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My mom wouldnt tell me we were gonna clean she would burst through my door at 6 30 on a weekend and yell time to wake up and clean the house. YeeYeeTheFurry 19 feb. This is relatable for all ages. Alycatz 19 feb.

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Company is coming over!!! I'm 20 and I'm still like this.

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Except I'm legit tired for from school and 40 hour work weeks. IanHawke 19 feb. Yes I too was black at age MrMee6s 19 feb. If you got time to lean, then you got time to clean. BlunderWoman 19 feb. TheCommentCollector 19 feb.

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I just had a panic attack reading this. CrabDancer 19 feb. Marie Kondo: Oh Yeah! In a similar fashion as the kool aid man destroying a wall in the process. BenK95 19 feb. Testsubject 19 feb. At least YOU got a warning in advance, my mom wakes us up at 7 in the morning to start cleaning shit.

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Vision3to1 19 feb. DefiantJ 19 feb. Greevil 19 feb. I would always try to stay at someone's house to get out of it. Darklight 19 feb. Well im Mexican sooooo, everyday we don't have school, we wake up and clean. All the time. MemeCorpz 19 feb. Then u wake up at 2pm and yo mom in the livin room layin on the couch watchin judge shows and says she not in the mood for any cleaning. BlackChopsticks 19 feb.

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  • Fam that's every Mexican child at like 5. Its more like out of the blue, no warning "This house needs to be clean in an hour we have guests coming and you need to not look like trash". DaBossOmega 19 feb. No you gon pick things up and then tell me to put them somewhere. Then you wake up smelling fabuloso and loud music.

    BrendonAtTheFivehead 19 feb. Yea I hate that. Mikethememe 22 feb. ShadOfox 19 feb. Shit 26 yr old me when my girlfriend says the same thing. MichaelBazemore 19 feb. Hey bruh it you finished early that meant your mom woudnt bother you for the rest of the day. Fuckin true.

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    WyldeR 19 feb. Jewbaka 19 feb. Waking up Saturday to all the lights on in the house and loud ass music playing made me wish I was in school on a fucking Saturday. Yah , and then she would just sit down on her phone the whole time. Legit just happened yesterday. But you never did clean the house did you. EyeLuvToSmokeDick 19 feb.

    Nah fam it was that or waking up to the sound of a vacuum cleaner and then staying as long as you could in bed until your mom woke you and asked for help. Frogmire 19 feb.

    A Cleaner Tomorrow

    Bro I just actually fucking did that and I'm 14 lmao. Im 22 and my mom still says that. Every fucking sunday in my house. AwsmSawce 19 feb. I hate to say moms are lazy. But guys, I think our moms are lazy. I got irritated just reading this. GoYosha 19 feb.

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    • Present day me:. More like Shmidtt 19 feb. Replace mom with wife and 14 year old me with 41 year old me. MrBlondestache 19 feb. Now i miss her so much. Poilus 19 feb. Texas44 19 feb. That means fast food. Juan 19 feb. And 18 yo me. I dunno about anyone else, but now I actually look forward to doing that shit now I'm older lol. Demandable 19 feb. But mom, you said Robert could come over today Change the cig to a Juul. TheMonsterComesAgain 19 feb.

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      Time to clean every single window for 7 hours straight. LiLHeckman 19 feb. My mom had us wake up early to clean like every Saturday them we had to wake up for church on Sunday and I think that's why I sleep so much. I was so pissed because I cleaned the entire basement before the realtor came over to evaluate, and then my mom said I did it all wrong and started undoing everything. Protect your home from structural damage due to water vapor and improve air quality by eliminating the sources of mold, mildew and off-gassing from your crawl space. I love that I just have to call them up and they take care of my clients right away.

      Their fabulous customer service is why I will always refer them to my clients and any real estate broker I know. Read on Yelp. Local number: info cleancrawl. Get Details. Sophia C. admin