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Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Anime and Manga. Satoshi Kon's Christmastime's Tokyo Godfathers ties the fates of three homeless bums with that of an abandoned baby called Kiyoko. There are Contrived Coincidences to make Charles Dickens fail to suspend his disbelief, multiple girls with the same name, and multiple destinies converging on this one baby! Hilariously, it works. Kara no Kyoukai reveals that this is how the Nasuverse 's Counter Force works. A series of events and choices, each of them meaningless on their own, were "nudges" to get Shiki in just the right place and time to stop Araya from destroying the world.

This method can fail if the Counter Force's selected agents don't perform their tasks properly or the threat manages to overcome them. If the situation becomes unrecoverable , Counter Guardians arrive to eliminate the threat and everyone within a few miles or so. Receive punishment from the garb of the Holy Virgin , cleansed of worldly impurities. Being living embodiments of Wisdom and Empathy , they have no reason not to be straightforward in their rare interactions with mortals, and do not manipulate things in their favor, being strong believers in free will.

In Alchemical Solutions , Autochthon. Sadly, not always in good ways. Maedhros: I have always wondered In all those years, you begged only for death. But when the time was right, I sent you freedom.

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If I seemed to be silent, it was because you insisted on asking for too mean a boon. Maedhros: You—you did not abandon the Noldor?

Seldom have you perceived our actions, and little do you understand our thoughts. Slumdog Millionaire , where justification is given for the main character's crapsack life story , and eventual rise to the richest of the rich, in three words: "It is Written. The Adjustment Bureau may or may not work for God , but their main approach is to gently nudge things in the "right" direction in order to follow "the plan". In Signs , one child's asthma, another child's obsession with leaving half-full glasses of water everywhere, a washed up brother's old baseball career, and even his wife's dying words were apparently all part of God's plan to restore a priest's faith by helping him foil an alien invasion.

A common joke has a religious man often, but not always, a preacher living in a region about to be flooded who prays for God to rescue him. A neighbor offers to drive him away, but he refuses, saying God will save him. Once the waters start rising, a person in a boat spots him and offers help.

He refuses, for the same reason. When he's forced onto his roof, a rescue helicopter lowers its ladder, but again he refuses. When he dies and goes to heaven, he asks God why He didn't save him. God says, "I sent you a car, I sent you a boat, I sent you a helicopter What more did you want? Kenneth Miller's book Finding Darwins God uses this as part of its demonstration that acceptance of evolution does not actually have to have any effect on one's belief in God, as a deity who can create life through manipulation of natural laws would have a greater claim to omniscience than one who could create life from dust.

Deals primarily with Christianity and makes excellent points about how a truly omnipotent, omniscient God working in evolution is not only more impressive than the "boom, stuff happened" God, but also completely compatible with Christianity.

Harry usually does not take this as an acceptable answer. Lampshaded in one of the later books, with Harry basically asking someone "They tried the "mysterious ways" line on you too, huh? Uriel further points out that it only seems mysterious to Harry because God is omnipresent and omniscient, operating everywhere, at all times. What seems incomprehensible to a mortal's point of view, rooted in a single space and time, is not nearly so to God. When Murphy contemplates, how can the garden of the Carpenters be still green so late in the autumn, Harry answers: " Sod works in mysterious ways.

At the very start of the novel, the protagonist changes the course of history by moving one particular item to a different shelf. These "mysterious ways" are a well-studied branch of mathematics, but even still they come with a number of unintentional side-effects. Welby's good fortune would occur if he placed faith in either God or the contract. Demonic contracts cannot go against the Will of God.

Good Omens : Near the beginning of the book it is said that God does not play dice with the universe, He plays an ineffable game of His own devising which might be described from the vantage of the other players, i. Near the end of the book, Crowley points out to Aziraphael that an omniscient, omnipotent god would never have allowed them to prevent the apocalypse, or for that matter have allowed Lucifer's rebellion unless that was what He wanted all along.

He goes on to suggest that the war between Heaven and Hell isn't so much a chess game as an incomprehensibly complex game of solitaire. There was no god involved, but in The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch Hex claims that the voyage of the Beagle was almost as significant an event as Joshua Goddelson leaving his house by the back door in , leading to commercial nuclear fusion being perfected years later. Connie Willis : In To Say Nothing of the Dog , no divinity is ever mentioned, but this is the way the universe corrects potential errors due to time travel.

