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Like, really: a lot.

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It is amazing that from the ashes of all of their lives a band like NOFX could not only rise, but continue to thrive. Now its members can add a new achievement to their unlikely success story: Best-selling authors. It makes for a compelling read, and provides a unique fly-on-the-wall look at one of punk rock's most unlikely success stories. It's fascinating to follow the individual members as they deal with drug abuse and the deaths of parents, to getting clean and becoming parents.

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While there are plenty of shocking stories, the biggest surprise may be how sincere they are. Those looking for insight, you'll read that too. Like the few great band bios, the array of experiences described in The Hepatitis Bathtub are enough to set anyone into contemplation about strength and perseverance, love and depravity, camaraderie, and a place for misfit rock and rollers in a society that to this day clings to rigid standards. A must-read for punks new and old and an eye-opening read for all new-comers. And great! In a profession filled with phonies and withholders, Mike shines as someone who always lets his freak flag fly.

I like that a lot. Voir l'ensemble des Description du produit. Afficher toutes les applis gratuites de lecture Kindle. Vous n'avez pas encore de Kindle? In his exile he ventures south into Lutawa, a land ruled by an immortal king who punishes treason with the terrible weapon of infernal fire. Believing this king to be the same cruel deity known in the north as Hepen the Watcher, Dismay resolves to kill him--and accidentally ensnares two innocent young women, Ui and Eleanor, in his schemes. The nanotechnology novels were originally published from through by Bantam Spectra.

Each novel works as a stand-alone story, but since they share the same story world and sometimes the same characters, they can also be read as a loose series. Tech-Heaven is a near-future prequel.

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A political thriller that imagines the rise of nanotechnology in our world through the eyes of Katie Kishida, a mother and business woman whose life takes an extraordinary turn when she is widowed, and her husband's body is cryonically frozen against a time when advancing technology will allow his resurrection. Read more about it at MythicIsland. Society has expanded into the great orbital habitats known as the "Celestial Cities" and nanotechnology saturates every aspect of life--but the rules regulating its use are still being written. Advancing technology has allowed human civilization to expand across star systems, establishing settlements divided from one another by vast gulfs of space and time.

But all along the frontier, human settlements are under attack by the ancient and deadly robotic warships of a mysterious alien race known as the Chenzeme. Four people are aboard the great ship, Null Boundary. They are bound for the lightless clouds of dust and gas in the galaxy's Orion Arm, determined to find the source of the alien Chenzeme warships that have ravaged human civilization. Vast is an extraordinary adventure embracing the limitless nature of both space and time. Science fiction writer Alistair Reynolds recently had some very nice things to say about Vast. Find his blog post here.

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A unique far-future adventure set on a world where the past rises up each night to rewrite the future. Science fiction writer Tobias Buckell talks about Memory. A near-future thriller set in the steamy Mekong Delta. Ethics and evolution collide in this tale of runaway biotechnology. A far-future, high-adventure young-adult novel aimed at an advanced middle school audience. The story is set in the Deception Well story world, but is otherwise independent of that book and its characters. If you want to infect a new generation with the science-fiction meme, start here! Most of our books are available through the Ingram catalog.

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While fortune does favor the bold, keep in mind there are so many factors that are outside your circle of influence that determine your career path and success in the company. Broaden your pie of self-worth and take pride in all the other roles you have in life when the going at work gets tough.

So what if I got passed over for promotion this year, I have the right sponsors that will look out for me next year. This is what I call the kiss of death.

Planetary, Volume 1: All Over the World and Other Stories

Detrimental to your learning and growth, this path ensures you get rusty. Have zero tolerance for mediocrity. Push your boundaries and break the monotony. A version of this article was first published in Entrepreneur ME.

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