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The show also changed name and, most bizarrely, location.

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The show was now called Saved By The Bell. The location was now a high school named Bayside High in California. I had a friend who watched the show in syndication and was thrown when first he saw a first season show where they said they were in Indianapolis and then saw a second season show where the kids went,"Hey, we're going to the beach!

The show became big as Saved By The Bell, especially when it went into daily syndication. You couldn't help but catch an episode here and there. It always seemed to be on somewhere.

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The new show kept three of the kids from Good Morning Miss Bliss: Zack, his geek friend named Screech and Lisa the pretty rich black girl Screech was in love with. Unfortunately, Lisa could barely stomach Screech. Truth be told, the same could be said about the audience I think. When Dustin Diamond who played Screech was little, he was cutely geeky and harmless.

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As he grew up though, he started mugging to the camera with goofy faces more and more and he came up with a way of delivering his lines where his voice would go from deep to high pitched that Three new students were added. Kelly was a pretty brunette who Zack pursued.

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Jessie was the pretty but more athletic and intelligent girl who, uh, Zack also pursued. It was sort of that Betty and Veronica thing. In the end Zack chose to pursue Kelly only. Slater was the new jock in town. His dad was in the military so he had up till that point frequently moved from town to town.

The show was popular enough that it ran for four more years in addition to the Miss Bliss year. The problem with High School shows though is that the kids have to graduate. So at the end of the season, the kids did just that. Since the show had done so well though, NBC was loathe to give it up altogether. The new show had four of the gang all attending fictional California University. Zack, Screech, A. I guess either college or prime time - or maybe both - just weren't right for the show because after one season nobody was saved from cancellation.

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The show wasn't totally dead though. The original cast reunited for a couple TV movies including one which finally saw Zack and Kelly getting married. It was basically Saved By The Bell with new kids. Includes a great combination of handy, stylish items to make her feel special as well as a few treats and snacks that will put a smile on that beautiful face!

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