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Orange gift given. A clear evolution. The calm bits that bookend and provide for a halfway mark really serve well as islands of respite, balancing out the heavy voyage. I also welcome the more straightforward, less droney structure.

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Despite the novations, the overall character of the first release is retained. The production really lends itself to loud playback, so turn it up! Age of Change gift given. Age of Change. Sfaira gift given. Dungeon Vultures EP gift given. Dungeon Vultures EP. Greenferno gift given. Witch's Oath EP gift given. Witch's Oath EP Rad as all fuck! Got that restrained dreary clean vox doom rock vibe that seems to have emerged over the past few years.

Loving it. Dead Roots Stirring gift given. Dead Roots Stirring. Demo gift given. Ghost gift given. WHORE full album gift given. WHORE full album. Three Candles EP gift given. Three Candles EP. Berkana gift given. Feeding Our Demons-Split 7 with Atavismo gift given. Feeding Our Demons-Split 7 with Atavismo. One who knows more about him than he does.

With the old witch's help, Lyric will l For generations, the Ryhans, ruling family of the Province of Greenwald, have been keepers of a sword rumored to possess enough magic to defeat kings. Lord Varthan, a former archduke and betrayer of the king, covets the sword and invades Gre The barrier is down, war is brewing and dragons fill the skies once more. Bakari is the first dragon rider in centuries but he alone cannot subdue the growing tensions among the kingdoms around Alaris.

He begins a quest to find more dragon riders -- the only way to secure peace in the fractured land Each person has a distinct trait that's either held in reserve or pursued without inhibitions. For reasons that vary, the latter may seem an egotistic act. However, not for Jein. Taking a path other than the one she believes is right is like betraying her own soul.

This book features a young girl wh One man holds the secret to reverting this decline: Bjorn van In pre-Celtic Ireland, Fionnuala was a fae princess, born to a life of luxury. She knew her duty and loved her family. She missed her mother, who died in childbirth when Fionnuala was but ten years old.

Still, she had hopes and dreams of love and a full life. All her dreams were stolen from her, rip In a wicked game, the God of Love falls to his own arrow, and a gentle scholar learns how dangerous knowledge can be. Aphrodite has had it. It was bad enough that her son Eros walked a fashion show in drag, but did he really have to show the entire world his wings? Desperate to rein in the impulsive Discover the fate of Ian Troy and the realms of Mirra'kelan in the final installment of C.

Schneider's epic fantasy trilogy, The Crown of Stones. In one fell swoop, the resistance was shattered. Lives were taken. Hope was lost. Peace slipped like grains of sand through his fingers. So did the Cro Evil is spreading across the Western Continent. One by one, kingdom, king, and wizard are falling under its influence. Differing missions and responsibilities have separated them; Bakari flies After breaking the m world record, sixteen-year-old Calli is whisked away to a secret facility where she's placed with other teens who possess superhuman speed.

She soon finds herself in a deadly situation involving other superpowers, a magical diamond, and a centuries-old clan vying for world do Book three in the epic fantasy romance series, The King's Riders! She's on the run, but doesn't know it Raised in the security of the king's castle, Lady Elissa Durroc remembers nothing of the death of her family or how she survived it. As an elemental mage with control over all four elements, he After a year in the wilderness, Chadwick Yates has only returned to civilization for one reason: to uncover what evil lurks in the Coulsby Theater Club.

Back safe in the metropolis of his hom The gripping conclusion of the Heroes of Ravenford series! One thing has become very clear: the darkness continues to grow. The Baron of Ravenford has been assassinated—brutally murdered in the dead of night. Even more gruesome, his heart was stolen. Some decisions require little thought. Archer is the sort of boy things happen to. Orphaned as a baby, his gifts make him different to other kids. He doesn't understand why he's so much stronger and faster Europe is on fire.

Fuelled by religion, politics and power, war rages across the continent, pitting father against son, and brother against brother. In the wake of such conflict come horrific famine and deadly plagues. Fasten your armor. Prepare for war. The Unsheathed Collection brings to life nine powerhouse tales of epic fantasy filled with daring duels, gruesome slaughter, and the ringing cacophony of battle.

