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Entrepreneurs and service-professionals in particular, frequently get caught in the flexibility trap, inadvertently flying stand-by in our own lives in service to our businesses and the needs of others. Those of us with alphabet disorders are some of the worst offenders, since many of us struggle with time and transition management.

Before we realize what hit us, our lives are no longer OUR lives. Filed under G5k. Monday, May 18, 30 Comments. Executive functioning challenges can produce a wide range of symptoms in wide variety of individuals — as well as in the same individual in various environments , at various times, or as they age. One of my favorite sources is Dr. Thomas E. Brown from Yale, who has a particularly cogent explanation of EF challenges.

For the most part, as I have said many times, the executive functions are mediated through a particular region of the brain called the prefrontal cortex [PFC].

Time Management Tips, pt.1

It also includes individuals with cognitive and learning challenges since birth. Everything is fuzzy when the PFC is doing a sub-par job! However, thanks to the miracle of neuroplasticity , appropriate intervention can be helpful at any age, allowing your brain to create new pathways it can access more quickly and easily. Filed under A1. The Attentional Spectrum , A1a. Executive Functioning Disorders , H. Wednesday, July 31, Leave a comment. Like any map you might pick up at your local gas station, one that shows the major roads but not every house on the block, a TimeMap is an overview — something you can SCAN quickly to get your bearings.

TimeMapping is not a new technique, by the way. With the increasing popularity of electronic devices, it fell into disfavor. Never underestimate the power of paper. Monday, July 1, 2 Comments. When life itself feels like it is spiraling out of control, nothing is more helpful than structure. It can be adapted to your very own personal style — even if you prefer spontaneity and variety — and it even works for those of us who have less than complete control over our days.

Wednesday, August 29, 11 Comments. Tuesday, August 28, 18 Comments. They turn red on mouseover. It is simply impossible for anybody to write a book that handles all situations for all people — at least not a book anyone could lift. I know. Why do you think my articles are so darned long, linked to so many others to cover each individual point in yet another long post?

We self-flagellate then ruminate endlessly. We get defensive then go on the offensive. Simply having a diagnosis shifted my shifted my expectations. How much sense does THAT make!! And not just any coach — a comprehensively trained, brain-based ADD coach — a coach who has been trained to listen for EFD issues, and understands how to coach them! Coming up are some essential concepts that need to be in place before you stand a prayer of a chance — really! Try to remember that the next time the beatings begin, as well as when you feel defensive and become offensive.

Scroll down for other related articles here and elsewhere. You might also be interested in some of the following Coaching Skills and Practical Application articles. Coaching Concerns , B1. Rewrite Your Coaching Manual , G3.

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Monday, May 28, Leave a comment. House the Homeless 2. Name the Game 3. Mise en Plasse 4.

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  • Plant and Stake 5. Remember the Cookie 6. Stop and Drop thanks Maria! Survey the terrain 8. Boundary the space hogs. They turn red on mouse-over; hovering for a moment before you click will pop up a bit more info for many of them. Sunday, May 20, 2 Comments. The use of a Time Map — setting a regular and recurring time in your calendar or datebook where you plan to work on the same task each time — reduces the prefrontal cortex resource depletion that happens every darn time you try to DECIDE what to do. Think of it like a commune in your calendar. Sunday, April 15, 1 Comment.

    In the last section, Anticipating Boggle , you began to pay attention to the unique way that YOU build to the Boggle point, and you began to capture your personal triggers in real time. Every one of us has regular dips in functioning, male or female, ADD or non. Your biological rhythms are not constant. They are, however, predictable , given close enough attention. Write down anything you can recall from memory, and begin to pay attention to the changes through the cycle of a month as you continue to track your day-to-day Boggle triggers.

    Saturday, March 31, 1 Comment. Jaws Music. All artwork on this page: courtesy of Phillip Martin. Remember the movie about the great hunt for the killer shark that turned a formerly peaceful resort town a living nightmare? Remember the gradually building staccato music that warned the audience that something terrible was about to happen? Not only did that musical build-up fail to make it any less startling when those great jaws suddenly loomed into view, it actually heightened the sense of anxiety and impending doom, making the appearance of that shark all the more frightening. By the midpoint of the movie, people were squirming in their seats and holding their hands up ready to cover their faces with nothing more than the music itself, even when the visual was seemingly placid.

