Lyons and Tigers and Bears

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Now she's celebrating a milestone birthday and she needs your help. Sadly this conflict often costs wild animals their lives. The black bear habitat is now home to five other rescued black bears. Your donation at any level will make Liberty's birthday wish come true! June 27, We wish you a lifetime of happiness. Tag them in the comments. LTB rescued him to save him from euthanasia. Their vision combined with razor sharp reflexes makes mountain lions skilled hunters. June 25, She doesn't love a lot of new people or noise. We respect her needs and keep her in quieter habitats where she can enjoy her personal space - which makes moments like these even more special to share.

June 21, June 19, Can you imagine waking up in your own luxurious retreat, to the roars of rescued lions and tigers? All proceeds benefit the rescued animals. Please tag them in the comments to help share this info! Any caption ideas? June 17, June 15, June 14, Hank needs your help. Of all the white tigers at LTB, Hank is the one with the most issues. You can see some just by looking at him. He's clearly cross-eyed - as are all white tigers.

These vision and body shape issues cause white tigers to suffer from poor mobility along with many other serious health conditions. He startles easily, often scared of his own tail. Due to the extensive inbreeding used to create white tigers - many suffer from severe and even fatal health impairments. White tigers are not a separate subspecies - they are inbred Bengal tigers and cross-bred tigers who've been bred to carry a rare recessive gene for white fur.

White tigers have no conservation value - they're bred solely in captivity for exploitation. Your donation today at any level provides critical care for Hank and all the rescued animals at LTB. Do you own any LTB gear? We have some exclusive items in our online shop - link in profile. Lean in - Tabu has something to share June 07, Is it too early for catnip? Bred for the exotic animal trade, these animals are often exploited, abused and even killed for parts.

Living with Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My

With your support, Moka will live out his life with dignity, respect and lifesaving care. Let us know in the comments if you have any ideas of how to celebrate Moka's first year at LTB. June 05, June 02, May 30, She and Delilah were the last remaining residents of a failed roadside zoo in Oklahoma.

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May 29, Like many performance animals, Zulu's canine teeth were previously filed down - which you can see in the close-up photo. Her weight fluctuates, but our veterinary team and keepers evaluate Zulu's needs each day to ensure this beautiful lioness has the best life possible. Thank you for ensuring Zulu and all the rescued animals receive the lifesaving care they need.

Can you identify this rescued LTB tiger?

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Is it you? Smells like a good weekend is coming. Are you ready? What word would you use to describe rescued black leopard Shadow? He was often sedated, so that he could be handled by people and used for photo ops. This took a toll on his overall health. Happy Whisker Wednesday from rescued bobcat RJ! Crystal runs right over when visitors arrive. She loves people watching as much as people love to see her. They're bengal tigers and mixed breed tigers who've been inbred for a rare recessive gene associated with white fur.

Sadly this in-breeding causes white tigers to suffer high rates of serious health problems including vision impairment and facial malformations. All the white tigers you see today have been inbred in captivity and have no conservation value.

This attraction features animals

Happy Meatball Monday! Sleeping in on the big day? Your winning bid provides lifesaving care to all the animals. Thank you! May 16, Life was never easy for Zulu. Like many performance lions, Zulu's canine teeth were filed down, exposing her roots to painful ongoing dental infections. Thanks to your support, she's now received extensive dental work on all of her canines. Like all of our rescued animals, she requires ongoing dental treatment. Zulu also has an oral mass that we continue to monitor. Her weight fluctuates, but she is stable now, and our veterinary team and keepers evaluate Zulu's needs each day to ensure this beautiful lioness has the best life possible.

She is thriving in her multi-acre habitat alongside her sister, Arusha and companion, Louie. Text WIC to and bid in the silent auction, which goes live Friday. May 15, Agree or disagree? May 14, Text WIC to to get started. Anyone have a caption for Teddy? May 12, May 11, Who are you rolling with this Caturday? Is your mom an animal lover too? She shares her habitat with her much loved brother, Albert. See the resemblance?