After dragons attacked, the city of Athena rose from the ashes of Chicago. With Athena, a new program to protect the city began. Project name: Daughter of Athena. Female dragonslayers that are created, not born. Amara is the top Daughter of her class. When Athena is attacked by a militant group, Ama A pretend prince. Can a genie make all their wishes come true? Once upon a time… When Princess Maram and street rat Aladdin meet in the marketplace, sparks fly, and Aladdin swears to move heaven and earth in order to make the lovely courtesan his wife.

He steals a magic l A female archangel has a forbidden affair with a human. The doctor is amazing at his hospital, but he wonders if the recent death of Everyone's afraid of the dark. Now, there's a reason to be. Lux and his younger brother Lunam enjoy the full freedom of the simple life and all the childhood adventures offered by growing up in a small village in a picturesque glen. Life is tranquil, peaceful, and just about perfect—except for one f In the buried archives of the Temple of Dust may lie the secret to defeating the Curse, a creature which seeks to destroy year old Ria for the forbidden gifts she possesses.

So when an assassin turns up to settle a blood debt, Nick narrowly escapes with his life. All too soon, he finds h Life isn't easy in Ireland. Rebellions are rising across the countryside, and the English can be cruel overlords. Theodosia Latimer and her grandfather Reginald are on a mission to discover the past.

Spirit Guide, Meridian has no idea the storm she is involved with until her father is sent to Etheria's prison. With the Hall of Souls on their heels, Meridian and the spirit guides seek out an ally from the Fairy Queen. The Queen has her own agenda and tricks sending the spirit guides for the fairy Have you ever wondered what happened to the Centaurian race? The tale begins with a blossoming friendship that turns into more than human Lanae Broma could ever imagine. Follow the story as the humans and centaurs battle over the territories and the emerging new life that compels them forward to the Tortured and When she took the newborn prince to his homeland for a ritual, she never dreamed what she would bring back.

The Vhalgenn is a warrior, bedmate, soulmate, companion, and friend. Trusted by the king. Hated by the queen. To save the newborn prince, the Vhalgenn will risk her positi Feral dogs are blamed when a popular teen is killed. Is it just coincidence that he disappeared after infuriating year-old Haley, who is torn between her anger and her desire to belong?

More attacks implicate a creature of Northwoods myth she befriended in its summer form. As the DNR leads a coug Lightbringers is a Grimdark Fantasy set on a dying earth, twenty thousand years from now. The stars are right and the Great Old One asleep at the bottom of the world finally stirs in his terrible slumber. One reluctant hero, a half-breed child of the Elder gods, and his companions set out on a globe Hijacked by witches, kidnapped by a dwarf and enraptured by river sprites -- will Lizzie ever manage to go home? And if she can, will she want to? Lizzie is an exhausted honor student and an enthusiastic amateur folksinger.

She wakes one day in a strange and terrifying new land. The women who reviv Drast is cunning but reckless, hunting for admiration. Tyran is calculating but tactless, searching for affection. When the two brothers set aside th When she wakes up in a strange place three days later, she realizes her life has been turned upside down. The vampire who marked her is Amelia Swenson's plans for the weekend didn't include a sexy djinni or saving the world from demons, but plans change.

Her whole life changes when Amelia discovers the ring to which the handsome djinni is enslaved, and at the same time accidentally unleashes a demon into the world. The djinni, Al-Ma Do you like Epic Fantasy? There was a time when Poker was a kingdom, chosen by the Gods to shelter the four elements. The protection of each Element was assigned to a Guardian from each of the There is something magical about her. He senses a dark secret, but he can't fight his need for her.

She's bewitched him. Football is everything to Chris Hajek, and he's worked too hard to let love get in the way of the dream he's finally living. But when he meets t A secret organization wants to help her. An ancient order wants her dead. And she doesn't even know what she is Kaylee Richards just blasted her first date with lightning. Turns out Kaylee is a dragon-kin, a Fear holds God Town in its icy grip. A child has disappeared Desperate to find little Emily, the town begins an exhaustive search.

By the second day, fear grows that the little girl may be lost forever.

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Only the woods remain to be Find out why Publishers Weekly called this collection "crisp and compelling" while Django Wexler declared "Cat Rambo's writing is everything you could hope for -- lyrical, emotional, funny, by tur Evan has been having some very strange dreams. The Perth-based architect dismissed an unexpected phone call from an entrepreneur in Greece, asking him to restore his family home, as the ravings of a crank.

Until, that is, the dreams begin, each more vivid than the last. A dream encounter with a myst The region of Autumnum is in a dire state: a nationwide civil war, foreign enemy Sky Pirates, and to top it all, a new mass murderer headlined as the Hypnotist. Reclusive hunter, Ashkii Dighin cares little of these affairs.

