Words Of Passage: Balas Story

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The Balas are kind, hospitable people who insist on making me tea 'with milk - because it's English'. A cut-glass bowl on the sitting-room table contains a pile of Jaffa Cakes. He loved animals. He had turtles, parrots, fish.

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He was able to read when he was five. He talked easily to people and made friends. He would fall asleep as a child with the book on his chest and his glasses slipping down his face.

Words of Passage: Bala's Story

He is the best son I could wish for. He always used to remember Mother's Day. It is clear that the Balas are by turns baffled and distraught by what has happened. They were so convinced that the court would release their son at the end of his trial that they had already prepared a 'Welcome Home' banner. Teresa scurries upstairs, then brings down a sheet of cardboard on which they have drawn a felt-tip sketch of their house, surrounded by flowers and a large smiling sun.

In the bottom right-hand corner is the date that they hoped Krystian would be released: It is hard to ask them what they make of their son's first published novel, which features a lurid scene involving one character sleeping with his own mother. Teresa, though, has not read it, claiming she prefers 'romantic or historical fiction'.

Stanislaw has read it several times. He said, "Father, you cannot understand what I wrote here because you haven't learned what I learned and that's why you cannot understand the deeper sense of it. Academically minded from a young age, Bala excelled at the local secondary school and was the first in the family to go to university, reading philosophy as an undergraduate at the University of Wroclaw and then staying on to do a masters. He was good-looking and popular with the girls - his friends nicknamed him Amora, the Polish equivalent of Casanova.

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But there was no serious girlfriend until he met Stanislawa in , on one of his regular fishing trips. Stanislawa was two years older, a restaurant chef who had taught herself to cook after leaving school with no qualifications. She was also blond, pretty and liked to party. They got married in Krystian was The wedding photographs show him with long curly hair down to his shoulders, looking like the quintessential student.

I think he had too much responsibility too young. A year later, the couple had a son. Krystian abandoned his university studies and set up a specialist cleaning company, but the marriage started to crumble. There were violent quarrels and accusations of infidelity on both sides.

To this day, Stanislawa remains so terrified of her ex-husband that she refused to give her full address when she testified in court. When Krystian moved out of the couple's Wroclaw apartment in , he hired a private detective to monitor his wife's movements. The discovery, shortly afterwards, that she was seeing Dariusz Janiszewski, a good-looking young advertising executive with an easy-going nature and a taste for Led Zeppelin, set in motion a disastrous chain of events. It would culminate in Janiszewski's brutal death and the bizarre retelling of his gruesome murder, three years later, in a thinly veiled work of fiction.

Krystian Bala's own narrative has yet to reach its conclusion. He is preparing an appeal with his lawyer and plans to sue the police for damages.

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He is even working on his second novel, which he promises with some relish will be 'even more scandalous' than the first. Does he feel any compassion for Janiszewski's family? The people who did this have still not been found. There are answerless questions still. As he is unlocked from his metal cage by a prison warder and led back down the corridor, the soles of his sandals squeaking against the linoleum floor, he stops suddenly and turns round.

I look back to see him grinning, one of his arms outstretched, his thumb pricked up like an over-excited tourist on a day-trip to Disneyland. It is a gesture so utterly misplaced, so strangely callous, that for all the disturbing police reports, the tales of remorseless violence and senseless death, it is this memory that will lodge in my mind for days afterwards: the sight of Krystian Bala, convicted murderer, doing the thumbs-up sign, a shard of light glinting off his spectacles and half-obscuring his smiling eyes.

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Topics Crime fiction The Observer. I hear a handle turn and in a dazzling second, a bright yellow rectangle replaces the thin strip under the door. I take my hands from my knees and place them in front of my face.

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