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Bronzewood Quauhololli. More filters. Sort order. Mar 31, Kasia rated it liked it. Imagine a sunny carefree day with things going peachy when suddenly you are dropped in the middle of violence and murder, sprinkle in some zombie like flesh craving victims that don't want to stay down, a creepy hooded guy traveling with a mysterious book, a gang of young people and some bad deceptive characters and you have a crazy romp through the night that doesn't want to leave you in peace My favorite Smith book is The Freakshow, now that I can recommend because years after reading it the story still kicks me in the brain once in a while, this was medium on my book love meter but the good parts made it better than worse.

To best parts were the shock, gore and the zany villains. The characters were interesting even if they did stupid stuff half the time but once the stories and connections between all of them start to criss cross in the most in sane ways be prepared for your brain to wraparound itself.. The worst parts were the pacing,repetitiveness and length situations where other story lines kept ruining the book for me even if they were the main part, magic was kiddish and the boring parts were all the deaths done by the other bad dude.. This story had one of the craziest villains I have encountered in a while and I'm talking about a certain female, not the death Reaper Melinda is one sick puppy who wants to dominate pretty much anyone she meets and she gets to do it in some sick almost supernatural fashion.

A murder obsessed teen who sounds like a scrawny chick ends up doing half the damage here, pretty good even though she's almost too easy to hate Deathbringer was full of death and had some sweaty romp scenes so if you're a fan then there is some meat for you here. Maybe my mistake was trying to read it in one day, might be better as something broken into bits over a week, whatever is it, this isn't bad, which doesn't sound like a compliment but after some atrocious krap I read recently this is at least intelligent and well written and has some wicked twists, that made it an overall decent read.

Comment Comment A rogue Deathbringer as members of the global society of reapers are known initiates an apocalyptic plot in order to gain ultimate power. As a night of terror and blood unfolds in Dandridge, TN, an unstoppable army of sentient living dead rises to destroy the living for the rogue reaper, who seeks to wipe out all of humanity. The Dead just won't stay dead. They want to add to their ranks by killing and consuming the living. So what we have is a book containing a relationship gone sadly wrong. Gor A rogue Deathbringer as members of the global society of reapers are known initiates an apocalyptic plot in order to gain ultimate power.

Gore, Guts, Blood and lots of be-headings. These are not your ordinary zombies, they can't just be killed by shooting them in the head. They must be sliced and diced into lots of little pieces to stop them. This was Bryan Smith's second book which was released in as a paperback original. Then in Mr. Smith re-worked and re-wrote the book to sell as one of his Bitter Ale releases. And now Thunderstorm books has released it in a quite limited hardcover fashion. Some of the questions about zombies that may have been plaguing your is: Can zombies get high?

Do they listen to the Grateful Dead? Not for the squeamish, but recommended. This is copy 14 of 60 signed numbered hardcover copies. Surprise, surprise. Early Bryan Smith is pretty much like current day Bryan Smith.

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Lots of psychopathic women doing unspeakable things to weak men. Though, to be fair, Deathbringer does have a couple of stronger male protagonists, and it mixes strong supernatural themes with the homicidal impulses of deranged women. So if that sounds like your cup of tea, get to pouring. Because early Bryan Smith might be a little rougher round the edges in terms of simplistic characterisations, but there's plen Surprise, surprise.

Because early Bryan Smith might be a little rougher round the edges in terms of simplistic characterisations, but there's plenty of death, dismemberment, and bloodshed to more than make up for it. Shelves: recommended-by-an-author , horror-zombies. The swift pacing and interesting telling gave this zombie invasion a fresh take.

I like the Deathbringer and how it affected the inhabitants of Dandridge. Even bloodthirsty and crazed with homicidal violence, the characters were likable. If you understood their single-minded mission that is. First, the positive stuff. The book was easy to get into.

Writing is simple and easily adapted to as the reader is dragged through the messy, gory ride.

Deathbringer the Adorable

The super-quick pace makes it fly by. Action is always happening, even if you don't necessarily care about all of it. The story is a zombie tale with an unusual plot overshadowing it with different twists added to the genre. Instead of people just randomly rising from the dead for some bizarre reason, a deathbringer kind of a like a reaper has First, the positive stuff. Instead of people just randomly rising from the dead for some bizarre reason, a deathbringer kind of a like a reaper has decided to go rogue and unleash his special brand of magic beginning with a small town.

