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Edit profile. Pimp my cookie. Abstract form of splash water aireo Pin it. Ink brush stroke different grunge creative element paintbrush gstudioimagen Vector milk microone Big set of brush strokes. Watercolor splashes in six colors grfxrf Set of abstract modern liquid elements. Water splash user Black paint splashes milano83 Abstract blue watercolor splash background Harryarts Small kid splashing water on beach freepik 0.

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Your end-to-end event marketing technology. More than half of the Fortune trust Splash to power the core of their marketing mix. More than half the Fortune trust Splash to power the core of their marketing mix. Execute, measure, and scale your event programs.

Where else could a family have quite so much fun under one roof?

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More leads, more opportunities, stronger customer relationships. Events for Recruiting. Source, attract, and engage the right candidates. Is your business ready to drive real results with events? Request a Demo Text goes here. For Marketing Text goes here. For Sales Text goes here. For Recruiting Text goes here. For Ticketing Text goes here. Overview Text goes here. Design Text goes here.

Marketing Text goes here. Workflow Text goes here. On-Site Text goes here. Integrations Text goes here. Needing a name, Allen lists some choices as they walk. While doing so when on Madison Avenue, he asks himself aloud "Where are we, Madison? Allen quickly falls in love with Madison, not realizing she is the mermaid he has subconsciously sought a reunion with all his adult life.

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While she requites his love, he finds it hard to understand her unusual behavior for example, eating an entire lobster, shell and all, at a White House dinner and has trouble accepting that this relationship might go well. Meanwhile, Kornbluth, realizing that the nude woman at Liberty Island was the mermaid he had encountered, pursues them, although neither realize it at first.

When Kornbluth finally proves Madison is a mermaid by dumping water on her and turning her legs back into a tail, she is taken in by government scientists for examination. At first jubilant at having proven his belief that mermaids exist, Kornbluth, who had only wanted people to stop thinking he was insane, deeply regrets his actions when Madison is studied like a laboratory specimen and slated for dissection.

Meanwhile, Allen, stunned by the revelation, lapses into mortification at having fallen in love with a "fish.

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Well, that's a crock. It doesn't work that way. Desperate, Allen confronts the guilt-ridden Kornbluth, who still has clearance to the lab where Madison is imprisoned. Impersonating two Swedish scientists, the brothers enter the lab with Kornbluth, then Allen and Kornbluth emerge with a figure concealed in blankets, claiming it to be the scientist impersonated by Freddie, who was attacked by "the creature," who is now too dangerous to approach; the panicking security guard closes off the lab until the head scientist arrives to receive a cheerful greeting from Freddie, who had remained in the lab while Allen and Kornbluth smuggled Madison outside in the blankets.

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  8. After a pursuit through the streets of the city, she jumps back into the ocean. When she reveals that Allen can survive under water as long as he is with her, Allen realizes she was the young mermaid he had met so long before, and although she warns him that if he comes to live in the sea " he can't go back," he jumps into the water after her and they elude their pursuers.

    Together they swim along the ocean floor toward what appears to be an underwater kingdom.


    Screenwriters Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel both make cameo appearances in the film. Ganz plays Stan, the tour guide, in the scene set at the Statue of Liberty.