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It has colors, textures, tones, and if he were a man with a greater inclination towards the arts he might have tried to describe them. But then again, maybe not. The silence is soft and distant, unassuming, as he flicks his eyes unseeingly over the lines of the newspaper.

His target is seated across the square, currently being served coffee by an impolite waitress. Bond has already made it clear that Q is not to solve his crosswords for him, so instead the line is quiet. The close sound of breathing is absent, an anesthetized grey, so he knows that he's on speakerphone, the rustling of his papers and the muted birdsong echoing off of the cinderblock walls of the MI6 basement.

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A suspicious shuffle of an older man taking off his coat has Bond standing and doing a slow walk around the perimeter, and the silence shifts. It's aware as he hunts, aware in a strange way that Bond can't classify in words, but the blank of the earbud seems attentive and bright and focused suddenly when he stands.

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When he puts a hand to the gun in his shoulder holster, there's a faint crackling sound for just a moment before the silence changes again. Now it's breathing, steady and soft like old cotton, slightly static around the edges from how close the microphone is to Q's lips, no longer on speakerphone, and Bond can almost imagine the warmth on his ear from his breath.

Q mumbles something acidic about disrespect for tea, which Bond doesn't dignify with a response. He slips quickly around the cafe onto the street, hopping into the waiting car and settling into the chase. As the car's suspension jitters and hops with the cracks between the cobblestones, the silence in his ear is punctuated by the staccato gunshot clacks of a keyboard, rattling off faster than Bond would have thought possible three months ago before he met him.

Roosenberg Revisited - Singing Silence

The streetlights all turn miraculously green the instant he reaches them, and the GPS hooked onto the dashboard lights up unbidden with a bright green route, entirely illegal, that takes him on shortcuts through tunnels and yards. When he jerks the car sharply to the right to crash into the side of the target's, glass shattering and metal crumpling, the noise of a pen cap being chewed anxiously invades his ear.

He jumps out of the driver's seat, gun already drawn, and enters into the fray. The crunching in his ear is almost drowned out by the gunshots and the shouting, but it runs beneath it, a familiar undercurrent. First, he worked as a porter on a quay, at which he set himself a goal: to be a successful porter.

Into Every Singing Silence by Hilda Wales

Secondly, he accidentally made a serious mistake, for which he determined to make up for the loss. Thirdly, Vicente tried to learn a completely new activity in his 60s, which turned out to be another goal to attain. Finally, he realized his dreams dramatically.

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Through this story, Eva-Lis Wuorio intends for the reader to appreciate that individuals may become more fulfilled if we sacrifice conventional lives because we will always have a new struggling aim resulting in our active participation in our jobs, confidence about the amending for our mistakes, courage to face challenges and the understanding of real life meaning. Wuorio P He left his hometown and ended up a porter on a quay.

An unstable life gives Vicente a reason to look forward to a more comfortable life, which becomes an impetus for him to participate in his new job. The amphora was so valuable that Vicente would have to work hard for his whole life to pay for the damage.

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But he had complete confidence that he could earn enough money one day. The process of Vicente making money to compensate for the damage is actually a journey to get a better life. Despite the failure he had to face, he had courage to succeed. Vicente believed in himself that he could do it.

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