But when his tribal chief accounts him with hunting the Hypnotist, he is for You bet. After years of running down dead-end clues, the rogue Never has nearly given up his quest for answers; his blood is cursed and his true name a mystery, yet no library, no healer and none who clai The thrilling adventure continues in Book Three! Shadyia and Deresi are trapped in a deserted city. Separated by powerful forces, they become pawns in the eternal struggle between life and death.

While clashing entities tempt one with immortality to champion their crusade, a being once worshiped as Mel can sense the blood beating through her companions' veins. She can count the moments between heartbeats to tell who is sincere and who is lying. She can make herself stronger for short periods of time, heal small wounds on her body, and manipulate light to change her appearance subtly.

These abi Dragons, Curses, and Time Travel A dragon, a hapless hero, a kick-ass heroine and destiny meet in this fiery, time traveling adventure. Jaz has always felt like a fish out of water in modern America. When a chance discovery leads her to realize she is actually a dragon, she travels to a parallel A princess who refuses to be a prize. Once upon a time… Promised as a prize to any hero who can slay the dragon, Princess Sativa flees the palace in search of the prince she was betrothed to as a child.

But there are many miles betwe Welcome to Nevaeh -- where magic has replaced technology and you enter 'A brilliant escape from reality Join Areenna and Mikaal as the ritual and magic and Would you protect a girl whose forbidden abilities condemn her to death? But there exists another gift, dubbed magic, which is considered an aberration by the Church.

To be born with the powers of magic Freedom comes at a heavy cost She is a selkie, a seal shape-shifter, with the power to control the winds and waves. But when she runs away from the safety of her underwater kingdom, she finds herself in a wor A Doomed Continent Where Two Lovers Struggle To Survive When a vengeful sorcerer unleashes a Fire Demon to destroy his rivals, he sets off a chain of events that will eventually destroy Gol, a war-torn continent at the other side of the world.

Unaware that time is running out Gol's scheming barons o They may apply any poison or potion that states it may be used as a blade venom to a weapon. Any character may then use the weapon to deliver the venom. The character is able to engage in a 'bar room brawl'.

Facts vs. Values — Inseparable and Entwined

Natural weapon blows fist, feet, etc should not come closer than 6" of target, and are called eg, fist to face rather than struck. It is advised that this skill is only used with the consent of all parties involved. Targeteer 4 xp Requires: Warrior of equal level or Scouting of equal level. A skill representing degrees of experience and training in missile and thrown weapons. There are three classes of ranged weapons: light thrown such as throwing daggers , heavy thrown such as javelins and bows incl.

The refs will determine if a weapon counts as light or heavy thrown. This skill represents a level of understanding about the nature of souls and spirits. Only the caster gains the results of this call IC. This skill may not be bought above your level. Within a week after the character dies, their spirit may appear to a creature for up to 15 minutes. The character may not reveal any information they learned between their last daily prayer and the current time, except for the fact that they are now dead. The target creatures may still choose to reject the blessing.

They may not reveal any information they learned between their last daily prayer and the current time, except for the fact that they are now dead. Unlike a normal Curse, these curses last until the target completes a given task that the character states with the curse this task must be ref approved. Until that task is completed, the curse refreshes every 5 minutes.

This skill may be bought in ascending levels [from level II to level VI]. This skill enables the character to give a single miracle to one other character to use as he or she sees fit. No character may bestow more than one miracle at a time. The miracle must be of a level no higher than the character's level of Bestow Miracle. The cost in spirit to the Bestowing character is the cost of the miracle, and this spirit is invested until the miracle is cast.

The bestowing cannot be rescinded by the caster. A Bestowed miracle may be removed by the deity if the recipient breaks the strictures of the faith of the Bestowing priest, or any other conditions laid down when the miracle is Bestowed. In Bestowing a miracle, the caster is declaring the recipient as one who is righteous and worthy of using the weapons of the faith. The caster cannot Bestow a miracle upon him- or herself. He or she can, however, grant it to another priest — at the risk of one or both Gods disapproving.

