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Track Alfreda Brockington- spill? Track The Bobby Fuller Four-? Jessica D- you're not all that. Home page. Danielle has the baby and leaves the lane for college and Bree and Orson name the baby Benjamin Tyson Hodge. Orson is cranky when Bree won't have sex with Orson because Benjamin is sleeping with them.

Bree tries to fix her and Orson's sex life. Bree shows up at Orson's work and they have sex on the dental chair. A guilty Orson perscribes Mike Delfino pain killers because his shoulder hurts from when Mike was hit by a car that Orson was driving. Susan asks Orson why he perscribed Mike pain pills when he knows Mike has an addiction.

Susan threatens Orson great pain if he gives Mike any more pills. Orson gets home in time for the tornado to come. Sylvia Greene has locked herself in the bathroom until she can see her former lover, Adam Mayfair. Orson gets himelf, Bree, Benjamin, Katherine, and Adam all safely into a walk in closet. They all talk and Orson and Bree witness Katherine and Adam's marriage come to an end when Katherine finds out that Adam really did have an affair with Sylvia.

After the tornado, most of the Hodge house is destroyed. When Bree and Orson go to church Sunday morning, Lynette seeks their help to find a religion to follow since Lynette survived cancer and a tornado, she wonders where all the good luck came from. Julie tells Mike about Orson's sleep talking the next day when he comes home.

Mike confronts Orson about it, and Orson who breaks into tears because he regrets his actions. Mike decides to forgive Orson. Mike tells Susan about it and she breaks into Bree's house and yells at Orson. Bree is shocked by Orson's doings. Mike tells Susan to forgive Orson and not tell the police because it would leave Bree without a husband and Benjamin without a father.

Susan tells Bree the next day that she forgives her but it will take some time with Orson. Bree tells Susan that it's nice she can forgive Orson but Bree can't. Orson is seen leaving Bree's house with packed suitcases. Bree offers to forgive Orson only if he turns himself in and goes to prison. Orson tells Bree he is genually sorry but he won't survive in prison. Bree tells her soon-to-be ex-husband to leave.

Orson shows up again that night drunk begging Bree to take him back. Edie Britt drives by and Bree asks Edie to take Orson back to his apartment. Orson doesn't want to go so she lets him stay on her couch. Bree finds out and is furious and tells Edie to send Orson home. Edie instead tells Orson to stay longer. Edie and Orson get drunk the next night and kiss. Both think it was inappropriate but Bree saw through a window and got the wrong idea. Orson goes to Bree's house once more to apologize.

Orson also wants to take Benjamin to a carnival but she won't let him. Orson calls a lawyer to arrange Benjamin's custody. Edie goes over to Orson's apartment to tell Orson to get Bree off his back. Since Orson was in the shower, Edie snooped around and found a piece of paper evealing everything about who Benjamin's biological parents are.

Edie uses this to blackmail Bree. Bree comes clean with her friends and they shun Edie into moving off Wisteria Lane. Orson starts stalking Bree. To make Orson clear that she is moving on, Bree meets with Reverend Greene at Scavo's Pizzeria and she acts like she is flirting with him to send Orson a message. Orson is embarrassed and leaves. At the end of the night, when Reverend Greene drives Bree home, he reveals he has feelings for Bree but she informs him that the flirting was only to make Orson leave. Reverend Greene tries to kiss Bree despite her refusal until she hits him over the head with his Bible.

The next day at church, Reverend Greene plans on humiliating Bree. Orson and Reverend Greene get into a fist fight and Reverend Greene knocks him out. Bree calls an ambulance saying she is Orson's wife showing that she is having second thoughts about divorce. Orson finally agrees to go to prison for Bree's forgiveness. Orson moves back in with Bree until he is arrested. The night before the police take Orson away, Orson and Bree have a dinner party with their neighbors. Orson gets really drunk and Bree goes to the kitchen alone with a bottle of wine and drinks the entire thing.

Bree has not been visiting her husband in prison since she can't stand to see him in the prison room. Meanwhile, Bree's former friend Edie Britt visits him often. Bree finds out about this and comfronts Edie. Edie tells her that Orson is lonely and Bree is to selfish to not visit him. Bree finally goes to see Orson and they catch up. After three years of being in prison, Orson is released. Orson starts to get jealous of Bree spending more time on her business than her marriage.

