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The IRGC Framework provides guidance for early identification and handling of risks, involving multiple stakeholders. It recommends an inclusive approach to frame, assess, evaluate, manage and communicate important risk issues, often marked by complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity.

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The Framework is generic and adaptable. It can be tailored to various risks and organisations.

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The Framework comprises four interlinked elements, and three cross-cutting aspects:. Appraisal — Assessing the technical and perceived causes and consequences of the risk.


Your business should have a good framework and organization to stabilize things when times may sometimes get rough for you. It is always important that your business has a good framework so that everything is well structured and defined for all.

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Show More Examples. You Also Might Like Ryan May. Which Leadership Strategies Align with Which Leadership strategies are those actions that promote the creation of a unique and valuable market position through a system of activities that complement one another towards achieving the end goal. Often seen as a collection of informed choices, Tiers do not necessarily represent maturity levels. Organizations should determine the desired Tier, ensuring that the selected level meets organizational goals, reduces cybersecurity risk to levels acceptable to the organization, and is feasible to implement, fiscally and otherwise.

The Core is a set of desired cybersecurity activities and outcomes organized into Categories and aligned to Informative References. The Framework Core is designed to be intuitive and to act as a translation layer to enable communication between multi-disciplinary teams by using simplistic and non-technical language. The Core consists of three parts: Functions, Categories, and Subcategories. These 5 functions are not only applicable to cybersecurity risk management, but also to risk management at large.

The image below depicts the Framework Core's Functions and Categories.

IRGC Risk Governance Framework

The Categories were designed to cover the breadth of cybersecurity objectives for an organization, while not being overly detailed. It covers topics across cyber, physical, and personnel, with a focus on business outcomes.

Subcategories are the deepest level of abstraction in the Core.

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