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When I want to use an instance of the Context for example, in the API controller later DI can provide a pre-configured instance of this context. The connection string in the example above is pulled from the appsetting. Configuration can be accessed in a number of different ways, but during start up, the only way to get at the configuration is through this key-based mechanism. There, you implicitly registered the context for DI. You can now use constructor injection to inject the context into the controller with the following constructor and storage field:.

This gives you the Context instance you need in GetArtists to run the Artist query. It takes a bit more effort to set up for the first query, but for subsequent requests, the Context is already available and no further set up is required. The Album entity includes sub-types for Artist and Tracks that correspond to the one-to-one and one-to-many relationships defined on the Album entity:. Notice that artist is an empty object and tracks is an empty array. This means that you have to either explicitly load the relationships, or include them as part of the query.

And voila!

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The client application can then turn this into the list of initial AlbumList, as shown Figure 2. But in a typical application, you really want the data access logic separate from API controller code. So rather than putting the data access code inline in the controller, move the code into a separate repository class in the AlbumViewerBusiness project. The base class provides basic CRUD operations plus validation features and a few small helper functions.

A repository is one good way to organize business logic away from interface or in this case API code to help separate concerns. The repository takes Context and Entity types as generic parameters. You need to implement a constructor that takes any dependencies you want injected as parameters. For now, the only thing you need injected is a AlbumViewerContext that you configured earlier in ConfigureServices.

This first method retrieves all artists with an additional album count, so it returns a special ArtistWithAlbumCount type. This is in line with the. NET Core recommendations to use async code whenever possible for IO bound operations like data access. To use ArtistRepository in the API controller, it needs to be registered for DI and then added to the constructor parameters of the controller. First, register a transient always created instance in Startup. Now, whenever the controller is created, DI automatically injects a new instance of the ArtistRepository into the constructor.

The constructor parameter value is stored in a property so you can access it in the controller methods. By using the repository, most controller operations will be only a few lines of code. The client app has separate areas that deal with Artists and Albums and these two repositories map these logical application concerns. A typical repository has methods that deal with data access and logical manipulation of the entities in the model.

All data query methods should be in the repository and although these are often little more than Entity Framework query results that are forwarded, having them grouped with the rest of the data access methods in one place is a big reason for using a repository class. And artists also perform some operations against albums.

The goal is to have all common operations against a logical entity or problem domain performed in one place. To give you a taste of what goes into a typical repository, Listing 2 shows a truncated version of the ArtistRepository. One of the advantages of the base repository class is that you get some built-in behavior for accessing entities.

The Artist object has no related entities, but an Album does, and so the Load method for an album in the AlbumRepository is a little more work and has to override the Load method with custom code to include dependencies:. Although I had to explicitly create the Artist. To save data, you can often take advantage of the built in CRUD features, but at other times, you need custom code to make things work properly.

Here, you can see some of the benefits of using the repository. You can call Validate , which validates the business rules defined in the OnValidate method of the repository. Calling the SaveAsync method automatically attaches the POSTed entity and either updates or saves the entity into the database. To work around this, create a custom SaveAlbum method, as shown in Listing 3 , which explicitly updates all involved entities. The gist of this code is that you load an existing entity or create new one, and then copy the data from the posted data into the existing entity.

This ensures that the entities are properly attached to the context. Use a helper function DataUtils. This object mapping is pretty straightforward for the Album and Artist entities, but for Tracks, some additional code is required to deal with deleted entities. All of this code updates the in-memory model for the Album entity and when done, calls SaveAsync to submit the changes to the database.

The controller code is—as it should be—very short, with the heavy lifting handled by the business logic in the Repository. You may have noticed that I captured errors in most of the operations above and then re-threw explicit errors using a custom ApiException class that adds parameters for an optional result status code and an error collection.

The main purpose of this custom Exception class is as a marker interface, so you can capture the exception in an error filter and pass a JSON response back to the client. I prefer to pass back a JSON response with the error information embedded so the client application can display a meaningful error message in the client UI. To handle exceptions in MVC 6, use a custom ApiExceptionFilter shown in Listing 4 that can be assigned globally to all controllers or individually via an attribute like this:.

Now when an error occurs in any operation, a JSON response is always returned. The client application can now pick up this error and display it in the UI, as shown in Figure 3. Using an effective way to handle API errors is important when communicating errors to the client. When building an API application—especially an Angular 2. Angular 2. CORS is a protocol that requests confirmation from a server whether or not it allows access to a given domain.

If allowed, the server sends HTTP headers that specify which domains and for what type of request headers the server allows access. Luckily getting ASP. You can then apply the policy globally in the Configure method, where it applies to all server requests:.