He unlocks it with the murder of a sweet girl at the beginning and from then all hell breaks loose. There are two types of zombies - some more intelligent than others, designed for a divine purpose, and the rest mindless flesh eaters who ramble along. The deathbringer has the goal of converting many into mindless zombies for a brutal type of army, but needs elements in order to achieve his purpose. There is an organization fighting against him, as well as the grieved folks of the first deceased woman which started it all.

Now, for the negatives: the characters are completely unlikeable. Their personalities, the way they're written, their actions, everything. I'm a big character focused person so this dampered the book for me quite a bit. The two main characters are amazingly detestable in almost everything they do.

They dominate the page time with cheesy lines and vicious acts. The others, even if I didn't hate them, were written with bare minimum characteristics to where I cared nothing about what happened to them.

I couldn't take any of the dialogue and emotions as convincing. The violence was heavy, which isn't a turn off in itself if the rest of the book is working, but without other substance I found the constant use of it unpleasant. Frankly most of the death and torture parts just bored me as they were there for a shock story and little else. I think the book could have been improved upon if some of the action was gotten rid of, believe it or not, and more of the characters or the fascinating uniqueness about the story had been fleshed out.

The basic plot was a very good one, more details whether behind the scenes leading up to it, or more in the mind of the villain and what drove him, etc. This is my second reading of Deathbringer, the first Bryan Smith novel I ever read. This is the new revised version. I don't remember the original version well enough to cite specific differences, but the new version felt like a faster, smoother read. I remember feeling like the original version bogged down in the second half.

Truthfully, this could be just a different perspective from me years later as I have since become a major fan of Mr. This isn't as over the top as some of the later This is my second reading of Deathbringer, the first Bryan Smith novel I ever read. This isn't as over the top as some of the later, more well known novels, but is good fun and a nice twist on the typical "zombie apocalypse" tale. Highly recommended. A rogue reaper attempts to bring about the destruction of humankind in this revision of Bryan Smith's second published work ' Enjoyable read complete with zombies with a purpose.

Definitely recommended. Mar 31, TK rated it liked it Shelves: sci-fi. Admittingly, the title could use a little help. But if you like zombie tales, this book will satisfy your craving. These zombies are not your typical slow, brain-eating variety; they are a new kind of breed: they talk; they think; and they even feel emotion. George Romero might have a few qualms about this as will zombie purists , but the story keeps you turning the pages. The action is intense, and some scenes will make you squirm. Do not approach this book with hopes of learning some new elem Admittingly, the title could use a little help.

Do not approach this book with hopes of learning some new element of zombie-lore, this book is definitley for the brain-dead. Go ahead, you know you want to. Apr 03, Sayword Eller rated it liked it. Dandrige Tennessee was your average almost small town. Muggy in the southern humidity and lethargic, nothing much ever happens in Dandridge.

That is until a young girl selling magazines snaps Dandrige out of its lethargy and into reality. Unbeknownst to this young girl, she has become a pawn in the struggle between light and dark. The first move in an intricate game that could mean the extinction of the human race. Bryan Smith has a self-taught rawness that gives this story charm, but at the sam Dandrige Tennessee was your average almost small town. Bryan Smith has a self-taught rawness that gives this story charm, but at the same time gets so caught up in telling his own story that there is rushing when time should be taken that detracts from the overall work.

However, it was a quick read and I did enjoy the ride. Jan 14, H3yd00 rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really enjoyed this book. It was a good old fashioned horror romp, dealing with one of my favorite monsters: zombies. Very quick read, the plot progressed at a very fast pace. I would recommend this book to any Laymon or Keene fans. In the small town of Dandridge an ancient hatred is rekindled.