This skill enables a priest to perform a short ritual on an ongoing curse, bless, miracle or other spiritual effect of a level no higher than their level of Remove Spiritual Aura. Five minutes after the ritual is cast, the targeted spiritual effect will be removed. The ritual must be cast within 3" of the effect and last at least ten seconds, and it expends one spirit. Specific Miracle 5 xp Requires: Miraculous Power of equal level, all miracles of lower level from the same domain, primary miracle of same level for auxiliary miracles Required for: Remove Spiritual Aura ; Bestow Miracle ;.

The devoted character learns the next Miracle from one of their gods domains. Devotees must learn all lower level miracles from the same domain before learning miracles of a higher level from that domain. Miracles cost 1 spirit to cast. The devoted character must learn the miracle from their gods primary domain before learning any other miracles of the same level from auxiliary domains. The devoted character can not learn miracles from more than 4 domains.

This skill grants the character the ability to tell whether a character is a demon. Anyone within 30ft who is a demon should respond with Ping. The character is considered a member of a church, religion, or spiritual following of a specific deity. This skill grants the use of spirit which may be used to cast miracles; priests with Spiritual skills at Level 1 and no higher have 2 spirit, and priests with spiritual skills over Level 1 have 5 spirit.

You may gain the benefits of devotion to one deity at any time. You must still buy Miraculous Power in order to cast any miracles. The character may lay a the soul of a dead person to rest. The character has spent time training to cast miracles while in combat. The character now considers any of their hands holding a weapon to be empty for the purpose of casting miracles.

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This skill grants the character the ability to tell whether a character is undead; to tell the rank of an undead creature; and to recognise most forms of undead. Anyone within 30ft who is undead should respond with Ping. If the targeted is undead, they should respond with Ping, their rank, and their type of undead: e. The character may channel touch range miracles through a wielded weapon. They replace their damage call with the miracle effect as appropriate.

Casting Harm touch would replace the normal damage call with "Spirit Double". The character may extend their spirit into a weapon which they have become accustomed to, causing it to become a 'spirit weapon' in their hands inflicting spiritual damage. In the hands of another character, a spirit weapon does not inflict spiritual damage. A character may only have one spirit weapon empowered at any one time.

Spirit weapons are immune to magical item destruction. Use of this skill requires a flawless weapon. This skill allows the character to perform a short ritual to add a target willing character to their battle group. The character may do this a number of times per day equal to the level of this skill. The first time the character performs the ritual each day, they name their battle group. The character may perform the ritual a number of times per day equal to their level of the battle group skill. A character always counts as a member of their own battle group.

This skill represents a level of understanding and power controlling the spirits used for miracles. This grants you the ability to cast the primary domain miracle equal to the level of Miraculous Power you have, if one is granted at that level. Bless 24 xp Requires: Spiritual Favour of twice level.

Required for: Final Blessing ;. This skill may be bought in ascending levels [to level IV]. This skill allows the character to perform a short prayer of blessing over another target creature. They may do this once per day for each rank of Bless that they have. The target creature gains 1 point of regenerating spirit armour The spirit armour is restored after 5 minutes. This effect lasts until the end of the day. The target creature must accept the blessing to gain any effects. If the target creature is already under the blessing of another priest, that blessing is replaced with this one.

A character can not bless themselves. Curse 24 xp Requires: Spiritual Favour of twice level. Required for: Dying Curse ;. The next time the cursed creature takes damage, they take an extra degree of damage. The curse lasts for 5 minutes or until discharged. If the target creature is already under the effects of a curse, they do not stack. They may then purchase up to two additional levels of Undead Power if they wish at a later point.

Minimum Phys-Rep: Pale skin and dark rings around eyes. You are now undead of rank equal to your character level and respond to miracles and other effects on this basis. You respond to Rec Undead as a Lesser Wight. You cannot be affected by alchemical healing. You don't need to breathe or eat. You Ping to Rec Scent Corpse. You may conceal your pale skin and dark eye-rings with Disguise I, but the corpse smell may only be concealed with Disguise II.

If you reach 0 hits on a critical location your body dematerialises, leaving all your IC valuables behind but taking your mundane clothing with it. If you are a priest you may be cut off from your god as per spirit wracking depending on your deity's relationship with the god whose miracle was used to create you and their opinion of undead in general. This is a ref decision made over downtime. You choose this miracle when you take this power and it does not change afterwards. You now respond to Rec Undead as a Wight.

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Automatic gain; go into XP debt. You can only become a vampire if you are dead and your spirit is still present. Beguile, Elixir of Affection.