Who can relate?

The Exhibition

May 08, Are you coming to Wild in the Country in 10 days? May 07, The rescued animals have many cute and silly moments - which we love to share! No one needs a lion, tiger or bear as a backyard pet. Are you greeting Monday with a grin or a growl? Look who's up! He woke up a few weeks ago ready for action.

Doesn't he look well rested? Can you name either of her companions? May 03, May 01, Do you have your tickets yet?

Have you ever fed Zulu or Louie? Were they this polite? Do you have a Monday caption for rescued tiger Maverick? The official countdown starts now! Tickets are going fast and only VIP tickets will be sold! Fierce,fast and powerful, leopards are known for their strength. Conga is all these things and more. Playful, agile, clever and curious, this gorgeous girl is celebrating her birthday this week. Any birthday wishes to share? If you had to describe Bakari in one word, what would it be? Can you name any of the other animal besties at LTB? April 25, Keeper Darby is feeding Louie some chicken along with his daily arthritis medication.

Have you ever fed one of the rescued animals at LTB? Conrad is one of three rescued mountain lions living at LTB. What's your favorite picnic location? The animals used for these opportunities are exposed to devastating cruelty. There are no legitimate accredited sanctuaries or zoos that allow hands-on encounters with tigers or other apex predators.

Please share this information to help raise needed awareness!!! April 21, What would you put in a bear's Easter basket? Didn't she do an awesome job? Happy Easter from all of us at LTB! We celebrated Maverick's birthday during the 10 am visit today. He had never seen streamers before! Exploring new enrichment like this is a great mental challenge. Happy birthday big guy! April 19, Tell us how you really feel Louie!!!

They often roar to tell each other where they are, intimidate intruders, or to warn each other of possible danger. Lions don't love water, but Zulu is motivated! April 17, Here's an update from Bobbi regarding next steps, plus photos of Lyka, her father - Pael, and Edmund the tiger. April 16, Here is a recap from Founder and Director Bobbi Brink on next steps. RSVP link in profile and join the fun!

LIONS and TIGERS and BEARS. . .Oh My! Animals of Connecticut and the World

Do you have an early birthday wish for the big guy? April 14, April 13, At just 21 months old, this youngster is still growing. Do you know at what age tigers are considered full grown? April 10, April 09, An update for you from the Philippines!!! We're happy to report that Lyka the lioness underwent a complete physical exam under sedation yesterday and is recovering well.

The procedure was led by wildlife veterinarian, Dr. Despite the very rainy conditions throughout the day, everything ran according to plan. Lyka was sedated and overall the procedure ran very smooth. Lyka remained stable as the team monitored her heart rate and respiration throughout the procedure. Blood was drawn, a fecal sample was taken and Lyka underwent a complete physical examination.

The approach used to sedate Lyka was unique, as the drugs typically used to sedate big cats in the U. As such, lead veterinarian, Dr. Donato, utilized a sedative with reversal paired with anesthetic gas to limit the adverse side affects of other sedative options available. Upon examination, Dr. Donato diagnosed Lyka with a fracture to her right fore shoulder, that is now healed, although not correctly.

The fracture is part of the reason for Lyka's abnormal gait. In addition, Lyka also suffers from metabolic bone disease as a result of improper nutrition as a cub. This condition is irreversible.

Lyka's eyes were thoroughly assessed and Lyka was diagnosed with chronic dry eye syndrome, glaucoma in both eyes and neovascularization in her left eye. Her intraocular pressure was measured at nearly double what a normal reading should be. It is safe to say that Lyka does not have sight in either eye. Our team will be formulating next steps for Lyka and treatment of her painful glaucoma. Lyka was not the only patient during our medical mission. Maasin City Zoo is also home to a year old male Lyka's father and two tigers.

