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Guadagninos concern for representing gay romances is shared by other Western directors: a highlight of cinematic border crossings and contact zones as a backdrop for negotiating gender and race in professional and personal lives. But compared to the other films, Call Me By Your Name lacks a critique of class-based social inequality, revealing the limits of Guadagnino and possibly Italian fiction cinema on gay-themed subjects. He broadly researches on migration, mobilities, multiculturalism, media, rhetoric, ethics, masculinity, and meaning-making. My interest, and the focus of this paper, will be to explore whether contemporary transnational productions that have global distribution erase local specificity when making their LGBT characters legible to global audiences.

This paper seeks to investigate the kinds of cultural codes being used to represent these Italian LGBT identities. She is currently working on a co-edited volume on Queer Italian Media. Through the analysis of specific case studies — including Suburra: Blood on Rome , Gomorrah , Il Miracolo [The Miracle] — this paper will focus on the ways in which queer characters are represented, the discourses that circulate around them in the public sphere, as well as their apparent or mediated political potential.

Giovanna Maina is post-doc research fellow at the University of Sassari Italy. She has recently authored the book Corpi che si sfogliano. Her main research interests are contemporary alternative pornographies and Italian popular cinema. He has published widely on intertextuality, intermediality, media convergence, Italian popular cinema, and US pornography. Modelli di traduzione Are documentary films able to make a difference and surge above the fragmented, confusing, and noisy voices claiming our attention in the many social and digital spheres of our lives?

In other words, how can documentary films contribute meaningfully to social change? In this paper, I attempt to engage with these complex questions through a discussion of two films which are self-declared examples of documentaries for social change: Io sto con la sposa and 18 Ius Soli. Il diritto di essere italiani Both films address contested issues of citizenship, national identity, belonging, and mobility. These are matters which, arguably, rate highly among the most pressing concerns of our time. As far as the early production is concerned, the paper argues that the aesthetic of PCIs films was consequent to the subject of the film, and ultimately the outcome of a cultural and political elaboration carried out by the Party leadership and willingly adopted by Party filmmakers.

Communism, modernity and the left-wing North were associated with Socialist realism, in accordance with the Zhdanov Doctrine. Neorealism was the style of choice to represent backwardness and misery, and therefore the South of the country. The improvements in PCI film propaganda were also a consequence of the work by a new generation of professionals. The presentation will be using both conventional tools and a video-essay commentary. His research interests revolve principally around the history of the Italian Left, cinematic propaganda, cinema and history, and the public and political use of history.

Lo guarderanno circa dieci milioni di persone. Aree di studio: Media studies graphic novel, serie televisive , Geocritica, Women studies, Psicanalisi e Letteratura. Massimiliano L. During this period of political violence and organized as well as unorganized crime spreading uncontrollably through Italian streets, these films allegedly enabled viewers to purge themselves of the fear and intimidation they were subjected to in real life. In this paper, I show the limits of the established understanding of catharsis in this context and delineate better the cultural function of the specific cathartic dynamic at play in this filone of films.

His research interests include post-war Italian political cinema and literature, and experimental cinematic and literary works of the twentieth century. His dissertation focuses on Italian representations of political violence during the anni di piombo in film and literature. Molti registi in Europa e negli Stati Uniti allargarono i limiti dello stile classico di regia cinematografica, iscrivendosi in quella logica produttiva che David Bordwell ha descritto come intensified continuity.

Come funziona un genere cinematografico Vita e Pensiero, ; Psicologia di unemozione. The central hypothesis of a potential cues framework is that identification with a narrative character is a multidimensional experience for which different dimensions are evoked by different audio-visual cues. The conceptualization of identification distinguishes six dimensions: a spatiotemporal, a perceptual, a cognitive, a moral, an emotional, and an embodied dimension. It will be argued that from a cognitive perspective, a non-empirical approach and an empirical approach could be implemented in order to test the propositions.

His main areas of research are Italian crime fiction and Italian cinema. He is particularly interested in the Italian economic miracle and its influence on crime as reflected in Italian literature and cinema of the post war period.