You must be turned in uptime by another vampire through it feeding you some of its blood in a deliberate attempt to turn you. If your spirit is unwilling to become a vampire then you remain dead and the rite fails. This choice cannot be affected through mind control or similar means. You may not take this package as a starting character. Certain races are incompatible with vampirism, such as Trolls and Elemental Elves, and will be unable to survive the rite to become a vampire.

A ref must be in attendance to oversee the vampirism process. Phys-Rep Requirement: Pale skin. Physical You are an undead of Rank 6 or your character level, whichever is higher. You respond to Rec Undead as a Vampire. You may hide your pale skin with Disguise I, but the corpse smell may only be concealed with Disguise II. You feel intense discomfort in direct sunlight - it causes no mechanical damage, but you feel constant pain. You may not transform while in direct sunlight, and you may not be healed though effects like Death Ward and Regeneration will work.

You do not need to eat or breathe, and do not feel pain from injuries. You do suffer from Vampiric Thirst see below. You gain the ability to transform into the forms of a rat, a bat, and a wolf see below. Spiritual You can call Spirit Single by touch. This call may not be increased or reduced by any means e.

Berserk, Cause Disease, the Weakness skill, etc. As per the Raise Undead miracles, this requires an empty hand for each undead controlled. If you are devoted to anyone but Vivamort, you become spirit-wracked and cannot atone. Your spirit becomes aligned to the Sword Pantheon.

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If you are already a Vivamortian priest, you cannot be spirit-wracked. If you think you have broken a Vivamortian stricture as a vampire, tell a ref. You are completely under the control of your Sire, the vampire who created you. This is a mind control effect: you are spiritually forced to obey any commands they give you. If created through geomancy, you are under the control of Vivamort. This effect cannot be blocked by Mental Shield.

Health and Survival You gain the ability to create a Vampiric Coffin see below. All your body locations are destroyed immediately upon reaching zero hits you have no bleed timer. If a critical location is reduced to 0 hits, your body immediately disappears, leaving your IC valuables behind and taking your mundane clothing with it. If a critical location was reduced to 0 hits by Spirit damage, you permanently die. If you were not killed with Spirit damage, you reform in your coffin see below over the course of 2 weeks.

Any limbs which were destroyed when you were killed return on full hits when you reform. If you are Staked while reforming at your coffin, you die permanently. You can be Staked with any safe melee weapon physrep and appropriate roleplay. Special: Vampiric Coffins Every vampire has a coffin, which they return to periodically in order to rest. A coffin need not be a literal coffin, and some vampires employ luxurious beds or simple chairs for the same purpose.

In practice, any item or demarcated area sufficiently large to allow a vampire to lie or sit upon it may function as a vampiric coffin. A vampire may select a new coffin by performing an appropriate five-minute rite to sanctify the new coffin, involving calling on their vampiric power. This also works if a vampiric coffin has been destroyed. The coffins are not spiritual themselves, and may be destroyed through mundane means. While a vampire is reforming, it may take no actions and is not aware of the world around it.

This provides the perfect time to permanently kill such a creature. When you become a vampire, you must choose a location for your coffin. It is not possible to have more than one coffin at once - creating a new coffin automatically supersedes any old ones. Special: Transformation All vampires have the ability to turn into the holy animals of Vivamort: the rat; the bat; and the wolf. It takes five seconds to transform into or out of animal form.

While in direct sunlight, you may not transform - you are stuck in whatever form you were in when you entered the sunlight. When re-forming from an animal form, any locations which were destroyed when you transformed remain destroyed when you reform. You may transform into or out of animal forms while you are being Dismissed, but remain rooted in place. While transformed, you may not speak or use any skills other than those specified and you are not affected by Weakness or Frailty.

Any IC valuable items you were carrying or wearing are dropped unless the transformed form could also carry them, e. Your mundane clothes transform along with you. If you are reduced to 0 hits in your transformed form, you die, disappear, and attempt to reform in exactly the same way as a non-transformed vampire would under the circumstances. Any hits lost and not healed in a transformed form remain lost until the vampire transforms back into their vampire form, at which point they are refreshed. You may only transform into a particular form once per 5 minutes.

This does not allow players to target vampire-bats flying higher than the attacker can reach. If using ranged attacks, players should call them as normal against the vampire. The Wolf form is then treated as having the same combat status as the vampire's player. You may not call damage though may still drink blood from unresisting targets.

