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Ce n'est pas un camping! Coup de coeur! Aubrac authentique tiny house. Terrasse de 17m2 au dessus de la piscine, vue sur la campagne. Loft dans Moulin, atypique. A cosy house with swimming-pool shared from mai-september depending on the weather! Advantage or disadvantage — Cantagal is somewhat isolated. The next grocery store is about 15 km away; therefore a car is indispensable.

WiFi on the central square Not adapted for handicap persons. There are also good restaurants in the local towns around a 25 minute drive. There are weekly markets in the neighbouring towns, which sell products from the region and of good quality for those, who want to provide for themselves. Bungalow in "Cantagal" for 4 pers.

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Located in the National Park of the Grands Causse, this beautiful 17th Century water mill and its th century house on a 3. Right next to a river cascading in front of the house, this old watermill house from the 17thth century is surrounded by beautiful, peaceful wild nature. The village can be seen from the house and yet you'll hardly notice, as the house is remote and isolated.

No noisy road around, no mass-tourism, just the sound of birds and tumbling water! On the terrace, you will enjoy your meals and barbecues around the table, in the shade of an old and centenarian Walnut tree. Good news: there are no mosquitoes!! Scattered around the house, you'll find hamacs for your siesta's, while those looking for a fresh dip will play in the clean and pure waters of the river or the mill's pond. Them little crawfish or frog hunters will love it! The house has a large living room, with a huge old wooden table for your evening meals, a tuned piano, a large fireplace.

The rooms are cosy and clean, all in simplicity. The kitchen is equipped with all modern commodities dishwasher, etc , and the bathroom is simple, yet practical and entirely renovated.

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Like I already said, it is an old house indeed, full of charm and personnality, yet you'll find all basic modern comfort electricty and water of course, Wi-Fi, a washing machine, etc But I'm warning you, you won't find Ikea furniture, there's no TV, the wooden floor creaks, the walls are not always straight It's cosy and clean inside, yet there might be here and there a tiny spiderweb that escaped my vigilance.

In short: this is a real old charming country house! The house is located below the village the village is on the hilltop, the watermill is down in the valley , along the river Vernobre which flows into the famous Tarn river, which is the touristic topper of the area. All kinds of watersports are possible canooing, rafting etc. It's a tremendously nice area for mountain biking, hiking You can also visit the village of Roquefort, known for it's world famous cheese, and the caves where it is still made traditionnally.

Un petit cocon tranquille. A 15 minutes de Gaillac, Cordes ou Albi. A tous, de toutes origines, bienvenus! Chambre avec lit 2 places. Parking gratuit et disponible en permanence.


Wifi gratuit. Partie repas avec table 4 places, chaises et banquette. Exclusion of homeless people and discrimination against them by the EU. EU funding of international gas pipeline construction projects. Problems encountered by Polish citizens working in the Netherlands. Implementation in Greece of legislation regarding the sale of food past its expiration date. Non-absorption of Rural Development Programme funds in Bulgaria.

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Directive on improving the gender balance among non-executive directors of companies listed on stock exchanges and related measures. Work and costs involved in administering the tobacco agreements. Animal welfare — exemption from cross-compliance rules. Financing of patents in the European Union. Contamination of the Japanese marine food chain. Planning of safety works and a new road system along the length of the River Entella and reclamation of an area of land along the river mouth.

Parent 1 and Parent 2 on Italian school forms — Gender equality policies and Community policies. It has also been noted that a memorandum of understanding has been signed with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Any legal entity regardless of its place of establishment and international organisations may participate in activities funded under Horizon However, like any other legal entity, Product Development Partnerships have to comply with the rules set for Horizon and the conditions laid down in the annual work programme.

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The Commission will cooperate with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation mainly through open coordination approaches and by pooling resources for commonly agreed funding priorities or jointly-funded activities, in particular through the EDCTP2 programme. The Commission has already taken a number of concrete steps in order to assist the European wine sector in the context of the ongoing trade defence investigations carried out by China.

First, the Commission already actively intervened in the pre-initiation consultations with China as a result of which China narrowed down the number of alleged subsidy schemes targeted by the investigation. Furthermore, the Commission submitted formal comments to China in order to highlight the weaknesses identified in the application made by the Chinese wine industry which triggered the investigation concerned.

The Commission will continue in the future to assist those selected companies in answering the questionnaires they received from China.

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Even if the mere initiation of Trade Defence investigations may indeed have some negative effects on trade, it is impossible to precisely establish their impact. The anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations are currently in their initial phases and no measures have been taken so far. Accuse di violazione di norme da parte della Repubblica maltese. La Commissaria agli Affari interni avrebbe accusato Malta di violazione di norme per il divieto di attracco della nave Salamis.