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In my last article, I talked about cross-platform support and made a show of taking the simple example I created and moving it over to my Mac and running it there unchanged. This code uses configuration settings in appsettings. It will support Linux too! The indie RTS game Rusted Warfare is an impressive effort, one that feels a lot like some of the classics and this new release is huge. Plenty of new units to try out, including an aircraft carrier, a light gunship, a tesla mech and more. Not exactly surprising, Intel have stated that for their new discrete GPU that Linux gaming will have a focus for them.

They explained it a little more here. We examine their features, user experience, resources footprint, extensibility, and documentation, and compare them to the 9 desktops covered in the original article. They are stable environments that have been in development for years. Once in a while someone comes around and ask hey, I love Xfce and would like to contribute, but where do I start? How can I be of use? How can I implement a fancy new feature?

What exactly do you want to improve? Do you have any programming skills? Besides programming, how else would you like to help? Necuno has unveiled its plans of releasing an open-source alternative to iOS and Android phones. This post will highlight the biggest and most interesting changes. The first thing I improved was how older messages are added to the message view when scrolling back.

Before, there was a jarring cut when new messages were loaded, but now you can just scroll upward and older messages are loaded continuously. This makes it much easier to search for a message in the history, because there are no sudden jumps when messages are added to the list. In the video you can see the how the smooth history loading works. GIMP 2. Fedora 27 has officially reached the End of Life EOL status on November 30, so no further updates and security patches would be released beyond this date. Officially shipped on November 14, , Fedora 27 has received approximately 9, updates according to official data.

However, with Fedora 28 and Fedora 29 already up for grabs, it makes sense for this old version to be retired, and now all users are recommended to update their devices as soon as possible to the latest releases. This month I accepted packages, which is twice as much as last month. On the other side I was a bit reluctant and rejected only 38 uploads. The overall number of packages that got accepted this month was Of the originally planned twelve hours four of them carried over from October I gave two hours back to the pool of available work hours and carry one hour over to December.

I have started getting an overview of the ELTS workflow now and will start fixing packages in December. Being able to run Docker containers inside of LXC containers comes in quite handy due to them solving slightly different issues. Most of us are familiar with industrial robots and it should be no surprise that people and machines are working together collaboratively more often. Cobots can also help with the shortage of skilled trades workers by extending the reach of human hands via cyber-physical software. Cobotic systems, such as software-controlled spray-painting drones, are becoming more and more common.

These software-controlled robots take on repetitive, physical, stressful, or dangerous tasks working side by side with people.

Programming Today

Spray painting is the largest category of cobots after welding. In part because trades such as industrial painting have a labour problem. With more work, fewer employees, and an ageing workforce, cobots are a promising avenue for companies to pursue. Ubuntu One of them still producing i images was Xubuntu, but now they have decided to abandon them as well. Xubuntu with its lightweight Xfce desktop environment had continued offering bit ISOs for those wanting to install this Linux distribution on older hardware. However, the Xubuntu development team has now decided to go ahead and eliminate their bit builds moving forward.

This change will affect Xubuntu Freshly pressed and ready for testing: the Linux Mint Launching ahead of a planned stable release before Christmas, the Linux Mint When stable, Linux Mint The other way to use it is on the desktop for learning about compute clustering, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, or development using Python, Arm, and Linux. The printed-circuit board features a gigabit Ethernet port, power barrel, and five slots to house the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3s.

The board delivers power and connectivity to the Pi. Are you someone who writes documentation with the Sphinx tool chain? Do you want to encourage more people to write documentation in a distributed organization, but worry about maintaining compatible workflows? Introducing sphinx-docs-opinionated-quickstart, a template repository with an opinionated configuration of ReStructuredText documentation with Travis CI testing and readthedocs. RITlug welcomes student-led projects for members to work on together.

RITlug executive board members want to better encourage students to share and join projects for collaboration with the community in the spirit of FOSS. To do this, the executive board members will create and offer both a template website and template documentation tools to introduce students to project development process. Then, students are better able to sustain a more diverse community around their projects. When did open source begin? In February , when the term was coined by Christine Peterson?

Or perhaps a little earlier, in , when he created the GNU Emacs license? How about on March 6, ? On that day, the following paragraph appeared…. Just as important is the fact that it established key principles of science that we take for granted today, including the routine public sharing of techniques and results so that others can build on them—open source, in other words.

The federal IT procurement safety net may be developing some holes. Many federal developers are forgoing traditional software purchasing in favor of going directly to the source and downloading code from tens of millions of open source repositories and libraries. This backdoor approach to code procurement can let in some unwanted visitors through that door: unknown and dangerous vulnerabilities that may have gone undetected in the code.

Without the checks and balances of procurement, how can they be sure that the code they are downloading does not contain some form of malware or another bad actor? How can they stay agile while keeping their applications and networks safe? Egts wrote in a Nextgov piece published Monday that agencies should monitor open-source libraries and repositories that developers use to download the code and deploy a code analyzer to detect memory corruptions, resources leaks and other issues that could be leveraged by adversaries.

