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Refugee students arriving from countries around the world still retain their hope in the freedom offered in the United States,.

Instead of moaning the loss of manufacturing jobs, people from politics to the private sector must focus on creating a. Advancements in science and technology generate more jobs in STEM fields every day. But what about women in STEM? After many years of planning programs and writing evaluations for local, national and international public and private institutions, I realized that in order to instigate real change, I would have to seek out and apply new ideas, insights and inspirations from a wealth of sources both inside and outside traditional disciplines.

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Read more Photos Without Borders Photos of people and places throughout the world … View more. Reflecting on my participation View more. Links: Webpage Facebook Instagram. Last month, Olivier learned that after nearly ten years in Uganda, he and his family will be resettled to Sweden this summer through the United Nations resettlement program. I came in Uganda in December , and I am a Mushi by tribe.

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They call people from my tribe Rwandese, but this is just because we are on the border to Rwanda. We had a war between my tribe and others called Banyanga and Batembo. So this forced us to leave Congo. My journey from Congo to Uganda was very complicated, and this is because we didn't know where we were going. We came to Uganda without even knowing that we were going to Uganda. We were not the only family in that situation, running, there were many. We did not have money or travel document to pass to the border. We used the Bunagana border.

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On Tuesdays there was a market and everyone would pass that border as if to buy goods in the market, so that was how we crossed. Staying in Kampala is not that easy, especially if you are coming for the first time. First, you face the language barrier problem, but also you are going to be discriminated in each and everything you will be doing.

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Now when we do home visits with Soccer Without Borders to participant houses, I hear similar stories from parents. We started SWB as a football team which brought refugees together to have fun. I got involved because I thought it was the right thing for me to serve my fellow refugees.

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I understand better what kind of situation have they gone through to reach here, and what are they going through now. My goal for myself was to serve my fellow refugees.


If you have considered making a donation to SWB Nicaragua this year, please consider donating this morning before matching funds run out. Thank you so much for your continued support. When Soccer Without Borders launched a girls program in Granada, Nicaragua in , the state of girls and women's soccer in the country was inequitable to say the least.

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In a city of more than ,, there was not a single community sports league for girls, yet there were boys soccer and baseball leagues in virtually every age group. Nationally, there were four divisions of men's premier soccer, and just one nascent, under-funded premier league for women where many games got canceled due to lack of resources for travel.

We've also supported community organizations and schools in other cities throughout Nicaragua to do the same, including Matagalpa, Diriamba, Las Salinas, Ometepe, Managua, and Jalapa. Meanwhile, women's soccer champions at the Federation are working tirelessly to turn limited resources into maximum opportunity.