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Renato Renner. This project is about the relations between perception, consciousness, and time. Therefore his work shaped much of the later discussions, and seems still to be defensible as a very useful compass in many respects. This methodical approach is similar to the one Sellars, Mackie and Strawson had each chosen when they referred to Kant and Locke. Leibniz in his idea of a parallelism a "pre-established harmony" between mental and bodily states thought very thoroughly about what a physical correlate of a mental perceptual state could mean; and his anti-reductionistic reflection will be taken up again against the background of recent empirical findings in psychophysics and neurophysiology.

This leads to an interpretational framework in which certain brain responses are understood as physical correlates of unnoticeable perceptions. So, for instance, the interpretation of the experiments by Libet et al. The next step is to argue that consciousness can be understood as being a result of unnoticeable perceptions. Here Leibniz's concepts of representational content and appetitive structure of perception can be understood as constituting an elementary form of intentionality. So, apart from obvious relations to contemporary analytic philosophy of mind, recourses to phenomenology are also possible, and indeed helpful to further explicate a Leibnizian position.

What follows is a so called tensed view of time with respect to perception. In the final part of the project this has to be related back to brain responses, i. It will be argued that their temporal order is tenseless; i. There are then two types of temporal order namely tensed and tenseless which underlie the difference between the realms of perception and of physics.

So instead of referring to God as a "pre-establisher" of the parallelism between perceptual including mental states and bodily states, this parallelism can be interpreted as a consequence of a homeomorphism between tensed and tenseless temporal relations. Internationalen Leibniz-Kongresses , ed. Olms, Hildesheim, Band IV, pp. Sieroka : Leibniz, Husserl, and the Brain. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. Andermann, R.

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Interviews and publications: N. Sieroka : Zeit-Gedanken. Article online N. YouTube N. Subproject b: Quantum Clocks—An Operationalist Approach towards Time in Quantum Mechanics in preparation Time plays a crucial role in our understanding of the world around us and we constantly experience things as evolving, continuing, and perishing.

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