Having attended and spoken at numerous conferences over the years, I thought it would be helpful to share some advice on how to make the most of the conference season. Built from the ground up with a new rendering engine known as EdgeHTML, Microsoft Edge was designed to be fast, lightweight, and secure, but launched with a plethora of issues which resulted in users rejecting it early on. Edge has since struggled to gain any traction, thanks to its continued instability and lack of mindshare, from users and web developers.

Microsoft Edge, despite its features and improvements in recent years, has failed to perform well in the market — Google Chrome is one of the biggest reasons behind it. According to rumors, Microsoft is planning to tackle the issue by developing a Chromium-based web browser that would replace Edge. I used to think that WebKit would eat the world, but later on I realized it was Blink. Microsoft engineers have already been spotted committing to the Chromium codebase, apparently for the ARM version. No word on whether this next browser, codenamed Anaheim, will still be called Edge.

Microsoft has long tried to avoid that fact by constantly working on Internet Explorer then Edge, but it seems no more. This browser is built on top of our Servo engine technology and shows off high quality 2D graphics and font rendering through our WebRender web rendering library. And will soon add more features. While we only support basic 2D pages today and have not yet built the full Firefox Reality browser experience and published this into the Magic Leap store, we look forward to working alongside our partners and community to do that early in !

And for those looking at Magic Leap for the first time, we also have an article on how the work was done. A month or so ago I gave a presentation on the inner workings of wasm-bindgen to the WebAssembly Community Group. A particular focus was the way that wasm-bindgen is forward-compatible with, and acts as a sort of polyfill for, the host bindings proposal. A lot of this material was originally supposed to appear in my SFHTML5 presentation, but time constraints forced me to cut it out.

Unfortunately, the presentation was not recorded, but you can view the slide deck below, or open it in a new window. Navigate between slides with arrow keys or space bar. Here are the patterns that I used to accomplish that. A strange problem befell one of my computers running Windows, with Firefox being the default browser, utilizing a profile that goes back a good decade or more.

Another site, same thing. It would appear all my login sessions were gone. Since I keep multiple backups of everything, I restored the Firefox cookies database — cookies. Several days later, the issue happened again. Intrigued, I started exploring this somewhat obscure and not-well-documented problem.

I believe I know why, and I have a solution. The SQLite 3. Thanks to Handshake and our members, the Free Software Foundation looks forward to scaling to the next level of free software activism, development, and community. Days ahead of the FreeBSD DragonFlyBSD 5. I was tentatively optimistic going into my experiment with GhostBSD. The shift from a stable FreeBSD base to a rolling TrueOS base was one which I had hoped would bring new features and hardware support, but I was also concerned the result might be rough around the edges.

In my opinion the MATE desktop performs well and looks good. One minor glitch aside, I had no complaints with the desktop experience. The only issue I ran into concerning hardware was GhostBSD was unable to work with a wireless network card I plugged into the machine during my trial.

I liked the default applications GhostBSD shipped with. The software included is mostly similar to what we would find in a mainstream Linux distribution and most of the extra applications I wanted could be found through the package manager. Speaking of package management, I think OctoPkg is capable, but not particularly user friendly. Even as a low level package manager, it takes some getting used to, compared to Muon or Synaptic. Unlike past versions of GhostBSD and FreeBSD , this release unites managing the core operating system and third-party packages under one package manager.

This is likely to be convenient for users as they no longer need to switch between pkg and freebsd-update to get all their security fixes. However, I think it is too soon to tell if this change brings any problems with it. I am curious to see how well upgrading end user applications mixes with core system security fixes. Its installer is easy to use, the desktop is pre-configured, there are a small amount of useful applications available out of the box. One of the few problems I think Linux users may face when trying GhostBSD is the lack of certain closed-source applications such as Steam and the Chrome web browser.

These are not available on GhostBSD. For people who stick with open source applications, GhostBSD will probably provide everything they need, but people who want to watch Netflix or play big name games, this system may not be able to deliver those experiences. FreeBSD Approaching the finish line, FreeBSD Mycophiles have long made the case that mushrooms can be popular, powerful, and lucrative. I guess in the past everyone used CGIs to achieve something similar, it just seemed like a nice detour to use the nginx Lua module instead.

Keeping up with the work being done in the Python community can be a full time job, which is why Dan Bader has made it his! In this episode he discusses how he went from working as a software engineer, to offering training, to now managing both the Real Python and PyCoders properties. He also explains his strategies for tracking and curating the content that he produces and discovers, how he thinks about building products, and what he has learned in the process of running his businesses. That system runs what? Erika is a professor and program director at the Asian Institute of Management.

She has spoken at PyCon Philippines. You can check out her website to see what else she has been up to or watch her talk below:. It was nothing short of epic. I had followed the development of Processing since I was an undergrad. I was smitten. For many years thereafter, I followed along from afar, always amazed at the work people there were doing.