You may fly as per the Fly self spell, though this has no duration, may not be Dispelled, and does not count as a magical effect. To sustain this connection and their power, you must feed on the blood of living sentient beings. To do this, you must roleplay biting an unresisting living target. The bite does a Spirit Single every 10 seconds, i. When you drink blood, the target does one degree less damage with weapons for five minutes.

This effect does not stack with itself. If you fail to drink the required amount of blood, you do one degree less damage with weapons at the next event. If you fail to drink the required amount of blood for 2 consecutive weeks, you also lose one hit per location, and may not transform into animal forms or turn into mist. If you fail to drink the required amount of blood for 3 consecutive weeks, you begin to crave blood. In the latter case, you immediately permanently die, and cannot reform at your coffin. You may drink this blood in downtime, in which case it will usually take a minor action.

You gain the ability to call Spirit damage by melee weapon. You gain the ability to create and control other vampires by feeding your blood to the recently-dead. Vivamort will only accept the use of this ability if the person was worthy of being a vampire and the action was not rash. If the target is unwilling to be turned into a vampire, then they die during the rite.

The soul must still be present in order to create a vampire. A ref should be present during this rite. If you became spirit-wracked when you became a vampire, you lose your original Devotion and gain Devotion: Vivamort. You must reallocate XP from your previous miracle domains in order to buy Vivamortian miracles as per a standard Vivamortian priest. By giving in to your baser vampiric urges, you gain the power of flight and a closer connection to the holy animals of Vivamort.

You may Fly as per the Fly self spell, though this has no duration, may not be Dispelled, and does not count as a magical effect. You may not do this in direct sunlight. You gain the ability to Speak Wolf, Speak Bat, and Speak Rat, both in the relevant transformed forms and in your vampiric form. Your Vampiric Thirst increases to 3 pints of blood 9 hits or 3 peasants, 2 if drained to death.

You gain the ability to turn yourself and all your worn and carried items into mist once per 24 hours. The mist form may not be separated. You may not talk, use any skills, or do anything other than move around and transform into animal or vampiric form. If Dismissed in mist form, or if you enter direct sunlight, you are forced to transform back into a corporeal, non-mist form. Werewolf Power I 30 xp Requires: Was bitten by a Werewolf after 5 seconds of roleplay from the Werewolf, this can be done while in Base form as well as Wolf form while unresisting e.

Gain this stat-package at the next Full Moon. Automatic gain go into XP debt. A werewolf has two basic forms: Base Form, and Wolf form. In Base Form they are almost undetectable, as they do not possess any skills beyond a normal character of that race: the only way to detect a Werewolf in this form is to touch them with a silver item, at which point the flesh will burn but cause no lasting damage.

Characters who have already turned into a werewolf do not respond to attempts to recognise diseases: the overt signs of the disease have sunk in and the deeper changes are internal. A wolf mask or tail could also be used. Base Form: When touched by Silver you become uncomfortable and the skin burns, though you take no damage. May call Spirit Single by bite. These hits are lost before base form hits. Can become Enraged. See Enraged condition for details. Regenerates 1 hit to every location every ten minutes and are immune to bleeding damage; cannot regenerate fire, spirit, or silver damage without normal healing.

You may not regenerate damage which cannot be otherwise prevented e. Venom damage may not be regenerated but will not kill a werewolf in wolf form. If a critical location is reduced to -3 by such damage, the Werewolf dies. If a limb is reduced to -3 by such damage, it will not regenerate in uptime, but will regrow while the Werewolf rests between events.

If a werewolf permanently loses a limb in either Base or Wolf form, the limb stays lost in both forms. Limbs lost before the character gained the Werewolf package stay lost unless a Regeneration miracle or similar effect is used, at which point the limb will regenerate as normal. May not use skills that require vocals, the ability to speak, or manual dexterity e.

Spells, Miracles, Alchemy, First Aid, etc. This overrides any other skills that grant bonuses to damage, such as Melee, Streetfighter, etc. Miracles such as Weakness or Cause Disease, and potions such as Ghastly Purgative, will still lower the damage call as normal if used on a Werewolf.

May transform into Wolf Form one week before the Full Moon. May only transform into Wolf Form once per hour. May transform back into Base Form at will, so long as not Enraged. Take an extra degree of damage from silver. Dogs and wolves cower away from you. Gain Rec Scent Wolf.

You cannot speak, but can still understand any languages you know. admin