You Are Never Too Old to Be Spanked

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You Are Never Too Old to Be Spanked by Bruce Campbell

Your old man is a DILF. This is turning me on. Prev 1 2 Next. More from Arkham-Insanity. Hetalia Likes by Cherry View More.

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More from DeviantArt. It had been this way for as long as Arthur could remember. Since the early days, when they were both fighting against one another, the Brit just did not want to deal with the French nations presence.


Normally Arthur would do everything in his power to find a different seat, but the French nation always seemed to want to sit next to him. He shook his head with a sigh. Germany had the table, and was talking. No one usually talked out of turn when he had the seat, and England looked over while rolling his eyes.

He grabbed up his cup of tea, and sipped from it.

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France continued talking, but quietly. My maids, 'zey are 'ze definition of satisfaction. He would never let Willahelm know this, but he loved going over to see him and his little brat every once in a while.

Truth be told the brat was his, but he and Germania had decided to not let anyone know about that. It wasn't exactly the kind of thing you would go spouting off. Plus, Sandy was already keeping Feliciano and all.

To Old For A Spanking ?

Rome was humming a merry tune as he came out to the familiar clearing and saw the little modest house on the crest of the hill. Oh the things that have happened in that wonderful meadow under the stars. He chuckled to himself. He began to saunter his way up the hill when he saw some movement from his peripheral vision. He glanced over to see what it was.

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Never Too Old for a Spanking…

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