Then, in the fall of , as part of my work with Mozilla, Chris Blizzard approached me about helping Al MacDonald f1lt3r to work on getting Processing. In the lead-up to Firefox 3. Like every year, here is the opportunity once again to learn coding in Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code conducted by Google. Students from all over the world can take part in a variety of programming challenges through super cool activities and learn how to code without having any experience in computer science subjects. All the activities are self-guided, empowering students to learn at their own pace.

Students across the world have already spent over million hours of code during Computer Science Education Week, and you can join this movement from 3rd to 7th December. The first thing you should know is that 1. Some of the new modes have been kindly written by new contributors. The new capabilities and ways to configure Mu are based upon valuable feedback from folks in the community. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. The second thing you should know is that 1. Since Mu 1.

Thank you for all the valuable feedback, please keep it coming! We hope to address as many of the problems as possible. The final thing you should know about is the release schedule for Mu 1. Very soon, a version 1. The focus of the various beta releases will be to test and fix any bugs we may encounter.

The old 1. As a patch release it does not add any new functionality, but provides important bug fixes, security updates and other improvements. Compared to Qt 5. For details of the most important changes, please check the Change files of Qt 5. Those who could not make it to the in-person meeting, joined via phone conferencing when possible. Kushal Das and Marlene Mhangami connected remotely.

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I basically never actually want to deploy Swift as such. What I generally want to do is to debug some bit of production service deployment machinery that relies on Swift for getting build artifacts into the right place, or maybe the parts of the Launchpad librarian our blob storage service that use Swift. I could find an existing private or public cloud that offers the right API and test with that, but sometimes I need to test with particular versions, and in any case I have a terribly slow internet connection and shuffling large build artifacts back and forward over the relevant bit of wet string makes it painfully slow to test things.

The release package and checksums are available from our downloads page, as well as from the Python Package Index. In my previous post, I provided an overview of the myriad Python data visualization tools currently available, how they relate to each other, and their many differences. These trends of convergence have started to erase some of what were previous clear distinctions between each library. This is great for users, though it does make it more difficult to make blanket recommendations. Lots has been written about undefined behavior in C, but not much about the reasons why it exists.

The Vulkan 1. The days of Google Hangouts for consumers may be coming to an end in , according to a report from 9to5Google today. Additionally, it is suggested. Hangout is an app debuted in used for business purpose meetings. The conference calls made in hangouts were secured and simplified for which it was widely used by different organizations. Recently an update posted on 9to5Google stated that Google Hangouts was shutting down. According to the article, some sources confirmed the shutdown of Google Hangouts by This news created a wave of articles in just a few hours.

But it was never going to happen. This project nicely touched upon many fields of computer science: First we need systems expertise to mount a side-channel attack that uses cache timing difference to observe which line of a square-and-multiply algorithm the target process is executing. Then we need algorithm analysis required to learn from these observations partial information about the bits of the private key. This part includes nice PLy concepts like rewrite rules see Section 3.

Oncee we know enough about the secret keys, we can use fancy cryptography to recover the whole secret key Section 3. In preparing the contract, the agency consulted more than 40 outside experts, such as hospital executives, according to the records, which were released under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Mar-a-Lago trio were listed among those experts. Perlmutter, a comic book tycoon, appears on the list between representatives from the University of Washington Medical Center, Intermountain Healthcare and Johns Hopkins University. But none of the three men has served in the U. The records show them editing the budget for a government program, weighing in on job candidates and being treated as having decision-making authority on policy initiatives.

Debates on economic policy are often far removed from reality. Nowhere is this truer than in the case of prescription drug prices. In the United States, we pay high drug prices because the government gives pharmaceutical companies patent monopolies, where it threatens to arrest anyone that sells a drug in competition with the patent holder. As a result, drugs often sell for prices that are several thousand percent above their free market price. Incredibly, in debates on drug prices, these monopoly prices are routinely described as being the result of the free market, turning reality completely on its head.

The people who want to lower drug prices are then said to be trying to interfere with the free market, which we are all supposed to think is a bad thing to do. This is one of the reasons why a new bill to lower drug prices by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ro Khanna is so brilliant. The bill is actually lowering drug prices by using the power of the market, making it clear that the proponents of high drug prices are the ones who want the government to interfere with the market to keep drug company profits high. George H. Despite promises to do more after he was elected president, George H.

He was recently appointed Daniel H. Renberg chair of media coverage in sexual and gender minorities at Northwestern University. Legislators scheduled hearings on another bill that would criminalize abortion, potentially threatening patients and providers with the death penalty. When I started getting more involved in discussions about animal farming, I knew I had to see the inside of one of these facilities for myself. I finally got my opportunity with a rescue team from a California farmed animal sanctuary.

In , a year-old Cree woman, nicknamed S. After she gave birth, she says, she was wheeled into an operating room to be sterilized. She says she desperately protested, but no one listened. This claim is laid out in a new class action lawsuit alleging widespread abuse of power by Saskatchewan health professionals and the violation of many indigenous women when they were at their most vulnerable. If successful, the women in the lawsuit will each be entitled to millions of dollars of reparations from the Saskatchewan and Canadian governments and their health systems.