Van de Kamp" instead of "Mrs. Bree reminds Orson she started th company when she and Orson were separated. Orson tells Bree she could just change her name when she made the cookbook. Bree says she can't do that because she is known as "Mrs. Van de Kamp". Orson listens to Bree talk show interview. When they ask if there is a Mr. Customer reviews: Sin-Crazed Psycho Killer! Dive, Dive, Dive! (POPCORN Book 2)

Van de Kamp, Bree only mentions that Rex is deceased not even bringing up getting remarried. Orson is furious with Bree when she gets home at midnight, Orson demands Bree make him his favorite dinner. Orson and Bree finally convince Danielle, Benjamin, and Danielle's new husband Leo to come and visit. Orson tells Bree not to criticize Danielle because Orson wants to see his grandson. When Bree ruins the visit after only one day, Orson reveals his anger to Bree for letting Danielle take Benjamin away so easily.

Bree defends herself by saying Danielle married a lawyer, and Benjamin was Danielle's biological son. Orson is having trouble finding a job while he tells Bree everyday that he is going off to work.

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Orson is embarrassed that Bree is now the breadwinner in the family. Orson suggests to Bree that he works for her but Bree's partner Katherine Mayfair doesn't like this idea. Bree ends up hiring Orson after he guilts her into it. Orson wants to tell everyone about being Bree's partner but Bree admits she hasn't told Katherine. Orson that he is her husband and they share everything. Orson then asks for a divorce much to Bree's shock. Bree tells Orson why Katherine means so much to her now because when Orson went to prison Bree started drinking again and Katherine helped her stop.

Orson agrees just to work for them as an employee, and that he will only become a partner when she decides he has earned it. He says he doesn't mind if it takes two or three years, to which Katherine responds that he won't last one month working for Bree. Orson has Bree arrange something for his old friend Peter. Bree sets him up with Katherine who has been feeling lonely.

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Orson reveals to Bree that he met Peter in prison. Bree tries to warn Katherine but she already slept with him. The five men perform in "Battle of the Bands". While performing onstage, the stage catches on fire and Orson and everyone flees. Orson is released from the hospital after he broke his nose. Orson now has a loud snore which annoys Bree.

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Bree asks him to have a procedure so the snoring will stop. Orson refuses and Bree makes him sleep on the couch. Orson begs her to let him sleep in their bed. He promises not to snore. Instead though, he drugs her tea. Bree wakes up late the next morning still drunk and thinking Orson is Rex. After Bree gets sober, she makes Orson do the procedure because he owes her for the rest of his life. At the doctor's office, Dr. Cominis thinks Orson isn't happy but Bree says she doesn't care because she is still mad with him.

After Bree and Orson leave, Dr. Cominis calls his boyfriend and makes him promise they'll never become a crazy couple. It is revealed that his boyfriend is Bree's son and Orson's stepson Andrew. Orson and Bree meet Andrew's future mother-in-law and don't exactly hit it off. Orson tells Bree to be nice if she wants to see Andrew and Alex.

Alex asks Bree not to emasculate Orson in front of him. Bree asks Orson if she does that and he can't deny it. Bree gets upset because of this. Orson and Bree have dinner with Andrew and Alex one night and Orson is upset to find out Andrew makes more money than him. Orson hacks into Bree's files and finds out how much more Andrew makes than her. Orson is mad at Bree. Bree tells Orson that Andrew makes more money because he is worth more which really upsets Orson. When Tom Scavo is closing his pizzeria, Orson comes over to give his sympathy. Tom is rude to Orson because he says he knows how he feels.

Tom is mad because Tom didn't do anything wrong to loose his job while Orson ran over Mike. When Tom walks away, Orson steals a Kiss the Cook salt shaker. Bree finds it and demands Orson return it. Orson steals his tape recorder. Bree catches him in time to return it. Bree is getting mad at Orson. Bree walks away and Orson steals one of her earrings. Orson comes home and Bree is at the table with everything Orson stole. Bree demands an explanation from Orson and suggests they start taking therapy.

Bree forbids Orson from going to any neighbor's house anymore. Bree returns everything but she catches Orson walking out of Bob and Lee's house. Orson had stolen a mug from them. At therapy, Orson tells the therapist he steals because Bree can't control it and that makes him happy. Orson is treated for his head injury.