La commissaria ha sollevato la questione di una possibile violazione del diritto internazionale, tenendo conto della protezione dei migranti. The Commissioner for Home Affairs has apparently accused Malta of violating international law by preventing the tanker, Salamis from docking. Which international laws were breached and have infringement proceedings been opened as a result? If not, why not?

à : to, toward, towards

The Commissioner cautioned against a possible violation of international law, having in mind the protection of these migrants. According to the Treaty, the Commission may launch infringement proceedings in case of violation of Union law. The Treaty does not give the Commission the competence to launch infringement proceedings solely on the basis of international law. According to the Russian Central Bank, during the banking crisis in Cyprus and after the decision to perform a haircut on deposits, there was a huge exodus of Russian deposits from banks in Cyprus to banks in other Member States or in tax havens belonging to Member States.

Is it aware of these developments and how does it interpret these huge capital flows in such a short space of time? Does it take the view that they may be related to the crisis in the banking system in Cyprus and the decision to perform a haircut on deposits? Can it confirm that all the capital transfers were legitimate and that there are no issues of money laundering or other illegal acts? Why is Russian capital, which the Union considered undesirable and harmful in Cyprus, so welcome in other Member States, without the Union reacting as it did in Cyprus?

Will it investigate this serious matter and behave even-handedly, or will it continue to apply double standards in its relations with the Member States? These measures form the basis for restoring the viability of the financial sector. The Commission is aware of the amounts of Russian outward foreign direct investment FDI in the first quarter of referred to in the question. As long as investments are based on sound economic criteria, they are welcomed and can provide a win-win outcome for recipient countries and investors. The Commission is not aware of any illegality in the capital transfers and is confident that the Cypriot authorities would investigate any areas of suspicion.

At a wider level, the Commission is working with Cyprus and the Troika partners to make any necessary improvement in the anti-money laundering regime in Cyprus. One side effect of the Eurogroup's — in my view, completely misguided — decisions and the haircut on deposits imposed in Cyprus is the risk that the main systemic bank on the island may fall into the hands of foreign, non-European, especially Russian, interests.

The New York Times has also published an article pointing out the risk that the Bank of Cyprus may finally end up in Russian hands. As it tellingly notes: Was it aware of the above risk when the decisions were taken to perform a haircut on Cypriot deposits? Does it believe that the possible control of the main systemic bank in Cyprus by the so-called Russian oligarchs really represents a danger for the economy of Cyprus and the EU? If the answer to question 2 is in the affirmative, can it identify what these risks are and explain why they were ignored when the relevant decisions were taken?

In the light of this development, does the Council now realise that the decisions on Cyprus were mistaken and not sufficiently thought through and that they have had disastrous consequences, or does it still believe that they were the right decisions to take? That marked an important milestone for restoring confidence in the Cypriot financial sector. In the light of this development, does the Commission now realise that the decisions on Cyprus were mistaken and not sufficiently thought through and that they have had disastrous consequences, or does it still believe that they were the right decisions to take?

It is for the Cypriot authorities to decide on the organisation of the representation of shareholders in Bank of Cyprus and to strike the appropriate balance between shareholders rights and the potential governance issues, especially as a lot of depositors are now shareholders further to the restructuration. It is widely accepted that there has been a big increase in poverty in many EU Member States due to the ongoing economic crisis. Has this survey been completed?

L'illusion de la démocratie en France ? Juan Branco [EN DIRECT]

If so, can it use the findings of this survey to provide comparative data on poverty in the Member States? Cyprus, a country which has traditionally had a high proportion of persons living below the poverty line, particularly among the elderly, is currently facing a dramatic increase in poverty levels. What will it do to mitigate this phenomenon, which is making life extremely difficult for a large part of the population?

When the rescue package was being put together to save the economy of Cyprus, was any account taken of the likely impact of the measures on the level of poverty in the country? If so, how can the Commission explain the fact that poverty levels in the country are continuing to soar? Do any examples exist of good practices in some Member States which could be applied in other Member States? The current project on poverty mapping is about tracking spatial distribution of at-risk-of-poverty at a more detailed level, i.

The maps will be finished by the end of Dissemination activities will start in However, the maps are not intended to compare data on poverty. An integrated strategy to fight poverty and social exclusion has been developed at both European and national level. The crisis and the large fiscal consolidation efforts have led to growing inequalities. Concerning poverty and especially poverty among the elderly, the memorandum of understanding on Specific Economic Policy Conditionality. The new guaranteed minimum income scheme. Poverty and social exclusion statistics after are not yet available for Cyprus, but poverty levels are likely to be affected.

With respect to the welfare system, the programme puts emphasis on its crucial role as safety net, promoting its efficiency via streamlining, improved administrative capacity and better targeting. Examples of the social investment approach are explained in the relevant brochure. In the past, this Fund has been used in some cases to address the consequences of major fires, inter alia. Given that forest fires are very common in the Mediterranean Member States of the Union, especially during the summer due to the drought and high temperatures, will the Commission say:.