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He is currently working on the concept of noir in the Italian context from a gender, cognitive and narratological theoretical approach. His early films used low-tech photographic methods to animate drawings as narratives in apartheid South Africa. Using techniques of the pentimento and the slowness of time-lapse photography, his practice positioned itself between media, later expanded into projections for opera and transnational statements, for example in response to the trauma of the current global refugee crisis. Rome: Triumphs and Laments is a metre drawing on the walls of the Tiber, a public communication about the history of the city.

Mimicking the film strip on a massive scale, this work takes drawing far beyond its once subservient role as preparation for the main event of painting, sculpture, or architecture. It is partly due to the confluence with film that drawing has been salvaged from its erstwhile prefatory role. Film and drawing together enables the expansion of the latter while contributing critically to the interruption of suture in the former. She holds a doctorate in Art History on the structural correlation between form and meaning in studio practices at the cusp of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, an MA Fine Arts and a BA Fine Arts.

Her recent research focuses on the expanded field of drawing, particularly in relation to history and political trauma in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Its history, landscapes, monuments, cultural elements and the character of its people have captivated the filmmakers and spectators from all over the world.

With a very developed cinematography since the silent period, directors of many countries decided to shoot there during the sound period, especially United States. Peplum, historical films, comedy and melodrama were the genres most developed in these years, especially between and The objectives of this work are to reflect on the tourist image that showed these Hollywood films shot in Italy, to observe which spaces are represented and to know which male and female characters are prototypes. His lines of research are articulated around the film adaptations of Tennessee Williams, the construction and analysis of the audiovisual character, the classical, Spanish and Italian cinema, and the film representation of the History of Education.

In particular, the urban scenarios designed for depicting a Roman upper-class group of bored intellectuals, have a pivotal role in the film: the city is indeed one of the main characters. More specifically, it will be studied how, through the use of montage, music and dialogues, Sorrentino is creating two different urban dimensions, based on two different kinds of Rome: one dark, contemporary and brutal, and the other sublime and beautiful, but trapped in the past.

Carla Molinari is currently Senior Lecturer in Architecture at the Leeds Beckett University and Honorary Associate of the University of Liverpool, conducting research on innovative interpretation of sequences and montage in architecture. She has a PhD in Theory and Critic of Architecture University Sapienza of Rome and has published on cinema and architecture, on the conception of architectural space and on cultural regeneration. In life, attempting to answer the question of fantasy always entails faulty imagined scenarios. Involving guilt in the process of casting suggests that it is an inherent part of the cinematographic image, as well as the process of creation—its translation from fantasy to film.

Her research focuses on film and: psychoanalysis; theory; gender and gender-crossing; holocaust representations; ethics and aesthetics. Her articles have appeared in international refereed journals. Her research deals with ethics in Israeli cinema and Holocaust representations, historical space in films, reflexivity, psychoanalysis, and aesthetics.

The collapse of medium-specific borders easily maps onto s political hopes. But is ekphrastic hope still imaginable today, when border crossings are a matter of profound anxiety? Her research focuses on moving-image art: video, experimental cinema, and new media. She is currently preparing a monograph on contemporary video art and painting: Old Masters in a Moving Mirror. The shows imaginary universe has been conceived in a way that allows complex and diverse forms of audience responses and engagement. Through offering up this systematic subversion of the rules, the show manages to generate contradictory feelings in audiences, ranging from fervent appreciation to agonized discomfort.

In this paper, the textual schematic of Game of Thrones is examined through the emotional reactions of Italian fans to themes and events of the show. In particular, the analysis of Italian followers comments on Game of Thrones, as reported in their own words, will be instrumental to illustrating the reasons for their passion for the series as well as the main concerns that arise during the viewing of this TV program.

I argue that this process of cultural translation significantly reveals anxieties that underlie contemporary Italian society, due to recent migrations and its long-unacknowledged colonial past. Through the adoption of an intersectional approach, I will examine the interracial relationship between Feven, an Eritrean-born woman, and Carlo, demonstrating that racial discourses are displaced onto gender preoccupations in a retreatist narrative that leaves race directly unaddressed.

Eleonora Sammartino holds a PhD in Film Studies from Kings College London, with a thesis on the relationship between gender identity and the contemporary American film musical. Her research interests include American film and theatre musical, feminist theories and popular media, star studies, and identity politics in Italian media. In particular, his Still Life shows the impact that the Three Gorges state-run hydro-electric dam project had on the social fabric of the local population.

