The Occupy Manifesto

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Occupy Wall Street Constitutional Manifesto Part I

They must leapfrog the Tea Party and not go to a war with it in a contest they can't win. The occupiers must recognize, as the Tea Party does, that capitalism is the only system that works, as it is the only one that conforms to the almost universal human desire for individual gain; and that the pursuit of gain will almost always, by its open-ended objective, lead to a crack-up eventually. Governments almost never have the least aptitude to deal with the resulting shambles, but there is no one else to do it, as governments make and enforce the laws, assess and collect and dispense taxes, and control the money supply.

The occupiers must realize that they are not railing against a few crooked bankers and politicians, but against the American commercial, political, academic, and media elites that have failed across the board. None of the central, lending or investment bankers, academic economists or financial media, or supposedly economically literate politicians saw this crisis coming, except for a couple of wingy professors and hedge fund managers, who took the concept of voices in the wilderness to Hansel and Gretel forest depths.

The occupiers should denounce the shameful effort of the bi-partisan political class to blame this mess exclusively on private sector greed, when it was the Clinton and Bush administrations that forced the financial industry into trillions of dollars of worthless real estate-backed securities in pursuit of higher family home ownership levels and larger campaign contributions from the building trade unions and the real estate developers.

The bi-partisan political class had the brainwaves of outsourcing scores of millions of jobs while admitting tens of millions of unskilled, illegal migrants; and borrowing trillions of dollars from China and Japan to buy trillions of dollars of cheap and luxury goods largely from China and Japan that America formerly made for itself. This was the strategic afterpiece of a country that had, in the years from its founding in to the fall of the Berlin Wall, plotted and achieved a vertical and vertiginous rise from obscurity to global preeminence without the least precedent or parallel in the history of the world.

This is the vortex the occupiers seek to fill, and they won't do it with Naomi Klein's grating piffle; nor by importuning the SEC. Even in the horrible year of , scarred by the King and Robert Kennedy assassinations, race and anti-war riots, and Vietnam, Lyndon Johnson, Robert Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, Nelson Rockefeller, Ronald Reagan, and Richard Nixon were all, at one point or another, running for president. This year, as everyone knows, the likeliest challengers have passed and despite a very mediocre administration, there is no Democratic challenge to the incumbent as Gene McCarthy challenged LBJ in and Teddy Kennedy challenged Jimmy Carter in The occupiers should make common cause with the Tea Party and other reasonably sane protest movements.

Occupy Flash!

The way to cool out the obscene excesses of the financial community and cut the domestic public sector deficit and unacceptable income disparities at the same time, is to tax optional financial transactions and certain categories of secondary financial income.

The way to deal with poverty is with a self-reducing tax on very high individual net worths let's put Uncle Warren to the test , which could be met by poverty reduction programs designed and administered by the taxpayers themselves. The tax would eliminate itself as defined poverty was reduced and would involve the wealthiest people and most agile financial talents in the reduction of poverty and give them an incentive to succeed.

Buffett's proposals are a publicity stunt, and if enacted, would not reduce the federal budget deficit by one half of one per cent. Student and other loans should be restructured, the actuarial assumptions of Social Security adjusted, taxes simplified, labour strikes discouraged, and under-documented aliens enticed away from sub-minimum wage rolling of Hollywood tennis courts to win back jobs in simple manufacturing.

Whatever happened to Westinghouse alarm clocks? And instead of grumbling about legal fineries, the occupiers should demand the radical resurrection of the Bill of Rights that has been raped by lawless prosecutors with the fascistic plea bargain system, with the full complicity of the highest courts.

The prosecutocracy should be put strictly back in its place and the addiction to over-sentencing, starting with the barbarism of the death penalty, should be reversed. The corrupt, misnamed and decisively unsuccessful war on drugs should be ended, soft drugs legalized, treatment emphasized, and the laws applied equally to blacks and whites and poor and wealthy areas, and the effort to induce civil wars in other countries over supply, Mexico in particular , abandoned. The fable of global warming and the deranged nostrums that have come with it must be abandoned. A program including those elements would sweep the nation and impress the world.

The Occupy Manifesto

Christopher Hedges could think in these terms. If the occupiers don't have a burst of originality soon, they will be sent packing by the local police and will be neither remembered nor lamented. All Sections. Parents Alyson Schafer Baby Names.

The Global Occupy Manifesto: A Demand to be Oppressed | The Occupied Times

Video Salute Build. I appreciate the up-from-the-bottom, build-popular-alternatives, anarchist-influenced sentiment behind this perspective. But if this becomes a rigid approach, it will unquestionably limit the reach, impact and possibilities for this movement.

Global May Manifesto

Those three components are:. Without all three of these forms of organizing and action, we have little chance of accumulating the political momentum and power to overcome the systems of oppression, repression and environmental devastation. The electoral question in the US continues to be a huge conundrum, primarily because of the corporate-dominated, two-party undemocratic, winner-take-all nature of our electoral system.


These realities make it very difficult for electoral-oriented, progressive political parties to survive, much less thrive. Ted Glick has been an activist and organizer since who has focused on the climate issue since Photo: 99 percent demonstration on May Day. Skip to main content.

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