Orson says he tripped while out on a walk instead. He tells the doctor that Rose Kemper is going senile. This way, Orson can make sure Rose doesn't catch him. Rose is checked into a retirement home. Bree tells Orson she can't take his lying anymore. Orson tells Bree he wants to be happy and to be a good husband. Andrew is very suspicious about Orson's sudden decision to be happy. Bree tells Andrew she loves Orson and wants to give him a second chance. Andrew reminds Bree that Orson stole from her friends and tried to convince her to sell her business.

Bree hears from Katherine about Rose Kemper and realizes that Orson broke in. Bree tells Andrew she will have to divorce Orson, so he helps her search for a divorce lawyer. Bree meets with a divorce lawyer but she finds out Orson will get half her business. Bree meets with her best friend, Susan Mayer 's first ex-husband Karl Mayer.

Orson starts taking Bree's money in a cheerful way which upsets her. Bree and Karl discuss ways to hide Bree's possessions from Orson when they divorce. Bree and Karl rob their own house at Susan and Jackson Braddock 's engagement party. Orson is horrified when they get home and he swears it wasn't him.

Orson draws up a sketch of a mask he bought Bree early in their marriage. Bree starts having second thoughts about divorcing Orson. Karl convinces her that divorcing him is the right thing because he may seem nice now, but it will change. Orson gets a phone call from a storage unit asking for Bree Hodge. Orson goes to the storage unit and finds everything that was "stolen". Orson takes everything from the storage unit and puts them back at the house. Bree comes home and is confronted by Orson. Orson asks Bree why she did this. Bree tells Orson she wants a divorce. Bree says she doesn't care what he wants, she just wants out of the marriage.

The following day, Orson tells Bree he filed an insurance claim in both their names and if she tries to divorce him, he will send her to prison for insurance fraud. Orson says he thinks they can make things works out. Bree tells Orson she no longer loves him. Karl hires someone to attack Orson so he will let Bree go. Bree tells Orson she didn't hire anyone because Orson thinks it was her. Orson brings his packed suitcase back upstairs thinking there is still hope for him and Bree.

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  5. Bree is mad at Karl and fires him. Karl admits he is extremely attracted to Bree and kisses her. She stops him, bewildered, and acts like she doesn't want him to kiss her. Karl kisses her again, she doesn't stop him this time, and they make out in his office. She immediately rehires him as they start an affair. Orson and Bree continue having marital problems. Bree continues her affair with Karl Mayer.

    Orson suggests they enter marriage counseling. Bree tells Orson she is no longer his wife but his captive. Orson tells Bree that guilt is a small price to pay for happiness. Orson and Bree go out to dinner one night and they run into Karl and his date Candace, who was a former dental patient of Orson's. Orson and Candace dance on the dance floor. A jealous Bree pours oil on the dance floor, and Orson and Candace slip. Candace ends up breaking her nose. The next morning, Orson confronts Bree thinking that Bree sabotaged their dance because Bree still loves him.

    See a Problem?

    Orson takes the suitcase he heads back upstairs. Bree then decides to go to Las Vegas with Karl. While having sex with Karl, a maid walks in on them at the motel. The maid is openly rude to Bree for cheating on Orson. While having dinner, Orson asks Bree about her day. Bree says someone was openly rude to her. Orson asks who and Bree lies saying it was someone who works at a cafe. Orson tells Bree that she should stand up for herself. The maid tells Bree the next day that Orson is a wonderful man because she heard Bree talk to him and say he did the shopping for her and he cares for her. The maid admits she was once married but wanted to have fun so she found boyfriend.

    Should've Gone to Jamaica

    Neither relationship lasted, so she had to become a maid for a motel. Bree doesn't listen to the maid because she thinks her own situation is different. Orson and Bree go to Susan and Mike's house for dinner one night. Bree is wearing Karl's grandmother's broach that he stole back from Susan eleven years before when they divorced. Bree gives hers back to Susan. Orson goes to the so-called thrift shop Bree claimed she bought it from.

    Orson finds out that the store only sells furniture. Angie Bolen invites Orson and Bree over for dinne,r much to Bree's reluctance. Orson and Bree see how much delicious food Angie cooked and sees how she fights with her husband. Bree tells Orson to unbutton his pants so they can leave. Orson buys Bree jewlery later on and she is frustrated because she demands a divorce and she wants him to stop trying to change her mind. When Bree comes home from the opera with Karl, Bree sees Orson listening to the same thing. The next day when Angie comes over, Orson asks her to spy on Bree because he thinks she is having an affair.