The entire city of Fengjie had to be evacuated before disappearing under the waters of an artificially created lake. His traveling camera lingers with exceptionally slow long takes on the ruins scattered across the Po River delta region. The film is punctuated by interventions of the art critic John Berger who reads passages reflecting on the new aesthetics that those ruins impose to our gaze. She teaches literary theory, modern and postmodern literatures, and Italian literature and cinema.

She has published two co-authored books, Calvino newyorkese Avagliano, and Le eccentriche Tre lune, Bernadette Luciano , Professor of Italian at the University of Auckland, specializes in Italian cinema and cultural studies. Italy in split up for months on the destiny of over In a new law promoted by Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, set up even harder conditions for the approval of applications for citizenship and enables the loss of citizenship for people sentenced for terrorism. In the last few years, this need for rights and new narratives is beginning to be expressed in films and series also through the experiences of second-generation performers and directors.

This paper aims at offering a reasoned look at the image of this generation in transit as promoted by Italian films, documentaries, TV and web series. He runs the website Cinemafrica and the blog Cinemafrodiscendente. His latest publications include La cittadinanza come luogo di lotta. Per una controstoria postcoloniale del cinema italiano Aracne, The primary focus is on social, political, and gender issues and how they have come to shape the visual culture of our times.

His publications address interdisciplinary topics at the crossway of the Renaissance and later modernity. He then published a collection of essays titled Una serie ininterrotta di gesti riusciti Marsilio, and is now completing a book manuscript on Ariosto in the Machine Age. Per Francesco, la regista si rimette in gioco da artista, riproponendo una visione del mondo sempre attuale. Ha prodotto film e documentari e collabora a riviste specializzate. She coordinates the MA programme in Film Studies.

Between Philosophy and Literature Bloomsbury, , and E. Forster Revisited Solfanelli, She is currently completing a monograph on the filmic adaptations of Victorian and Neo-Victorian Literature. I prefer to live in Italy. For many people in the English-speaking world, Italy stands for beauty, passion and romance, and this is reflected in a long list of British and American movies. David Leans film Summer Madness perfectly illustrates this attitude. Set in Venice, the film recounts the love affair between an inexperienced American spinster Katherine Hepburn and her passionate Italian lover Rossano Brazzi.

Here, like in numerous other British and American movies which were often Italian co-productions , La Serenissima serves as a backdrop and inspiration for a romantic love story.

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Special attention will be paid to the citys function as a catalyst for erotic encounters. The films discussed can thus be seen as contributions to Italian erotic cinema, a chapter of Italian film history that still has to be written. Contestualmente la Film Commission ha generato un forte potere di attrazione sulle produzioni internazionali Europa, Stati Uniti, India , che hanno utilizzato il Salento come set codificando un altro tipo di paesaggio.

Questo intervento intende presentare alcuni casi di studio in grado di esemplificare gli approcci locali e transnazionali al paesaggio, sia in ambito documentaristico che finzionale. Fa parte del comitato di redazione di Segnocinema. As the West was forced to confront the rise of the former colonial, or economically colonized, world, a revolution occurred also at the level of language. Altrettanto importante, il documentario ottenne che la visione femminista dello stupro entrasse nella consapevolezza collettiva e nel dibattito nazionale sulla legge di riforma del delitto della violenza sessuale.

Women behaving badly in crime and prison drama Intellect, Tra i suoi lavori : Public engagement e civic agency: percorsi di educazione alla cittadinanza, in Serpieri R. Fabrizio , Representaciones y de construcciones , Dickinson, Madrid, ; con V. Giordano e S. Parisi eds. Esperienza e percezione del limite tra gli adolescenti , Franco Angeli, Milano, ; con L. Guadarrama Rico, J. Vilchis Valero. Suarez Villegas eds. Modelli, processi, contenuti , Carocci, Roma, I suoi interessi scientifici sono relativi al campo della comunicazione, del transmedia storytelling e dei consumi culturali.