While these women may only represent a fraction of the people negatively affected by forced sterilization in Canada, their lawsuit is recognition of the ubiquity of the practice—and its consequences. Attorney Alisa Lombard is directing the lawsuit. Josh and Kurt talk about how open source deals with malicious events. We start to discuss what you can do, since everyone is using open source everywhere now. There will be a second part to this episode where we discuss what the future holds for these sort of problems. I was learning, and learning is fun. I gave it away because it was easy to do so, and because sharing helps learning too.

I think most of the small modules on npm were created for reasons like this. On this point, as with many others related to Internet security and privacy, I found it hard to argue with the opinion of my home state Senator Mark Warner D-Va. We must pass laws that require data minimization, ensuring companies do not keep sensitive data that they no longer need.

And it is past time we enact data security laws that ensure companies account for security costs rather than making their consumers shoulder the burden and harms resulting from these lapses. Lines of succession vary from company to company, but new research showed a spread of opinions about who is best qualified to become the next CEO hint: CIOs are pretty ambitious. But do CISOs have what it takes? Some digital oscilloscopes that can communicate over the network fail to provide a minimum of security protections and allow unfettered access to unauthorized users.

Oscilloscopes are laboratory instruments that can measure how an electrical signal changes over time by showing a waveform representation. They are widely considered the center of an electronic lab bench since they are useful to any professional doing repairs on electronic gear. So tampering with the values it measures can do a lot of damage, especially in production environments. Only recently and on November 11, , French President Emmanuelle Macron hosted sixty poppy-clad world leaders attending the one-hundred year commemoration of World War I, an ignoble war that set the stage for a century beset by the bloodiest wars in recorded history.

These dastardly wars continue to plague humanity even into the nascent 21st century. And on June 28, , the treaty of Versailles was signed, and ever since, the new appellation for this commemoration goes by the moniker Armistice Day Commemoration. Nationalism, militarism, ethnocentrism, nativism, an arms race, demagoguery, self-interest, exploitation and colonial competition for natural resources across Asia and Africa were the major causes that helped launch World War I.

While authors, poets, and playwrights have written works that recount the horrors of World War I, visual artists have perhaps best captured the depravities of war and their dehumanizing impact on humanity. Policy, is a military attack on Iran. Such an attack would be a leap into darkness, since most Americans—and their government in particular—are virtually clueless about the country we seem bound to go to war with. Throwing a little light on that darkness is a major reason Erlich wrote the book. For over 18 years he has reported on Iran, talking with important government figures and everyday people and writing articles on the country that increasingly looks to be our next little war.

Bush was a bit of a public predator. What was missing was any critique of how Bush set the stage for unbridled U. The story of Iraqi soldiers throwing infants from incubators onto the floor of a hospital in Kuwait proved to be completely unfounded. So, I do not use ANY of the fancy tools that apparently make me some sort of pariah. There is a lot not to like about Microsoft but increasingly, their development story is not one of them. Another ironic thing is that I am embarrassed that I spent a few years of my life developing software in PHP.

Please do not judge me for that either. I have no respect for popularity contests. Talent is talent. Preference and accidents of history have nothing to do with it. I will agree with the author on one thing though: do not use. NET if your goal is to sell your start-up or maybe even just if you want to run one. He may be an asshat, but his ignorance is not lonely. There is a big bias against. Basically, the lesson in this guys argument is entirely non-technical.

Which is pretty funny given that he is trying to be technically elitist. PHP clearly sucks as a technology but you cannot deny the fact that a lot of money has been made peddling PHP solutions to the world. NET is a set of languages that is designed to sequester you exclusively to MS.

NET takes this to an unprecedented level of oversimplification. NET union, its all bark. Perhaps if he mentioned that instead of pretending to be technically elitist then maybe I could take him seriously. Looks like your intelligence is on par with this company. I found this article somewhat amusing. I enjoyed reading it. But unlike the other hundreds of people who have commented, I understand that not everything can be taken at face-value.

I believe that the point David is trying to make is one that. Someone who possibly has some lower level experience, who has actually messed around with a variety of languages and tools will generally be more competent than someone who has only used. You may cry out that this is stereotyping, but David is a recruiter; sometimes it is faster to stereotype because stereotypes exist for a reason. At least that is my take, and I personally do not enjoy. NET as a platform at all. In fact, the massive outcry from the butt-hurt.

I am the VP of Engineering at a cutting-edge startup that sells software built on the. NET platform. Your ignorance and arrogance has really made my day — keep up the good work! NET or any other variety. Sorry about that, but you show some serious misunderstandings if you think. It has never been done for any real-world, non-trivial application. Oh wow. The irony here is amazing.