A blinding desire for revenge, for freedom, for the ultimate power is born from the blackest heart filled with darkness and centuries old despair caused by a bleak existence devoid of humanity and compassion. An existence whose sole remaining purpose is to destroy everything that was once beautiful in the world. To create a necropolis; a vile circle ultimately leading into the spiraling chasm of living death where all life is consume In the small town of Dandridge an ancient hatred is rekindled. To create a necropolis; a vile circle ultimately leading into the spiraling chasm of living death where all life is consumed in the chaotic dance of power and vengeance, sorrow and confusion, and a mind altering evil so foul in its origins and ultimate desire as to be unthinkable.

A world of despair, a world dominated and ruled by the feared Reaper and his fellow companions of darkness. The merciless cycle begins as formerly innocent citizens of the sleepy town of Dandridge claw themselves from their graves preying upon loved ones, upon neighbors and friends. As their ravenous craving for living flesh is sated, their former companions join the legion of the dead spreading more woe and suffering. At the centre of this bizarre tale are the few remaining citizens of an ever deteriorating world.

Will these woebegone individuals be able to assuage their fear and grief as the tide of destruction consumes their lives and engulfs everything they ever believed in? Will they be able to defeat the powerful and ultimately evil Deathbringer and his necromantic schemes or will they soon be added to his growing legion of the dead? Will they forever be his blood thirsty minions prowling throughout their bleak existences satisfying their all consuming hunger and bitterness upon a world they once cherished or will they be able to end this reign of terror?

Can the necropolis that has been created be ended and the world returned to its former orderliness or have the events that have transpired on this fateful night destroyed everything forever? Where will the destruction begun by one so vile, so long removed from any semblance of humanity, end? Shall darkness forever rule this world? The terrifying epic of a world gone awry has begun. I was impressed by all aspects of this novel but was particularly enthralled by one such aspect to the point of being deeply drawn into the story. Instead of reading due to a general feeling of curiosity, I was drawn into the earth shattering events begun in Dandridge, and soon to spread worldwide by the characters' perceptions of the deterioration of all they ever held dear.

As the merciless dead began to rise from their graves imbued with an abnormal strength never experienced in life added to an all-consuming desire to prey upon the living, they begin to torture and devour those they once loved in many graphic sequences. As the few remaining citizens of Dandridge namely Mike, Erin, Avery, and Melinda begin to discover the dire events that have mysteriously transpired on this seemingly innocuous night they are subjected to encountering the decayed parody of people they once loved returning from deep beneath their graves to consume those hapless individuals roaming the night, unaware of the circumstances that have re-animated the dead.

Unlike many novels concentrated on zombies and their gruesome acts of gratuitous violence, the full horror of the situation and the strong emotional reactions of the people trapped within this hapless town was portrayed in a realistic fashion thus transforming what appears to be a fun novel of little substance into a disturbing realistic nightmare of shattering emotions and graphic gore completely enshrouded by an impenetrable aura of sadness. This having been stated, this novel is obviously not for the weak of heart and might prove so disturbing as to eliminate any enjoyment for those who are deeply effected by such raw emotions and so many vividly described dark concepts.

The characterization was expertly implemented allowing me to fully understand and appreciate each character. The raw pain of certain characters was so palpable as to prove contagious and the extreme evil and vileness of other characters, namely Melinda, was so well executed as to cause me to dream of vengeance. However, despite the extremely evil aspects inherent in some characters, the author was able to cause me to feel sympathy and sorrow for those I had previously abhorred by adding a simple statement or an overtly painful death. Even the zombies were fully characterized and I appreciated the unique twist on the zombie theme by allowing the living dead to retain their memories and desires from their previous life thus causing them to feel sorrow and loathing for their actions while still being unable to resist their ceaseless hunger which impels them to enact the vilest of deeds.

The conclusion of this novel was slightly confusing but still proved to be most satisfactory. I was unable to deduce any of the ending sequences until they transpired and was shocked by the poignant heartbreak and ceaseless sadness showcased throughout this novel. The writing style employed throughout this melancholy work was exceedingly well executed and effortlessly conveyed the atmosphere of infinite sadness through the use of numerous evocative words and vivid metaphors.

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As many have already noted, the writing style is not relaxed, rather it is extremely erudite thus revealing the morbid atmosphere of the novel through weighty phrases and melancholy musings enshrouding the entirety of the story in a heavy pall of sorrow. The doom laden atmosphere, bilious concepts, detailed sequences of death and torture, and general disturbing aura inherent in this novel cause me to advocate caution when approaching this story.

