

Because the institution of besa is the most important pagan medium that surpasses monotheistic religions in alb. Only alb. The institution of besa marks the ancient code of blood revenge and the victory of patriarchy or the blood line of the father. Band ; got. I , compare Brugmann IF. Here also got. Bachbunge ; in addition with intens.

Pritsche ;. Bord from Ndd. Borte ;. From germ. Pedersen f. Note: compare bher- ds. Material: Ags. Besides similar bhereq-: lett. Similar ones, but indeed new onomatopoeic words are lat. Material: Old Indian Kaus. Brigit , germ. Burgund , av. Berg- in PN the Mediterranean countries: thrak. Berginium Bruttium: Bergae , lig. Bergomum , kelto-lig. Bergusia , hisp. Bergantia etc about p- in kleinas. Berg , acorn. I , gall. PN Bergusia , zero grade mir.

Litano-briga among others PN; gall. Purgunt , cymr. Brigit in Burgund , oldest name of Bornholm Danish island eig. Adontz REtIE 1, , whereof would have also derived arm. I , f. Perhaps lat. Brombeere , ags. Breme and from dem Ndd. Bremse ;. Not only alb. TN to Italy. Slavic languages borrowed their cognates from illyr. With similar meaning russ. Kluge 11 With lengthened grade the 1. Bert- , -bert , -brecht , ags. Berth-walart , ir. Flaith-bertach ; lit. PN Bersovia ; lat. Anzeiger 39, 12 f. Here probably a kind of fish ahd.

Cognates deriving from those two roots mark of wave of IE people who introduced burial mounds in Europe. Perhaps here gallo-rom. Grammatical information: The root bher- , forms the exceptional both themat. Note: Beside bher- , with them. Boisacq s. Not only illyr. Lewis-Pedersen , corn. Here with specialization on delivering the seminal grain: transitive lit. Specht will restore here also Dekl. Hermann Stud. From gr. From Lat. FlN Comberanea ; mir.

Woevre, Voivre etc; with m- forms kelto-lig. Brodem , ags. Wildpret , anord. Material: Old Indian gramm. Perhaps here IJ. Barg , Barch Borg , Borch ;. Here with balt. Here at least partly with fractured reduplication also the bsl. I ; probably i has changed for e , as also kelt.

PN and FlN Bibracte , abrit. VN Bibroci , mir. Beuvronne , Brevenne etc; ahd. FlN Bever , old Biverna ;. Leuciscus rutilus ', Old Prussian brun-se ds. FlN Biebrza , russ. It is extraordinary that in the onomatopoeic words of gr. Material: Hom. II , Boisacq 48, , Kluge 11 s. Sand , Schwyzer Gr. Hirt Idg. Material: Themat. II 96 : got. Meillet Slave commun 2 Berneker f. Note: after Kretschmer Gl. PN Buctor , ven. Fuctor : av. Here illyr. Buctor : ven. The tendency in illyr. The doubleness germ.

Probably identical with it. I considers borrowing from Ir. Bogen ahd. Intensive with intensification germ. Old Church Slavic byti , lit. I, , probably neologisms to Aor. The common alb. Vetter Gl. Bau ;. Vogel- Bauer , whereof ahd. Nachbar , engl. Perhaps got. Perhaps here Pedersen Toch. Old Church Slavic Kondit. Specht will place KZ. Maybe emphasizing particle alb. Kluge 11 ;. The cognates aisl. Blumental IF. Material: gr. There from lat.

Bili- in PN Bili-catus , Bilicius etc, ahd. Unbilde , to adjective mhd. About nhd. Loewe KZ. Material: Air. Material: Norw. That gr. Blicke norw. In addition russ. II , , Trautmann 34 f. Material: Mhd. The westslav. Material: Schwed. With a s - extension nd. With dental formant: mhd. Pluderhosen ; perhaps skr. Blech , mnd. Blick , ahd. II 21 If. Material: Germ. On account of germ. Here after Specht Dekl.

Material: Russ. Flaviies G. Perhaps lit. Material: Ir. Material: it is associated perhaps air.