You whine about how hard it is to find good engineers, then go on and on about how you intentionally avoid at least half of the market for skilled people? You deserve to run into the ground. This article is absolutely terrible. Net not be natively capable of your 1. I learned C and. They use the MVC framework, which gets almost entirely out of your way. How am I prevented from making a 1.

Can you articulate that? Please be specific. I do all my editing in Vim, building from the command line. Builds, testing, deployment, etc. How exactly are the tools thinking for me? Also, could you tell us how is. NET limiting sites like Stackoverflow. Like what?! CEO Friday? I run a. NET development team and before this gig I spent 4 years running a web app written in. Look at many. NET web apps and see all the crap in the page from old style viewstate through to a random scattering of styles and completely unreadable config files.

Yes, you can get great web apps written in. NET but in my experience they are few and far between…. Hey, David, where can I download that. Net language from? Sounds interesting. Most of my past experience is in the STL and Qt languages. I started. Net development, and now I mentor a large portion of the workforce in the new, publicly listed. Net shop I work at now. Your discrimination would have skipped over myself, and many like me, who are able to self-learn, and willing to put themselves in uncomfortable positions, and solve problems, rather than blame the technology.

And the best will have enough knowledge to provide you with the best solutions, instead of the ones that fit in with their current knowledge. I suggest to all those angry, angry commenters to actually read the article. It is obvious that. NET is designed to lock you into one platform, one set of tools. That you personally have not had that experience is irrelevant. Furthermore the author points out that. NET experience on a resume means you need to ask WHY, get a feel for what it means in that case, that person.

There are plenty of ways of weeding out resumes, most of which will accidentally make you throw away some good ones. Looking out of. NET experience is just that, a way of weeding out resumes, and will sometimes make you lose a good coder. The irony of this article truly amuses me. The difference being that I know my generalization is dumb, and without much merit. The fact that you think yours rings so true as to make a blog post about it actually annoys me that it reinforces my stereotype.

Good luck hiring the best and the brightest.

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If your desire was to make yourself look like an ignorant internet troll … I believe you have succeeded. How wrong he is! You can make creme brulee or roasted duck with. And 1. And for Burger you will need less time to prepare it. I doubt anything can beat it the rest of this year. A language is just a tool for a good developer, not a limitation. Half the time those things are too limiting and you have to roll your own.

Shame on you for spinning your desire for junior developers as being solely related to cost. You have no idea what you are talking about. Have you ever wrote a few lines of code in. Or seen any real life system build with it? NET fan boy. I started writing large-scale applications using. NET about 3 years ago. Before that I worked primarily in Java for over 10 years. I also know numerous other programming languages and have worked with many software development platforms over the last 25 years. If David is serious, then he is at least a very ignorant person.

U Mad? The whole Expensify application appears to be written on PHP. The vast majority of patterns and architecture patterns that we see in PHP, Ruby and other scripting languages are incomplete implementations of stuff the Java and C guys created. You sound like a developer who really pays attention to details.

Oh, and your evanglists for Expensify? NET every day. Seriously, I have been programming in functional languages for years and I think I kick butt in F. I could kick any of your developers butt in a hackathon. You have to understand what you are writing in the internet. I may be a newbie. Net ones.

It is a highly customisable and flexible language. It is the developer who counts, not the language. And FYI — My brother is a fussy eater, no pickles and stuff — every time we go to Mcdonalds, they are happy to customise the burger! This is overly ridiculous. DotNet serves a clear purpose and is one of the most widespread frameworks of the moment. I agree that if VB. But C and F have lots of high quality, and high-intelligence applications.

Why reinvent the wheel every time you create a car…. Let me se if I can find middle ground. I think this is a bad translation of a revival issue into CEO speak. The problem is that there are a lot of tool jockies out there, far more than good programmers.

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Microsoft designs for tool jockies. Ruby takes on down this path as well. The shocking level of naivete you demonstrate in this post by criticizing a major and admittedly accessible programming runtime makes me question your capacity to run a -software company-. Lambdas, Generics, Anonymous functions and the new dynamic assignment in C 4 demonstrate to me as a programmer that one thing Microsoft -can- do is create a great programming runtime.

Hmm… strange that you think. NET crowd or anyone else. NET, F like Scala , etc, are languages. Job done. Made my first php website in 4th grade. Saw the potential of clientside JavaScript in middle school… Etc… I spend half my life turning down job offers from startups because I currently have a real job, with a real company. I work in. But I suppose someone has to be part of the 9-out-ofstart-ups-fail crowd. McDonalds serves a 1.

But perhaps if you spent your youth killing and roasting squirrels you missed out on such things as a trip through an educational institution. NET is one obvious choice for writing client software — especially since MonoMac became viable. The reasoning behind this post is questionable. FYI, McDonalds earns about 20 billion per year, and each store earns about 2 million. Analogy: One is building a sky scraper. Hiring manager: If one has a lot of experience with large building cranes and operations, the hiring manager rules them out.