In All Clear , a theory is presented that the universe regarded the Germans winning World War II as such an error, and has since corrected it via time travel through amazingly subtle coincidences without anyone realizing it. In Robin Hobb 's The Soldier Son trilogy, the Speck magic, as well as Orandula the god of balances manipulate the protagonist through a series of convoluted chains of events, most of them set off by tiny, seemingly insignificant actions, like giving a stone to Caulder Stiet, which leads to the discovery of gold in the plains, which leads to almost all Gernian troops being pulled from the Specks' land, thus protecting the Ancestor Trees from being cut.

The members of a karass may never even know each other, and their work may overlap in bizarre, coincidental ways, but they work together for a single purpose that they'll never know. Of course, Bokononism admits that it's all bull shit.

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Bridge of Birds manifests this eventually, in a seemingly random, seemingly impossible way. It's implied throughout J. Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings explicitly states that "Bilbo was meant to find the Ring, and not by its maker. As is pointed out in Unfinished Tales , Bilbo was meant to find the Ring, and Frodo was meant to bear it, and Gandalf was meant to guide them both.

But Bilbo and Frodo could have refused to leave home, and Gandalf wasn't "even allowed to try" to compel them. Falling Sideways has a plot consisting more or less entirely of the main character being jerked around, tricked, told lies, arrested, told more, contradictory lies, framed, abducted by aliens, told yet more lies and finally being given most of British Columbia, thanks to the plans of a godlike figure whose real motives are an absolute headache to work out and who seems to suffer from major Complexity Addiction.

Discussed around the third or fourth set of elaborate falsehoods, with the protagonist cracking that all of the moving in mysterious ways is clearly God ducking to avoid the things being thrown at Him. In Hellspark , Tinling Alfvaen is a "serendipitist", which means she possesses a psychic power that causes things to turn out well when she's involved, sometimes in ways that don't seem so lucky at first.

Nobody understands how it works, just that it does. Shortly before the novel starts, she's fired because her employer figures that nobody whose serendipity is working at full strength would catch an incurable disease like she just did; it turns out that she needed to have been fired in order to be in the right place at the right time later on.

And before the book's over, the incurable disease has been cured, thanks to a chance meeting with a biochemist who finds her case interesting, on a planet she went to for other reasons without having the slightest idea it had any biochemists of that caliber. Mistborn : The Alloy of Law : During the final battle, Wax runs out of weapons and metals, and snarkily prays to his god, Harmony, for help.

He is very surprised when Harmony actually answers, explaining that there's not much he can do in situations like this, especially since he wants to preserve free will. Wax asks why he couldn't at least do something , and Harmony says "I have done something. I sent you.

The Mysterious Ways of ErbB2/HER2 Trafficking.

Harmony: You're welcome. Live Action TV. Joan of Arcadia : God will tell Joan to do something, for reasons that aren't immediately apparent, but which often make sense by the end of the episode. For example, in the pilot, God tells Joan to take a job at a bookstore. After coming home from work one night, Joan runs into a man who she thinks is God in another avatar, but who's actually the serial killer her dad's been following. Joan figures this out and escapes from his car, causing him to crash, which causes the police to find him and arrest him. It also motivated Joan's brother to get out of the house and get a job.

God: I work in mysterious ways. So do you. Despite of the above disclaimer, many interpret the U2 song this way, thanks to the wide range of interpretations of their works. In "On the Line" from Horrendous Disc God constantly communicates with the listener, as much through the physical world as through any direct revelation. Kids Praise : In some albums, God directly intervenes or speaks to Psalty when Psalty is at a particularly low point, but in the ninth album, God provides a means of replacing the missing album that Risky Rat stole, which only happened because of the ninth album's adventure in the first place!

During the Time Travel plot of the seventh album, Psalty and the kids appear in a few places and times where having a bunch of singing kids and a supernatural One-Man Band like Psalty would actually be helpful! These include a tent meeting where the musicians never showed up, a music printer who just modified a song and wanted to see how it sounded, and meeting Psalty himself when he was a child. The Boston Globe.

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