One of the tigers, named Edmund is approximately years old and is living in a small enclosure. After Lyka's treatment, our team was able to assess Edmund. We will post an update on Edmund today as well. Please donate today to support this mission, link in profile. Frick, Frack and Billy: reporting for duty These furry friends have a job to do, can you guess what it is? April 08, Lyka's story has drawn international attention as visitors of the zoo have brought light to her cause.

Lyka was born at the zoo, six years ago, and after just six months, her litter mates all passed away, leaving Lyka as the sole survivor. Lead veterinarian, Dr. Nielsen Donato, and his team visually assessed Lyka over the course of the day. Lyka suffers from metabolic bone disease which caused her to break her foot after birth , rickets, and malformations - all of which were perpetuated by poor breeding practices, and improper nutrition by previous zoo management.

The team will be able to better diagnose Lyka's eye condition during her physical examination. The next steps will be to provide Lyka with a thorough physical examination under anesthetic. This procedure will be the first veterinary examination ever for the lioness. Our skilled veterinary team will be taking every precaution necessary. As with any procedure that involves sedation - it always comes with risks. With no formal medical history to refer to, and with Lyka's apparent health issues, our team will utilize the safest means possible to provide Lyka with this very necessary medical exam so we can properly diagnose and treat her conditions.

April 07, This encourages foraging, which helps keeps the bears physically active and mentally stimulated. Lyka Mission Update! Your support has helped make this mission possible! Installation requirements vary considerably depending on the size and complexity of the exhibition.

For smaller photography exhibitions, installation may take only a few days with minimal staff. For larger exhibitions with exhibition furniture, audio, visual elements, and artifacts, it may take two weeks. The traveling exhibitions manager will work closely with you and your staff to develop a detailed installation and de-installation plan tailored to your needs and exhibition characteristics. Once a contract is executed, National Geographic provides access to exhibition marketing assets and can provide guidance on usage and strategy.

All materials produced by the host venue must be approved by National Geographic before being released for public consumption. Additionally, the credit line must be present in all marketing materials in a prominent location. The credit line shall read:. National Geographic has placed exhibitions in more than 40 countries worldwide, which has been viewed by millions of visitors.

Content for the exhibitions are provided via digital delivery; thereby eliminating costly customs and shipping fees. Please connect with us via the hosting request form and the manager for international traveling exhibitions will be in touch with more information regarding available shows. View a list of available exhibitions to learn more about what National Geographic currently has to offer. Contact our team to speak to a traveling exhibitions manager with any questions, or to discuss how we can customize exhibitions to meet your venue requirements.

Be the first to hear about new traveling exhibitions and digital offerings in our quarterly newsletter. Sign Up. Donate Account. This exhibition attests to the wildness and beauty of lions and tigers and bears. Not available for venues outside of the U. Photograph by Michael Nichols. About this Exhibition Though they are extremely powerful, lions, tigers, and bears need not be feared as Dorothy and her friends famously did along the Yellow Brick Road. Exhibition Info 50 framed photographs Text panels Wall vinyl files Books available Speaker opportunities 2, square feet.

First Name. Last Name. Institution Name. Ideal Dates. Interested in multiple exhibits? Which ones? The Exhibition. Kaziranga National Park, camera trap. Consort of Kibumbu pride females with a new coalition of inexperienced young males 3 one week after they had mated with the resident dominant male.. Gore Climate Reality Antarctica Photograph by Paul Nicklen. Bears in the Great Bear Rainforest. White Kermode or Spirit Bears and Black bears. Education Resources. Tigers in the Sundarbans Increasing human fatalities from tiger attacks lead villagers to try new tactics to outsmart the felines.

Stock the Book A dramatically close encounter with tigers in their native lands, documented by award-winning National Geographic photographer Steve Winter, tells the story of the worldwide fight to protect the species. Tigers Forever. Speaker: Steve Winter Wildlife photographer Steve Winter has spent over 20 years leading photographic expeditions to remote locations around the world on a mission to save big cats. Learn More. admin