Augusta Laar

Miszellen 34 connection of buls with combinable arm. Sogdian: Buddh. As gr. Material: Mnl. Bracke , mnd. It remains remote gall. Short forms in addition ahd. MN Buobo , mhd. MN Buole , mhd. Material: Thrak. VN Brodionti ; compare gall. FlN Bredanna , frz. Brocken ;. Pracht ; ags. Bruch ds. I f, f. An analoge g- extension from of a i -basis bhrei- could at most exist in norw. Material: Cymr. Kuiper Nasalpras. Dialect; alb. Baltic lang. Mayer KZ 66, 79 ff. With formants t : lat. With formants d: ags. Gebresten ; ahd. Note: only balto-slav. For -k- compare above S. Material: Lit.

Perhaps here skr. Perhaps here the illyr. But only alb. VN Breuci : illyr. Both alb. Finally gall. Brust ; as. Note: esp. Because of the germ. Wartburg , air. Hereupon probably also cymr. Here presumably mndl. Bahn brechen , frz. Akk Pl. Note: partly with initial vowel, idg. Boisacq Anm. According to gr. From there derived maked. Thurneysen Grammar , air. An e- Abl. Unclear is the guttural in the germ. From proto iran. I 71, Boden , as. Material: Zigeun. Also npers. Similar to lit. Pedersen 92, Specht Dekl. Similar to onomatopoeic words are ndd. Note: imitation of the sheep sound with different guttural extensions; in the Germ.

Common alb. Note: With k- and s -suffixes and taboo transposition and anlaut alteration. Common arm. PN Blus-kaym , russ. Material: Perhaps combined so gr. Maybe Illyr. TN Breuci : so gr. The same phonetic construction for poln. The Baltic cognate lit. Old Indian and alb. Berneker IF. FlN Don , Greek skyth. Danuna ; with formants -mo- arm.

Here also kelt. Benveniste places to arm. I , M. Pedersen 76 ff. Maybe nasalized form in alb. Here belongs probably also got. PN Dae-tor. An additional form idg. Isidor , as. GN Tanfana Tacit. From Germ. Likewise are to be kept away ahd. Zapfen , ags. Zumpt , whereat under dumb -. I and not idg. Besides with u -Vok. Zotte, Zote ; mhd. Besides with i -vocalism idg. Finally with u -vocalism: norw. Zecke m. Zeche , engl. Note: from which lat. Forrer by Feist Besides idg. I 6 ; common gr. Here probably also lit.

With formants -tlo- presumably here being found only in the compound germ. Zeidel- , nd. Against Pedersens raising from hett. I 4 ; the Gen. Jupater Vok. Iuvepatre , illyr. Iouis altlat. Maybe [from illyr. Underworld God';. The attribute nouns that derived from adjectives in illyr. Kretschmer leads back to gr. Berneker ;. About hitt. Pedersen Hitt. Whether here also av. See also tiwari ya -. Commentary: As per Popko, KZ Commentary: On the last example see Melchert, Gs Carter.

The assignment of the tiwata forms here is tentative. The sky god originated in Anatolia where he had three eyes which signified the sun, the moon and Jupiter. Ancient people didn't make a clear distinction between the brightest planets and the sun. Actually the moon was a sun goddess. Her gender was determined by moon cycles identical with women's menstrual cycles. The oldest cognates for the sky god are found in Anatolian languages and Albanian. Those tongues make no distinction between Jupiter and the sun. Ancient Indo Europeans believed that there were several suns not just one.

As the brightest celestial body at night sky, Jupiter was identified as the aspect of the sun at night - or just another sun. Because of their extreme luster Jupiter and often Mars were all considered minor sun gods. This is the reason why the brightest planet became known in illyr. I ; hom. About lit. Quite doubtful cymr.

Not here gr. Echdach, Luguid , Gen. Luigdech urir. Perhaps here germ. Zeche , mhd. Berneker The etymology of G. Meyer seems erroneous because of the common alb. The -ter,-tra suffix has been attested in av. Hence before -tra, -ter suffix the -k- becomes usually -ks- in all the above mentioned languages. I , , , , Wistrand Instrumentalis 14 ff. Zacke , mengl. They both reflect the common illyr. Dekis , Gen.

Dekkieis , osk. Baudouin de Courtenay borrows from Idg. I , , got. Older explanations by WH. I , lat. I ; got. Anatolian languages show a pattern similar to alb. Therefore alb. The attribute ta used in the genitive and adjectives is unique to alb. It was initially an ordinal number used as an attribute [compare lat.