Si occupa inoltre di rappresentazioni televisive, con particolare riferimento alla fiction. Il protagonismo femminile nella fiction italiana , in M. Buonanno a cura di , Il prisma dei generi Angeli ; Sulle onde sonore. Strategie e usi sociali della musica alla radio , in A. De Benedictis e F. I suoi principali interessi scientifici sono relativi al campo della comunicazione, dei social media e dei consumi culturali. Tra le sue principali pubblicazioni, Infiniti Anni Ottanta , Homo Communicans , Potere e comunicazione: Media, politica e istituzioni in tempi di crisi She will address La dolce vita as a musical continuum that fills up the vacuity of precarious existence, thus pointing as an idea to the ways in which sound as created artifact, through its own surplus, has the power to undermine subjectivity, while in the breaks of the continuum, sounds of nature become vehicles for an appeal to intimacy, interiority, and relational being.

She received her PhD from Brown. She is the author of Petrarchs Poetics and Literary History and essays in European medieval and Renaissance literature, European cinema studies, transnational feminist media studies, new media, border art, and eco-cinema. Her areas of interest include Italian cinema, Deleuzian theory, cinema of poetry, intermediality, literary translation, lyric essay and creative writing.

A poet and creative nonfiction writer, as well as a scholar, her lyric essay Marathon Meditation was published in the Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly Journal , and her untitled short poem recently won the Santa Clarita Sidewalk Poetry Contest. He has published on American, Italian-American, and Italian cinema.

Phantasmagoria, the Magic Lantern, the Moving Panorama, and then the cinematographic screens are just some of its most typical expressions. The digital revolution has intensified and multiplied our exposure to new screens, such as computer monitors, mobile phones, GPS devices, video games consoles, augmented reality, necessarily involving us in new experiences of mobility, tactility, interactivity, connectivity and immersion. This panel aims to explore how the Italian arts have creatively responded to the concept and materiality of screens in various forms of intermediality across cinema, video art, video installations, theatre, architecture and urban spaces across the decades.

Our papers will concentrate on three periods: ss, s and the New Millennium. Screens and theatricality in Italian art, c. This talk will consider this historical proliferation through the lens of art, by looking at various manifestations of — and takes on — the screen in Italian art of the period, focusing on the vetrini of Bruno Munari ss , the schermi and projections of Fabio Mauri ss , and the Environmental Screen of Marinella Pirelli Revisiting, among others, Michael Frieds well-known notion of theatricality or theatre , and Stanley Cavells conception of the screen as a barrier , I will consider how a significant number of artists in these decades sought to engage both cinema and theatre, and to challenge the barrier of the screen.

The engagement of the screen in the works of Munari, Mauri and Pirelli, where screens envelop ordinary objects, or become props or even stages for the viewer, are exemplary of such attempt to articulate cinema theatrically, so to speak, as an intermedial force which may undo, or at least re-draw, the boundaries of art and its disciplines. Her research explores the interrelations between art and cinema, film and photography, live and recorded media, with a focus on post practices. Emanuela Patti Royal Holloway, University of London, UK Beyond computer screens: projecting digital moving images in public spaces In this paper, I will explore creative practices which experimented with the projection of computer-generated images beyond their original setting, namely the computer monitor.

I will particularly emphasise and compare the purpose and reception of these practices in the period ss and today, as well as the role they have had in our perception of space. Her research interests range across a variety of areas, including modern and contemporary Italian culture, digital screen cultures, intermediality. Ha pubblicato il libro L'apocalisse postmoderna tra letteratura e cinema Le Lettere, , curato il volume Imaginary Films in Literature Rodopi, assieme a S.

Ercolino, M. Fusillo e L. Ha pubblicato articoli e saggi su cinema e letteratura, sul digital storytelling e i nuovi media. Collabora con diversi FilmFest e WebFest. Di prossima uscita il volume co-curato con Silvia Antosa, Sex t ualities. Morfologie del corpo tra visioni e narrazioni Mimesis, Chair: Colleen M. In Italy the series is available on TimVision and, similarly to the American context, followed by large audience.

Francesca is currently working a new edited collection on women and food in Italian literature, cinema and other forms of visual arts. I: De Gubernatis pp. Saint-Denys pp. Bindi pp. Nocentini pp. Puini pp. Massarani pp. Tenneroni from A. Canini pp. Motti, Adriana.

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Il Battaglione Italiano in Cina

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