    That Jaws music meant something dreadful was just about to happen.

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    The viewers had become sensitized to expect the worst from the first few notes of the theme. Guess what? You have your own internal version of Jaws music sensitizing you to expect the worst as well. Sunday, March 4, 1 Comment. They turn red on mouseover Hover before clicking for more info.

    Whether you have been doing the work or not, simply by reading the articles in the Boggle series, you have begun the process of taking responsibility for your ADD in some brand new ways. A major tool is the Boggle Space. Are you ready to add it to your toolchest? My partner will have a fit if I try to claim a space all my own. Living with a loved one with ADD places a lot of demands on the rest of the family. You do have to find a way to initiate the conversation, however, and that can be daunting, I know.

    The steps of the following communication technique have been useful for some of my clients. Adapt the language to your personal style. Saturday, February 25, 3 Comments. Re-read through the lists you have created in that notebook I hope you took the time to create. Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to pack for a trip with a list?

    If you try to decide on the spot, ad hoc, you will have a much tougher time. The further the decision from the action, the easier the action. As I said at the end of the last article, before you go back to designing your Boggle Space, we need to clear away possible mental roadblocks to keep you from cheating yourself out of the success that you deserve. Saturday, February 11, Leave a comment.

    I designed my New York bedroom, a space that was much longer than wide, so that my queen-sized bed was practically in the middle of the room. At the end of the room toward the foot of the bed I built in an entire wall of mirrored closets. Saturday, February 11, 3 Comments. Anyone who has driven an old car with a lag time between stepping on the accelerator and the acceleration of the car itself learns rather quickly that there are certain things that are invitations to disaster — trying to pass on a blind curve or a hill, for example.

    We learn to work with the car by thinking ahead and including that lag time in our driving strategies. Sunday, February 5, 1 Comment. You would have to START with the individuals themselves: their general fitness level, weight, complicating realities, and many other considerations. An easy task for one patient might be well beyond the other: overt when dealing with physical realities, subtler with neurological ones. You have to be attentive to the clues. The most dramatic reactions are the clearest indicators because they are easiest to identify.

    Just as patient feedback ouch! What have you been doing to date? When you are about to Boggle — what have you been doing so far? Before we go into the ways to deal with Boggle effectively, think about how you have been attempting to deal with it already. Wednesday, February 1, 4 Comments.

    As I mentioned in prior Boggle articles see list at end of this article , if you live your life anywhere on the Attentional Spectrum, there will be times when you get so distracted, so overwhelmed, SO un-focused that you simply, literally cannot function at all! Some of us scream and yell, some of us throw things, some stomp around slamming doors and cursing, some cry.

    Time Out 2. Education 3. Communication 4. Sherlocking 5. Tuesday, January 24, 4 Comments. Oliver Sacks , a scientist fascinated with neurological differences who was brought to public attention when Robin Williams portrayed him in the screenplay Awakenings , has noted that:.

    Such reactions have nothing to do with the individual or his motives.

    Consulting Industry Research Reveals Major Disruptions Ahead

    They are purely local and physiological and can occur even in isolated slices of [the] cerebral cortex : they are a biological defense [against] neural overload. You are probably already familiar with Boggle. The focus of my book is to explain why it happens, and to teach you how to set it up so you never need to go there again.

    The techniques I developed to work with the term I coined will work for anyone. They work for me. They work for my clients and students.

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    Saturday, October 15, 20 Comments. Domino problems! You know that game where you set a row of dominoes on end, then tap the first one to watch them fall, one at a time, as the domino before it knocks it down? Every decision to be made seems to be complicated by another decision that needs to be made first! Filed under A5f.

    Tuesday, August 16, 9 Comments. Accepting the idea that a person could sincerely try and fail due to dynamics completely divorced from underlying psychological conflicts is fundamental : as long as we look for blocks or conflicts, our view of behavior is indelibly skewed in a way that predisposes us to find them. Filed under A3a. Coaching with MGH , E2a.

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