Hence laryngeals were created after the loss of initlal d- in IE. Meillet Slave commun.

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In addition a r - derivative in lat. Zelter , anord. Proto slav. I ff. Talg from Ndd. References: Petersson Heterokl. Note: to put away more confidently only for Slav. Material: Perhaps here anord. I , different Specht Dekl. I 52, ;. In the group b would display an already common westidg. Material: Epidaur. GN Damona f. II 2 1, presumes an adv. It is a common trait of alb. This is a common balt. Hence lit. This makes proto illyr. Material: densos n.

By Archilochos frg. Debrunner Mel. Boisacq 1, ff. Jan Czech Republic. Rachel Austria. Verena Austria. Viktoria Austria. Veronika Austria. Christian Austria. Einkehrhof Poggau is a self-catering accommodations located in Reinsberg and offers apartments with solid wooden furnishings and free WiFi access The apartments come with an eat-in kitchen, satellite TV, and a bathroom with shower and toilet. Show me more.

What would you like to know? Enter your feedback I already have a booking with this property Submit. Thank you for your time Your feedback will help us improve this feature for all of our customers Close. Missing some information? Reliable Info. Guests say the description and photos for this property are very accurate. Lock in a great price for your upcoming stay Get instant confirmation with FREE cancellation on most rooms! Availability We Price Match. When would you like to stay at Einkehrhof Poggau? Reservations longer than 30 nights are not possible. Enter your dates to check availability.

Your departure date is invalid. Check-in Date. Check-out Date. Parking: Free! Select everything you want to know more about. What do you want to know about the options you selected? Enter your feedback. Thanks for your time! Your feedback will help us improve so you can book more easily next time. Thanks for your response. Free parking Equipped with solid wooden furnishings, the apartment offers 2 bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen and a bathroom with shower and toilet. Need more details before you book your stay? Contact the host.

See availability Area Info — Excellent location — show map Guests loved walking around the neighborhood! Josefsberg — Mitterbach am Erlaufsee. Gemeindealpe — Mitterbach am Erlaufsee. Kartause Gaming Restaurant. Billa Gresten Supermarket. H Ski lift. Hochkar Mountain. Hochkar Bergbahnen Ski lift. Erlauf See Lake. Seibahn Mariazeller Burgeralpe. Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand Museum.

Are you missing any information about this area? Pets Pets are allowed on request. Charges may apply. Activities Badminton equipment Ping-pong. Internet Free! Parking Free! Electric vehicle charging station. Common Areas Game room.

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Miscellaneous Smoke-free property Heating Family rooms Non-smoking rooms. What topic s do you want to know more about? Hairdryer Bathroom features shower, bathtub, etc. Policies Pet policies Cancellation policies Couples policies are unmarried individuals allowed? Other Enter your feedback. Thanks for your help! Your opinion helps us figure out what kinds of info we should ask properties for.

Back to property. Missing some info? See availability House Rules Einkehrhof Poggau takes special requests — add in the next step! Can use a crib when requested. No extra beds are available. Smoking Smoking is not allowed. See availability The Fine Print. Please inform Einkehrhof Poggau of your expected arrival time in advance. You can use the Special Requests box when booking, or contact the property directly using the contact details in your confirmation.

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This property does not accommodate bachelor ette or similar parties. Facilities 9. Cleanliness 9. Value for money 9. Location 9. High score for Reinsberg. What information would be helpful? Enter your feedback Submit. Missing something? Show reviews from: All reviewers Families 26 Couples 2 Business travelers 1. Sort reviews by: Recommended Date newer to older Date older to newer Score higher to lower Score lower to higher. Open your list Keep your lists forever. If you sign in or create an account , you'll unlock unlimited access to your lists from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

They won't go away unless you say so. We'll refund the difference! Error: Enter a destination to start searching. No children 1 child 2 children 3 children 4 children 5 children 6 children 7 children 8 children 9 children 10 children. I'm traveling for work. Like this one but not totally sure yet? Show similar properties. View all reviews. Stayed in June Stayed in July Stayed in March Stayed in February Everything Stayed in February The Best of Reinsberg Click here to see more properties near popular landmarks in Reinsberg.

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