This is not a fun zombie novel fraught with ludicrous sequences that often prove more amusing than horrifying, rather, the realistic portrayal and accurate descriptions of the characters' conflicting emotions might prove too heavy for the general reader. If you feel confidant that this novel will not prove too disturbing, its phenomenal plot, memorable characters, - - -both living and undead - - -, and fast pace will prove most entertaining and although I hesitate to label this novel as enjoyable, it never failed to maintain my interest and has caused me to develop an interest in the further works of this author.

Nov 05, Patrick D'Orazio rated it liked it. Deathbringer is an ok zombie book.

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I got through it fairly quickly and so I can say that the author knows how to keep things moving along at a fairly good pace. As mentioned in other reviews, he is a bit heavy handed on the metaphors but I could tolerate that for the most part because even though the book was thick with them, they didn't necessarily distract me too terribly much for the flow of the story.

Bryan Smith attempts to create a variation on the Grim Reaper here that I really didn't buy Deathbringer is an ok zombie book. Bryan Smith attempts to create a variation on the Grim Reaper here that I really didn't buy into fully. A bunch of disgruntled Reapers created a book with the power to destroy "god" that they never dared use. I am not really sure what his truly desired end result is except for perhaps sweet oblivion after centuries upon centuries of immortality. Revenge for tricking him into becoming immortal?

Given that he has the options to commit "suicide" at his finger tips the entire time so he can be removed from immortality, I must admit I am not too clear on his real motivation. Revenge I suppose is enough, but it just does not come across as too compelling. Especially when this guy seems to get so much of a thrill from killing people-he is doing a job he apparently loves, so why be so unhappy with management? The story itself is entertaining enough and the characters mostly plausible, especially as things come together towards the end.

Even so, there were some things that I had some issues with. I thought the Melinda character a bit over the top, but she makes more sense as the story came to its conclusion-you come to understand why she is what she is. I question a statement made towards the beginning of the book indicating that one of the main characters essentially has the last bits of his sanity "crumbled to ash" and yet he seems just fine after a short seizure and is one of the more rational characters throughout the story.

Hawthorne was a character that needed to be either much more mysterious so we never know too much about him or he needed to be fleshed out with greater detail so that there would be more empathy and understanding for what he must do, where he has come from, etc. As it stands, he is just someone who moves the plot along-necessary, but not very compelling or intriguing. Even with these minor criticisms, I was clear on character motivations and why and how they reacted the way they did. They carry the story to the very end with relative ease. The zombies in the book did not really scare me.

Since I read zombie tales to be scared and most do just that, it made it harder for me to appreciate this story. The unrelenting craving for flesh and their implacable nature just disturbs me. Knowing that for all your efforts to fend them off, you are likely going to become one of them soon enough is extremely ominous. Somehow these zombies were just not as awe inspiring.

Perhaps it all seemed like parlor tricks and magic instead of real wrath of god kind of stuff that has animated them in this tale. Another reason might just be that it seems from the beginning of the book the solution to stopping them is totally obvious and apparent rather than shrouded in mystery, which can add quite a bit of tension to things as well.

Some other reviewers were critical of the ending but for me it was the best part of the book. Without giving anything away, the book redeemed itself in the last few pages from some of my stronger criticisms when some twists and surprises happen that I appreciated. While I did not buy into all the concepts the author created througout the story, he worked within them to create a good ending that satisfied me. I consider this book ok-not great, but certainly not bad either.

To me, a zombie tale can be populated with traditional or newer variations of the undead and can work either way. Zombies can be fast, slow, intelligent, dumb, can speak, be mute But as with all stories, in this genre or any other, the story needs to be interesting, compelling and the characters must generate strong emotions, be it anger, happiness, love, hate, etc.

This story had some of that, but just not enough to make it memorable or anything more than an entertaining and quick read soon forgotten after the last page is turned. Jun 28, William M. This is my first Bryan Smith book and it might very well be my last. The quality of the writing was average, but the story was where he lost me. It was definitely lacking. Smith is just not in the same league as the other Leisure authors such as Gary Braunbeck, T.

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