What amount of funding is still available from the Fund for the remainder of , and will this be sufficient to deal with the situation? It is possible to use Fund resources to repair damage caused by fires, and for the reforestation of forestry land affected by fires? What measures will it take to ensure that there is an effective policy in place to tackle the phenomenon of catastrophic forest fires? Can Cyprus, which has suffered a number of major fires this summer, apply for assistance from the Fund?

L'esprit souffle où il veut : Le mouvement féminin au XIIIe et au XIVe siècle

If so, under what conditions and what amount can it seek? No application relating to forest fires or drought has been received during this year. The Commission may not activate the Solidarity Fund upon is own initiative. The Fund can be activated if a major natural disaster occurs in a Member State or country in the process of negotiating its accession to the Union following an application by the country concerned. Very exceptionally, under specific conditions, the Fund can be mobilised for disasters with damage below the threshold.

Aid from the Solidarity Fund may be used for public emergency operations such as the restoration of essential infrastructure. Reforestation is not eligible. Amounts of aid are determined on the basis of the damage caused. The Commission stands ready to provide guidance. In the framework of shared management, it is the Member States and regions that decide how to use the EAFRD and the priority they give to forest fire prevention and restoration actions.

In the Greek-language version of its answer to my written question No. If the inclusion of the term was an error, is the Commission prepared to apologise and rectify its error? What will it do to prevent in future serious errors of this kind that could undermine relations between the Union and a Member State? The Commission services strive to ensure the quality of their texts, and errors such as that identified by the Honourable Member are very rare indeed.

Nevertheless, the Commission is constantly intensifying its efforts to produce documents of the highest quality. These flights are not only illegal, they also pose a threat to air traffic in the region, since they violate Nicosia FIR and other rights of the Republic of Cyprus.

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  7. Who will be responsible in the event that this unacceptable situation results in a plane crash in the region? That is because Japanese law stipulates that, in such cases, parental responsibility will be granted to only one of the parents, thereby denying the other parent visitation rights unless the custodial parent decides otherwise.

    It would seem that in May the Japanese Parliament joined some one hundred other countries in ratifying the Hague Convention against Parental Child Abduction, though it will only come into force in The children went to live in Japan and the father was granted no visitation rights, as no such right is provided for in Japanese law and as European court decisions cannot be enforced on family matters in Japan.

    The EU-Japan negotiations on the new free trade agreement can and must address issues relating to human rights and international civil law. This long-awaited development will strengthen the international legal framework aimed at protecting child's rights in cross-border disputes. The EU participated in some of the diplomatic demarches to encourage Japan to accede to the Convention as a follow-up of previous initiatives. However, the aim of the Convention is to ensure the prompt return of wrongfully removed or retained children through a system of cooperation among central authorities; it does not deal with the granting of visiting rights.

    Therefore, notwithstanding the foreseeable positive effects of this accession, it will not remove all sources of difficulties for mixed marriages. Pursuant to Japanese family law, in divorce proceedings, only one parent will have parental authority and no visiting rights are granted to the other. Thus, it may indeed happen that the child is indefinitely separated by one of the parents as a result of a divorce. We would like to inform the Honourable Member that, however, even at EU level, no legislation covers the granting of custody and the exercise of visiting rights, which are still governed by national law of the Member States.

    For the same reason and since this matter is not trade related, the Commission does not intend to address this issue in the Free Trade Agreement negotiations with Japan. Aus welchem Grund wurden die Stakeholder nicht von Beginn an in die Entwicklung der Methodik der Berater miteinbezogen? Es handelt sich nicht um eine lange Liste von Stoffen, die einer Neubewertung unterzogen werden. The Commission's advisers are once again proposing, in this context, a long list of substances for re-evaluation, although this was decisively rejected by Parliament when the directive was adopted. What action does the European Commission intend to take in order to respect the outcome of the long and thorough discussion of the recast of the RoHS Directive and in particular to comply with the European Parliament's wish that a long list of substances should not be presented?

    How does the Commission intend to prevent unnecessary economic damage arising in the context of the RoHS Directive — for example as a result of drawing up a long list of substances? Has the Commission conducted an assessment amongst stakeholders, in the context of the RoHS Directive or other sections of the legislation, to show the economic impact of the substances listed for review?

    Has the Commission or its advisers considered or included in their review the impact which the proposed approach of a long list will have on transatlantic trade? Why were stakeholders not brought in from the beginning in developing the methodology used by the advisers? We also have a large selection of new Volkswagen sport utility vehicles like the all-new Volkswagen Tiguan , the Volkswagen Touareg , and of course the midsize Volkswagen Atlas , Volkswagen's new three-seater SUV.

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