PHP is a software equivalent of McDonalds, anyone can code in it and most people are ashamed to do it. Ok, this is just stupid and encourages me not to hire anyone from Expensify or use their products — which is bad for your backers and workers, since I work for a corp with very deep pockets.

Let me let you into a secret of hiring, applying a stupid bias to the hiring process, a bias based off of elitism and ignorance, is a sure way of ensuring the startup needs adult supervision. Posting it on a blog post is a great way of proving it. Hopefully your backers are slapping you in the back of the head. I hire. Net programmers and developers. The second group tends to get sent to C training. Two reasons, we like to have some base experience and.

Net makes a great language to hammer out fast solutions that work and are reasonably secure. In addition, I can find C developers easily. I guess you never had a vital member of your team leave, get fired, join the Catholic Church, or die? Matter of fact, I bet you, as CIO, are the best developer on your team, at least in your mind. My last three devs to leave went to GE, Google, and Apple, respectively. As for yours being tuff, let me put it this way.

We tend to take vendors wanting us to spend money with them to the firing range. Nothing says contraction negotiation like the smell of cordite. Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with it before making assumptions about what it is, and what it is not. NET development. NET development as it existed 5 years ago. NET world. The de-facto way to create Web Apps in. NET to code closer to the metal e. This is also completele false. Open source tools are very popular in the. Tools such as NHibernate, Castle Windsor, lots of.

Many ASP. NET devs also do Ruby on Rails development. While the McDonalds kitchen style of developer you describe does exist, and probably in resonably large enough quantities, most other platforms have this problem too. Is it statically or dynamically typed? Is it OO, functional, whatever? I Googled for the. I looked at rosettacode, and looked for programming language benchmarks, and could not find it. Of course I found a great many that target the clr, just as there a great many that target the jvm, but I could not find one called.

Please help me out — I would like to review this language. Where can I find information about it? If so, the yes, indeed there is a clr programming language, or perhaps I should say that you can program in clr but it is not called a language. I doubt that you will find many people who have programmed in clr I have , and even if you do you should not reject them because they are almost certainly way above average in programming skills. Perhaps you meant to say that you would not hire anyone in a language that has an implementation that targets the clr or the.

I would gently suggest that there are some genius programmers who use one or more of these programming languages.

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I read a lot of resumes, and I have never found one that indicated programming experience in the. BTW, I am not looking for a job, and you would not hire me anyway because I have programmed in clr. If all you eat is mcdonalds or squirrels all day then you have a sad life. This is one of the worst articles on technology I have ever read! Utter bullshit. In fact, while I liked your initial claim that attitude is a required component, so is fact checking.

While a desire to change the world is a pre-requisite, so is humility. You are obviously not qualified to talk about it. So why are you doing it? NET for a variety of open and closed platforms. But you blew it, because you make bold statements without basis in fact. You are right about one thing. That the choice of technology I devote my time to is a choice. Excellent post as you clearly prove are an idiot, and have very little professionalism. You can be sure that no company that I ever advise with will in any way consider use of expensify for any type of service. Yes there are a lot of bad.

NET programmer, but there are a lot of bad php, java, dbas, support guys…etc… programmers as well. Net WebForms and are thus ignoring other amazing tools to come out of the. The depth of your ignorance is only matched by the shallowness of your knowledge on the subject. It is clear that good software engineers avoid you. So what an example you should have plenty of this 1.

Net, Python, r etc.. Sometimes other languages are better, but often. NET is the best choice. Sounds like you were exposed to. NET form design mode, where you drag things, follow blinking lights etc… This is an Infinitesimally small part of the. NET environment. I completely agree with the points in this article. Just kidding. I just felt bad for the CEO and wanted to stick up for him. What you just pasted here is purely based on your personal opinion but this is absolutely not a good article. Let me ask you this question, do you always cook your food by yourself? Why buy snacks.

Judging a platform based on how many startups are using is like taking driving advice from someone in a wrecked car. There are other factors which explain the correlation, such as the fact that startup are cash-strapped making free tools more attractive, but you jump merrily to positing causation:. Or contrast it with YOUR platform.

NET makes lazy coders or what. And it was slow going to master that. Fun does not include ERP or accounting or any other algorithmically non interesting character shuffling or dynamically generated SQL queries, so that you can collect micropayments from already broke teens. Get real! If you want rockstars, you had better get them a stadium with guitars and Marshall stacks.

Otherwise, for those yet-another-facebook-type social web apps, just hire competent programmers and give them salary and perks that normal professionals expect, and not hope that their compulsion covers for your managerial incompetence and angel investor micromanaging idiocy. I completely, absolutely agree with you —. NET and its ilk have destroyed efficient programming. Who cares if you can connect class A with class B? My four year old can do that.