    Angie tells Orson that Bree isn't that type. Orson goes on a golf weekend and Karl goes over to Bree's house to tell him he found away to get Bree a divorce. They just need to get pictures of Orson with an ex-con. Karl tells Bree they should have sex. Angie tells Bree that she only covered it up because she felt bad for Orson. Bree goes to Lamar Benjamin's house, and ex-con who knew Orson.

    Orson and Lamar hang out at Orson's house and Bree has hidden cameras to take pictures. Bree tells Orson she filed for divorce, she tells Orson if he sends her to jail for fraud then he's going with her. Orson tells Bree he was bluffing about sending her to prison. He loved Bree to much that she could call his bluff anytime and walk away. Orson tells Bree that since she went to all this trouble, he knows that their marriage is over. Orson tells Bree he'll say goodbye to everyone at the neighborhood Christmas party. Orson overhears Bree on the phone saying to Karl she misses him.

    Orson realizes Bree has a lover but still doesn't know it's Karl. At the Christmas party, Bree finds out a plane will fly a banner over Wisteria Lane with a marriage proposal for her. Bree tries to break it up but is unsuccessful. The small plane then crashes on the Lane and hits Santa's Workshop. Bree, Orson, and Karl's fate are left unknown.

    In the following episode, it is revealed that Bree just suffered a concussion, Orson is paralyzed from the waist down, and Karl is killed. Bree refuses to let her husband have a divorce because she wants to make up for her sins. Orson decides to take advantage of this and get revenge on his wife her adulterous ways. He has her wait on him hand and foot, which includes making a dessert that takes hours to make.

    Bree tells everyone to leave. Bree makes sure Orson is never alone so she can stop him from killing himself. Orson and Bree go to a 50th anniversary party for their friends. Orson sneaks out back and is ready to wheel himself into the pool and let himself drown. Bree stops Orson just in time and tells him that she loved him once and she thinks she could love him again. She wants to grow old with him. Orson and Bree finally reconcile. Orson along with rest of the Wisteria Lane men have a little crush for Robin Gallagher , an ex-stripper.

    Bree and Orson have had trouble connecting lately so Robing suggests to Bree that she should restart her sex life with Orson. Bree tries giving Orson a lap dance but it doesn't goes as well as planned. Bree tells Orson she wants to be intimate with her husband again. Bree and Orson share a romantic moment. When Bree finds out that her new employee, Sam Allen is her late husband Rex 's illegitimate son, Orson tells Bree not to be mad at Sam when it was Rex's fault for never mentioning him.

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    Orson wonders why Bree is taking such an interest in Sam. Orson is surprised when he finds out Bree called Danielle and she is flying over to meet Sam and get to know him. Bree tells Orson she is ashamed of Rex and wants to make it up to Sam. When Andrew and Sam fight, Orson takes Andrew's side. Orson and Andrew are suspicious about Sam and thinks Sam is up to no good.

    Orson talks to Bree who wants to make Sam feel part of the family. Sam was listening in on their conversation hinting he has a hidden agenda. When Bree finds out Sam's mother is in fact alive, Bree realizes Sam is hiding something. Orson tells Bree he was right about Sam. After Bree confronts Sam and he lashes out in rage, Bree tells Orson and Andrew that she is scared of her stepson. Orson, Bree, and Andrew brainstorm ways to get rid of Sam. Orson suggests Andrew seduce him.

    Since Orson is no good in a fight, Orson suggest they pay Sam to leave them alone. When Bree gives Sam a check, her tears it up saying he doesn't want to leave. Sam also blackmails Bree about Andrew's involvement in "Mama" Solis's hit and run, which he learns from Danielle.

    Orson packs up his remaining belongings from Bree's house, with the help of his physical therapist, Judy. Seeing that Bree is upset about the end of their marriage, Orson apologizes, and reluctantly the two agree that they haven't been happy for a long time.

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    And with that, Orson leaves. A few days later, Orson returns for Bree to sign the division of assets forms. By conversing, Bree learns that Orson has since begun a relationship with Judy. Orson returns to Bree, who is now romantically involved with her contractor Keith Watson , and asks if he can stay with her after Judy kicked him out. Bree agrees but Keith is reluctant. Orson and Keith don't get along, resulting to a food fight at dinner. admin