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This is the highest ranked player you can fight and will be the hardest battle, but the idea is to move up as far as you can as fast as you can.

1/2 AP Training Ground Farming

After selecting a player to battle you are shown a formation screen similar to Weirwood but instead of troops on the right side you see other commanders. You will see their quality colour and their level. Not level or strength. You get 5 attempts for free every day.

When you first start and are well up in the thousands in rank, it is well worth spending the blue diamonds for another 5 attempts.

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Do this once daily the next 5 attempts cost blue diamonds until you are high enough rank to start earning diamonds, or the battles become difficult to win. One thing many people miss is the ability to refresh the players you see.

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If you do not feel you can beat the players presented there is a refresh button that will give you 4 new players to choose from. This button has a 10 second cool down before you can refresh again. This is where Training Grounds is significantly different from Weirwood since you can control your skills in Weirwood AOE attack commanders are really nice to have.

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Since the server uses AOE attacks to hit a single enemy they are not as effective in Training Grounds. Also healing is not a priority, the priority is to do as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time. So Sansa is not a good choice either. You want your best tanks in the front line still, but you want heavy damage, single hit attackers in the back row.

Note that the gym will only be in its soft-opening phase from Mar 27, leading up to a grand opening on Apr Skip to main content. Training Ground's new location on Rama 4 Road.

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Bangkok's biggest CrossFit gym is opening a second location Training Ground is one of the biggest gyms in Asia. By Tyler West Mar 14, Training Ground is one of the biggest gyms in Asia. Latest News. Professional training needs extensive infrastructure.

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  5. Mission-oriented training needs rubble fields as well as vast areas for basic training and for Area search and Tracking. Because of its slight remoteness and terrain situation on site, the location is ideal for search and rescue dog work. To enter a training appointment, please complete the registration form and send it to the IRO Office. An appointment will then be reserved for you, according to availability. admin