Really skillful software engineers do not use. Perhaps if you had ever used any. NET is a framework, not a language you would know that you can be as high level or as low level as you want. What language would you promote using? I started programming when I was 8, and have used just about everything at this point in depth. For you to rule someone out on a resume because of them having.

NET experience shows how few interviews you must have. Hah great article. You just saved yourself so much time. There are businesses solely devoted to fixing poorly written and outsourced. NET apps the best fix is, throw it away and start over. Not true of any other language. Look if you want to discriminate based on some weird passion for programming languages, that is your concern. A decent programmer should know or have the ability to learn any of these quickly.

All of your rant reeks of ignorance. I used to be that way too 6 years ago living in a Unix only world and knowing only superficially about what. NET was. Now I know better. You have some catching up to do on what the. NET platform is and what are the parameters of measuring a platform. You got two out of three right when you said. Just as. Let the task dictate the data exchange format, the same as it should dictate the other implementation details.

For many tasks, XML is the least portable format. A good programmer will learn whatever language they need to learn. If C is the only language that a programmer knows, then this is potentially a serious problem. If a programmer knows C in addition to many other languages, this should not be a problem. What an appalingly ignorant opine! NET does NOT automate everything for you, nor does it lock you into using its class library or controls. Your piece shows a very ignorant and close minded approach to the. I would have expected more openess and research from a startup, and even more so from the CEO of one.

What would you say to an ALT. NET developer? NET is a large sector of the. The ALT. What you want to watch out for is not so much. NET experience itself, but an absence of experience outside. It sounds like you believe that every startup is a web-facing startup. I work for a startup. I program using the. I use the right tools for the right job. I work on a wide array of products, hardware and software. Embedded and desktop. Only a few are web-facing. Net framework. It depends on the requirements and the end-product. Oh, and if the.

Net framework for the front-end. Yes, I started programming back when I was in grade 5. I like to embrace different languages, but I tend to choose them based on efficiency and time-to-market. By discounting. Net, you are simply showing how narrow-minded you and your business are. I never put down a language or framework IF the person who chooses it can justify why it should be used over others.

To me,. Net is more valid than anything out there IF you want fast time-to-market and target a specific platform. Net is relatively new, and someone who graduated with only. Net experience, ya, ok, I can see some argument there. You need to see how this programmer thinks. It may have been a desperate situation, etc. One negative that I had is that I started on the Motorola processors, way back in grade 5, instead of Intel. I wrote in assembly, understood optimizations. Even now, in embedded programming, I need to know the architecture before I write code, and how the compiler optimizes, as the compiler is more efficient in certain handling structures and code flow than others.

Do you see Itel there? Because Intel offers optimized libraries and tools for math and parallel programming. I have to pick my battles and get a product out sooner than later. Why, because it was a startup and they needed to establish themselves. What did we do? Purchase IP from the vendors. Because it was faster to get a product out. By your way of thinking, I should have developed the libraries myself to really understand the inner workings. To be honest, I think it is a mistake to single out.

Hell, those guys have plenty of opportunities to choose from. I thus devised a very simple method. If hiring is the top priority for the quarter, you get your best senior technical people on it. No coding for a month. There is no substitute. Do you mean Mr.

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  • Berger, your CS prof? NET programmers are lost. Mate, you should actually take the other half of your time and actually understand the lie of the land with programming languages, and what writing code in Visual Studio actually means. Having worked in a. Our people write real code. Let us know when your programmers are supporting a company worth a couple of billion dollars. Yes — this was before PCs even existed. If the job calls for it, I do it. THAT is what makes a good programmer. NET is also a very good tool for productivity and the best programmers also know how to not waste time to write something that a framework already does for you.

    Phil, I agree completely with you except for a small detail, and well the first clause of your comment. He can and wants to miss out on them. He is looking for people who can think and are passionate about code, the design behind it, and life in general. It is a particular mindset he is grooming for his projects. And I agree completely with him. David Cutler declined to hire me because he said he had the design all done, and he needed coders, not people who could think.

    So sure, if you have a great architect in the wings and marketing has laid out a flawless MRD, and some brilliant team lead has polished off a functional spec that the architect says meets what the MRD specs and falls into the overall product design path, then, sure coders are a great asset. If you were planning on hiring the best programmers on Earth, you just blew it. No decent programmer will go to work for someone who holds such strong negative opinions based on vastly incorrect information.

    Programmers like most folks want jobs they can be proud of and boast about, not be embarrassed in front of their peers by sheer idiocy like this blog post. I completely agree. I have a general rule of thumb for developers that work for me. When in fact, they could just edit a few lines of the code to fix the problem. I understand how to mate hardware and software an develop applications with real-time performance on small MCUs with very limited resources. About two years ago I thought it was wise that I learn C and. NET just to make sure I had marketable skills in the workforce.

    I happen to like working with. Without repeating what most of the people commenting have already said, your idea on what. Net is seems kinda wrong. I have been programming in C for sometime and in PHP before that. Net websites. admin